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Cryptos define our contemporary era and it is an entrepreneur's thirst to slide along with the Cryptocurrency Exchange Script. Now, TurnkeyTown is present here to offer the finest blockchain-based solution to enhance the functionality of cryptocurrency transactions. Let the crypto freaks hop on to your reliable and decentralized trading platform right today!

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What Is Meant By Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

A whitelabel bitcoin trading platform is nothing but a platform where cryptocurrencies are exchanged. Cryptocurrency exchange script is a source code that aids budding businessmen to build a cryptocurrency exchange with ease with improved efficacy and functionalities when compared to the rest. Turnkeytown ensures that our script is 100% bug free, attesting to be bug free and much faster.

Bewildering Features Of Crypto Exchange Clone Script


A well-established verification process is essential for us to limit fraudulent transactions and transparent transactions to show everyone that we adhere to international standards. User verification is the first step, so we need to ensure that the verification is efficient and, at the same time, easy for a newbie. We will build an effective yet simple verification process.


Wallets are where users store their digital assets. A virtual wallet compatible with multiple blockchain networks is a boon for traders as they never hold all their assets in any wallet. We will make sure that wallet integration is 100% secure.

User Friendly

The world is full of people who are just now getting onto the crypto train. We will build an easy to use interface for novice and experienced traders. We will create a hassle-free environment for your users.

High Liquidity

The prominent factor that any trader takes into account is the liquidity factor. One never participates in exchanges if there is a low liquidity rate. We will ensure high liquidity through various means for your platform users.

Trading Engine

One of the key factors for any crypto exchange platform is the trading engine. It consists of features such as volatility index indicators, price charts, and analytical tools for in-depth analysis.

Push Notifications

The best way to increase the traffic is by keeping your users constantly updated with the price change, news, trends, volatility, and other platform updates. Users can track their exchange listings. We will ensure that users can also customize what types of notifications they wish to receive.

Mobile App

We will also develop a mobile app for your users to trade on the go. We live in a world that keeps getting faster so do our traders. We shall also adapt accordingly and build a fast and easy to use app for your Crypto Exchange.

Admin Panel

We will integrate an advanced admin panel from where your admin can control all aspects of the platform.

Stretch On To Our Divergent
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services!

Centralized Exchange Development
We provide a powerful platform brewed together with an effective trading engine and process orders faster. Centralized exchange means users can deposit their funds into our exchange, and the transactions are taken care of by third parties. We will build a platform on which traders can fully trust and deposit their money. The platform will be overviewed and controlled by a central body for the additional safety of our cryptos.
P2P Exchange Development
We develop high-quality P2P Exchange Development scripts for better flexibility and safety. This also turns our exchange program into an interactive platform for our end users. Users can transact at the speed of light without the problem of intermediates. We compile airtight encryptions to ensure faultless protection.
Escrow Exchange Development
Scammers try to penetrate even the strongest strongholds, so safety is our priority. We will develop an Escrow protocol inbuilt with limitless cryptocurrency token support, a fast trading engine, multi-currency pairing and much more.
Decentralized exchange development
Unlike Banks, these exchange platforms are decentralized, i.e. there is no third-party involvement. This also means that the security protocols need to be more stringent. We will inculcate your platform with peer to peer transactions, making it transparent.
Hybrid exchange development
Centralized finances have their advantages and so do decentralized finances. It provides our users with high tech security, faster transactions and better liquidity. We will smash both their positives together for a proficient exchange solution.
Impermeable Token Exchange Development
With many fraudsters around, we need to gain the trust of our users. They will buy and sell only if they trust in the security we provide. Turnkeytown's got a genius team of Blockchain experts who will build a trustworthy Token Exchange platform for you. We will ensure high performance, stability, sleek looks and security.

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Our Overlooked White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Solutions

Local Bitcoin Clone Script

Open new over-the-counter trading opportunities by partnering with us to develop your very own Local Bitcoin Clone and watch your P2P trading platform grow equally powerful.

Paxful Clone Script

You can now launch a Peer to Peer(P2P) exchange website that replicates Paxful. We will develop a user-friendly and secure Paxful Clone for you.

Binance Clone Script

Launch a tailor-made, ready to suit your requirements Binance Clone in the snap of a finger. Our script will skyrocket your business as you've never imagined.

WazirX Clone Script

We have empowered our Wazirx Clone Script with Escrow Mechanism. Partner with us and launch for a boosted success.

Coinbase Clone Script

You can create an everlasting user experience when launching our Coinbase Clone Script. We have inculcated well-established portfolios and vaults.

Remitano Clone Script

We have a readily available Remitano Clone Script, a P2P crypto trading platform infused with escrow protocols. It is a powerful crypto exchange as it uses both crypto and fiat.

Bitstamp Clone Script

It is worth launching a Bitstamp Clone script as end-users prefer some of its features, namely safety, reliability, crypto-fiat trading, affordability etc.

KuCoin Script Clone

It facilitates a high degree of safety and speedy transactions for your users. This enables your services to race to the top.

Poloniex Clone Script

Our ready-made Poloniex Clone Script has advanced trading features for effortless trading capabilities.

Bithumb Clone Script

Our Bithumb Clone Script is similar to the South Korean viral crypto exchange platform. Explore our pre-build script equipped with all features, trading plugins and APIs

Huobi Clone Script

We have incorporated multiple trading features and wealth management protocols in a ready to launch Huobi Clone Script. We guarantee a successful asset exchange website.

Zebpay Clone Script

Wanna beat all your competitors and become the leader of crypto exchange platforms? Our Zebpay Clone Script is the best choice for you as we have brewed together a perfect combination of security and privacy.

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Amenities You Obtain Through Our Crypto Exchange Script!


Time is of the essence for money-making. The time it takes to launch a product when you have already thriving competitors is truly crucial. This is why we have ready to launch Crypto Exchange Script for you, so development consumes no time.

The way you like it!

Just because it is a pre-developed script does not mean that your preferences are left out. We have our team of experts at your disposal to customize your Crypto Exchange in no time.


Developing a new crypto exchange is expensive, but we've got you covered as the cost for a clone will suit your budget.


Cryptocurrency exchange scripts are upgradable. They retain their features and functionalities without fading out due to technical issues.


Developing a crypto exchange clone reduces the effort you have to put into the exchange if you created it from scratch. This way, you have more time to perform tests, analyze the market, improve the software and design.

High success rate

The chance of your business succeeding is higher as someone else has already tried and corrected the errors. This leaves you with a free-flowing business model.

Why Hire Us For Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

Turnkeytown's sole purpose for existence is to serve budding entrepreneurs. The world of crypto is filled with opportunities but equally with potential competitors. We will weaponize you with a battalion of Blockchain experts to conquer this battlefield. They will crush your competitors and make you the ruler of the crypto universe.

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Our White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script
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Front-end Frameworks

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

A Cryptocurrency exchange script is referred to as the ready-to-go solution, where the business tycoons can eliminate the process of starting from scratch and move ahead with the source code. Ease the trading with our alternative solution now!
Getting along with a white-label Cryptocurrency exchange script can aid entrepreneurs like you to adhere to the massive competitive aisle in a tick. If you are desiring such a solution, connect with our experts right today.
While you are set to launch a white-label Cryptocurrency exchange platform then you should focus on the essential features like 2FA [Two-factor authentication], crypto wallets, friendly user interface, and TPS [Transactions Per Second], Fiat support, and many more.
When we take the white-label exchange software, it will work similarly to the prevailing platform with just your own customization. Hire the finest developers to make it more captivating for your crypto users.
Absolutely, it is not! Any aspiring entrepreneur can start the development process with Cryptocurrency exchange software. We offer both pre-launch services and post-launch services, why don’t you too experience it for yourself?
Through the alternate solution for the Cryptocurrency exchange platform, without any doubt, you can make it to live in the thriving market, once you have made the desired changes to the solution. Partner with our blockchain masterminds to get a vivid roadmap.
Yes, TurnkeyTown offers a robust white-label Altcoin exchange script. Apart from this if you wish to grab our crypto exchange development solutions, we can render them for you (entrepreneurs) in a nick of time.
Without second choice, through your cryptocurrency exchange development, it is easier to witness billions of dollars into your pocket. Kick-start your crypto venture and rule this upcoming crypto exchange market with our blockchain development company.
TurnkeyTown is notable and renowned to offer a crypto exchange clone script power-packed with essential features that enlighten the functionality of your platform. It is your call to provide crypto users with seamless and quick transactions.