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Amplify Your Revenue By Launching The Trailblazing HungryPanda Clone

Among all the other services that couldn’t stand still on their grounds in the pandemic situation, food delivery apps had a relatively better year. All thanks to the pandemic that gave a rise in the usage of approximately 25% in 2020 just in the United States. There are many food delivery apps springing out of nowhere every day. Apps like UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub were all fine. But the unique app that caught everyone’s attention is a non-English food delivery app like HungryPanda.

The HungryPanda app has been raking millions of revenue through funding, as it is expanding service in various cities of the English countries. The income of the app is $163 million as of this blog, and for a non-English app to be this popular is still a fantastic thing.

HungryPanda Info

Now, let’s go down memory lane to see how HungryPanda was found.

Birth and blast off of HungryPanda

The app was founded by Eric Liu in 2016 when he studied at the University of Nottingham, located in the UK. When he searched for a Chinese restaurant near his locality, he couldn’t find any restaurants. This occurred to other Chinese students also. Either they couldn’t understand the language, or they had a problem in finding the right restaurant for cravings of having Chinese foods.

It now lives across 47 cities in English countries like Canada, France, the UK, New Zealand, and New Zealand. After this, the app expanded to the nifty app by offering multiple services and then to the grocery store to deliver the groceries from various Asian grocery stores in the English countryside.

What is the Unique Selling Proposition of HungryPanda?

If an app has to be successful despite the tough competition, then the app has to offer something that other apps don’t. Agree? That’s how HungryPanda came out as a successful venture. In this world full of food delivery apps that look indistinguishable from each other, the Hungry Panda outshined because of the different approach and purpose.

  • This app targets the Chinese people who live in English countries by bringing them authentic Chinese dishes and ingredients from Chinese restaurants.
  • Primary language and menu are all in Mandarin and not English. Woah, this proves to us clearly that when they say it is a Chinese food delivery app, it’s not a joke!
  • It offers an excellent interface that is similar to the Chinese food delivery platforms, thus, making the people feel homesick.
  • The company doesn’t stop its magic with just that, but the app delivers food in red packets, also letting users pay for their food with Chinese apps like Alipay and WeChat Pay. Those who don’t have these apps, they can pay using credit or debit cards.
  • For people who live away from their homeland, this indeed will feel like they have been given a nostalgic potion!

The lucrative business idea- Hungry Panda Clone

The HungryPanda Clone, inspired by the successful standard model, is the alternative solution that lets people order food from food joints and deliver the food to their doorsteps.
If you want to launch a basic food delivery app in 2021, then here are the expert tips that will help you.

  • Focus on the international users who are in more significant numbers like Chinese, Koreans, etc.
  • Analyze which is their favorite restaurant and start a partnership with those restaurants that have expertise in those particular cuisines.
  • Make sure that your app should support not only overseas consumers but also English consumers.
  • Hire those delivery executives who are fluent in speaking both English and the overseas consumers’ language that you are targeting.
  • The same goes for the customer service team. They must be familiar with both languages to provide the best service.
  • Also, add the grocery delivery module in your food delivery app.
  • Begin to launch the Minimum Viable Product or the clone app first, as the custom app will cost more.

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What is the cost of developing a HungryPanda Clone?

The cost of developing a food delivery app like HungryPanda cannot be precisely the same for everyone. It depends on various factors. Some of the main aspects that are involved in the development are:

  • The geographical location of the development company
  • Customization percentage
  • It depends on the number of features integrated.
  • Total number of hours taken for the development
  • The number of members involved in the development team while developing the app, etc.

These factors depend upon the requirements of entrepreneurs. Every feature you add to the app will cost different. Apart from this, you also have paid plug-ins and add-ons that you can make good use of, to enhance the app functionality and features.

On a final note,

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