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Capitalize on NFT Music Marketplace Development for Flaunting Unique Music Pieces

Synergistic with the power of blockchain, an NFT marketplace for music grants digital artists an endless opportunity to explore and earn. Give access to the world of entertaining and valuable music arts to the users out there with music NFT marketplace development. Team up with our eminent TurnkeyTown team and expedite the launch of the NFT marketplace for music right away!

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NFT Music Marketplace Development
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Discover The Distinctiveness Of Cryptosphere
With NFT Music Streaming Platform

Non-fungible tokens are currently making all the rage in the digital world because of the uniqueness and immutability it offers to digital assets. The tokenization of assets is not limited to a specific realm but expands over a wide range of domains such as art, games, music, sports, so on and so forth. Did we just say NFT for music? Yes, you heard it right.

NFT marketplace for music is exclusively designed for buying, bidding, and selling musical assets. It endows royalties to the owner of the music, earning them considerable revenue while their music is sold off. Besides, these digital assets built over different blockchains ensure the efficiency, authenticity, and security of the digital tokens.

NFTs are setting milestones in major industries benefiting creators and entrepreneurs in a number of ways. The music industry is one such field that leverages NFT platforms for bringing up the work talents of various artisans and monetizing it. TurnkeyTown, being the pro-player in NFT music marketplace development, helps musicians showcase their creativity, generating enormous revenue from the business.
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The Inception Of Nfts That Reformed The World Of Music

The COVID-19 pandemic has been cited as the major driver for the boom of NFTs. Music lovers are all over the world. A new space for music NFTs gives a chance for independent artists or anyone who knows how to produce music to thrive in this digital era.

  • It is noteworthy that the music NFT industry has raised above 25 million US dollars within a month.
  • A famous DJ and producer, 3Lau, sold his custom song as NFT for $3,666,666.
  • Many big names in the music industry have already made their way into the NFT spaces, such as Katy Perry, Nas, The Chainsmokers, etc.
  • EulerBeats, a short and original audio track with artworks, has earned $1.1 million in royalties in just two weeks.

The future seems promising for NFT marketplaces that any entrepreneur can utilize the chance to hit big in the crypto space.

NFT Marketplace For Music

What Good Does The Music Nfts Hold For The Music Industry?

NFTs contribute a sizable part in the growth of music enabling artists to sell their albums as digital assets. Here are some of the ways walked by the top artists to monetise in the NFT marketplace for music.

Album Releases

3LAU, a popular American musician, tokenized an album and sold it for more than $11 million. In a similar way, artists can sell copies of albums on-chain. All the more, artists who own the music assets also earn a cut as royalty on the secondary sale of the NFTs.

Beat Selling

Music producers can sell beats as NFTs. The end-users buy these NFTs in the digital platform, and they can hold or sell these NFTs. Every time the NFT is resold, the original producer of the music receives the royalty.

Merch Sales

Merch that includes hoodies, T-shirts of the music artists can be sold as NFTs for anyone to buy and resell them as they want. For every secondary sale, a cut goes to the artists.

Stock-type Distribution Layout

This is another way that NFTs benefit the music industry where the collectors can earn an off-chain revenue in addition to on-chain. Off-chain revenue can be generated with music NFTs through streaming, TV partnerships, and merch sales. Furthermore, the holder of the digital assets also gains additional perks such as special concerts, front-table rows, listening parties, etc.

Our Clients

Core Functionalities of Users and Creators in NFT Music Marketplace

User’s Highlights

1 Collect:
Ingrain collect feature that lets your users hunt through the diverse range of NFTs and make a purchase of their most desirable ones. Users would have the liberty to purchase anything from rare ones to NFTs that hold a specific sentimental value for them.

2 Encourage Creators:
By purchasing the unique editions of NFTs, users can provide support and encourage their favorite creators.

3 Social Features:
We develop our marketplace with features such as share, follow, comment, or join creator communities that promote social interaction between the artists and the users.

Creator’s Highlights

1 Upload NFTs:
This feature lets artists connect their crypto wallets conveniently. Thereby it helps to securely upload their music NFTs protecting the ownership rights.

2 Monetize:
Empowers music maestros to make big bucks from the digital assets through spot selling, auction bidding, and earning royalties from assets that are traded between the users.

3 Establish Social Connection:
It exposes artists to their fans and followers, thereby helping them to liberally interact with their personalized subcommunity.

Well Favored Features Of White-Label Music NFT Marketplace

Displays the ranking status of the artist’s NFTs on an hourly basis along with price and other statistics imparting knowledge to the creators on the demand and position of their music asset.
It offers more convenience to the creators to list tokens as bundles instead of posting it one by one. At a time, it allows bundling of 30 items and also selling them.
The unique creations of the musicians can be put to sale in the NFT marketplace using bidding options. Fixed-price listings, English auction listings, and Dutch auction listings are different bidding options, each with discrete functionalities.
Creator’s list
The NFT music marketplace can have a section to exhibit the list of artists along with their profiles. It can feed the followers with the details such as songs played by the artist, token prices, and other info.
Browse Musicians
Instilling the search option lets users find their favorite ones from the sea of artists and connect with them or buy their products.
Multichain Compatible
We present our solutions with multi-compatible platform flexibility so that it can be integrated with different blockchain networks such as Ethereum, TRON, Binance, EOS, etc.
Smart contracts and invoices
We take care of the ownership rights of your users that purchase NFTs in the marketplaces. Contracts are issued that provide the warranty and rights of the purchased tokens.
Listing of services
Musicians can list their tracks and add sample music so that the buyers can get the NFTs from the marketplaces. This way, the music composers can earn a living.

How Does Creating An NFT Music Marketplace
Win Big Money For Entrepreneurs?

NFT music marketplace development opens the gate wide open for revenue to rush into the entrepreneur's hands. Some of them include,

  • Listing Fees

    Creators can flaunt their works in the marketplace under diverse categories such as price, demand for the artwork, most recent, and so on. You can obtain a listing fee for displaying them on your NFT space.

  • Transaction Processing Charges

    The buying and selling of digital collectibles in the NFT marketplaces are made by exchanging cryptocurrencies. While making transactions, you can impose a transaction fee to pay off gas charges which are required for the maintenance of the blockchain network.

  • Bidding Charges

    Bidding fees can be collected from the prospective buyer before transferring the ownership of the tokens. The investors can make bids before the deadline by considering the highest and lowest price given for the particular NFT in our white-label NFT marketplace for music.

  • Minting Fees

    Minting charges can be imposed for listing the music works in the marketplace. Music producers or composers can pay less amount for listing crypto-collectibles in the group rather than giving it individually.

  • Initial Setup Fees

    The NFT marketplace consists of a set of predefined protocols. The creator who lists their work for the first time on the marketplace can pay this initial setup fee. This gains you revenue for every new artist that makes use of your site.

What Is An NFT Music Token Development?

NFT music token development is nothing but creating exclusive NFT tokens that hold specific monetization values for the trading of digital assets. Since the emergence of NFTs, anything from digital arts to paintings has been tokenized. In that way, music content is added to the list.

The development of digital tokens follows a number of steps that include,

  • Selection of the type of blockchain.
  • Compilation of token.
  • Use-case of the token.
  • Adding Features that define functionalities.
  • Minting specification.
  • Token burn specification.
  • Deployment of the token on the mainnet.
  • Make it available for users.
White-label NFT Music Marketplace

Values Offered By Our NFT Music Streaming Marketplace

Royalty Privileges
For every resale of the music, the original creator of the music receives a royalty to the digital assets.
Showcase Creativities
NFTs allow artists from any background to showcase their talents to their genuine fans in the market.
Grows Fanbase
Fans and followers can directly buy digital assets from their favorite artists without the need to come into contact with any intermediaries. This excites more fans to make their way into NFT platforms for connecting with their icons.
Gain instant traction
NFTs make it way easier for musicians, especially the upcoming ones, to publicly exemplify their work as NFTs. Since these are not centralized streaming platforms, the artists can easily earn substantial revenue by selling the digital collectibles without any cost curtailments.

What Does The NFT Platform For Music Ecosystem Comprise

All the core functionalities for efficiently trading digital musical assets are contained in the NFT music ecosystem. These functionalities determine the smooth flow of work in the NFT marketplaces. To name a few,
  • Royalty Pools.
  • Physical performing pools.
  • Synchronized music pools.
  • Royalty cum staking pools.
  • Integrate with other NFT domains.

Worthwhile Benefits Of NFT Marketplace For Music

Enhanced Earnings

NFT marketplace makes buying and selling of NFTs, plain sailing for the artists and fans. Thus it gives a chance to munch on huge profits from the digital assets.

Wider Audience

Besides generating handsome revenue, these marketplaces also earn an excessive active follower base for the creators to connect with.


Once the assets are sold, it is not going to be the final income. One of the greatest perks is that these minted NFTs fetch life-long income to the artist.

Know About Our NFT Music Platform Development Process

The music industry is growing at a faster rate which makes it a good time to initiate music NFT marketplace development. Let us have a glance at the steps we adopt in the creation of the NFT music marketplace.


Choosing Blockchain

It is left to your choice for selecting the type of blockchain on which you want to build your marketplace. Our experts team is well experienced in handling advanced technology and delivers you a flawless product in the stipulated time.


Development Process

After hearing all the requirements from the clients, our developer team starts working on building the NFT music marketplace with a responsive user interface. An attractive and fully functional UI is what makes the user come to your platform again and again.


Incorporation of wallets and security protocols

Our solution is fully equipped with security features that protect the privacy of the data and the transactions happening in the blockchain. We also integrate wallets like Metamask for carrying out trading.


Service Basic Intermediate Advanced
ERC 721, ERC 1155 NFT Token Development
Blockchain-Ethereum/BSC/Polygon Single Chain Support Dual Chain Support Multi Chain Support
Smart Contract
Crypto Wallet Integration MetaMask Trust wallet or Fortmatic wallet or MyEther MetaMask and Wallet Connect
Admin Panel
Search Bar
Advance Filter
Bundle Listing
Auction and Instant Buy
Decentralized/Centralized Decentralized Decentralized Decentralized or Centralized
Multi- Language Support Two Languages Upto 5 Languages
User Profiles
Trading History
NFT Rental
Fiat Integration Any One Any One
NFT Staking
Push Alerts
Marketing Service
Add Ons: Lazy minting, Timed Auction, Air drops Any Two
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Why choose us for NFT Music Marketplace Development?

  • Profound Intellect in Blockchain technology

    Our experts have hands-on experience working on multiple blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, Tezos, etc. Spell out your requirements on whichever blockchain you want to develop your marketplace, and we get it done for you.

  • Powerful team of developers

    We have a proficient team of developers you can trust for their rich knowledge and expertise in blockchain technology.

  • Confidentiality of project

    With us, you can be assured that the confidentiality of your project is cent percent protected. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to affirm that your details are kept safe.

  • Agile development process

    Our development strategy ensures the on-time delivery of projects that are well tried and tested. Our product guarantees you success.

Tech Stack

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Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

NFTs are a form of digital assets, and when it comes to the music industry, songs, albums, videos, live streams, etc., are tokenized and sold on different blockchain networks. Users can pay using cryptocurrencies and avail of exclusive music albums.
Creators mint their music albums into NFTs and display them to the world. Users can find a collection of music artworks from a wide range of creators on the marketplace. Users can buy the tokenized music assets by paying the price.
Developing a music NFT platform requires a strong development strategy. That’s why you need a development company like TurnkeyTown by your side. We help you create an NFT music marketplace with the user’s preferred UI that showcases limitless assets in the platform.
We develop our marketplaces by inculcating cutting-edge security measures to assure the app’s backend is well protected and secured. Some of the features include infrastructure security, access control, SSL encryption, etc.
We assure you lifetime support where we provide services if you encounter any technical issues or want to update your app with new features or any customizations you want.