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NFT Sports Marketplace Development

A virtual gallery to collect the best moments in sports history. Launch an NFT platform exclusively for sports collectibles. Freeze the epic moments in a league and present them to the fans as non-fungible tokens. Let them trade it and build a fortune. Talk to our NFT experts to start your venture in the cryptoverse.

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Deploy A NFT Marketplace For Sports Collectibles With Us

The world of business is witnessing a new digital revolution. Assets no more belong to the physical world. We are speaking of virtual assets or popularly called the NFTs. Powered by blockchain technology, the non-fungible tokens are making it big every day, both in terms of trading volume and market cap. As of now, the market cap of NFTs has exceeded the $38 billion mark. These monumental numbers weren’t created by a single type of asset but a plethora of collectibles ranging from digital artworks, virtual lands, in-game accessories, pixelated creations, fan cards, sports collectibles, etc.

Sports collectibles are the new buzz in the world of these authentic tokens. There is no doubt in the vastness of the fandom for sports. Every sport has a huge fan base and numerous leagues for sports enthusiasts to celebrate. Cash in on this vastness by launching a marketplace for sports collectibles. Let the fans carouse their favorite sport and their favorite stars in a modern way by collecting the epic moments created in a match or their own fan cards signed by sports stars.

What are you waiting for? Call our team. Speak to our NFT experts. Insight yourself on this business model and kickstart your journey into this virtual world.
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What Are The Different Assets
That Can Be Listed On A NFT Sports Marketplace?

It is pertinent to have a clear understanding of the collectibles that can be listed as an asset in the marketplace for an entrepreneur.

Fan Cards

It always feels special to hold onto a trading card signed by a legendary player. Try tokenizing them and hand over the sole ownership of it with authenticity to the collectors and watch it all get sold for sky-high prices.

Player Accessories

Tokenize the accessories like sports jerseys, coolers, caps, shoes, balls, bats, etc., of the players as NFTs and list them in your marketplace. When fandom meets rarity, the prices are bound to shoot up like never before.

Sports Collectibles

What if a fan gets to own the Ballon d’Or of Messi or Ronaldo as a non-fungible token? Imagine the level of craziness that escalates among the sports buff. List collectibles like sports trophies, awards, autographs, etc., on the platform.


There are a number of moments in sports history that are still celebrated by the fans. Mint the video clips of these highlights as non-fungible tokens and bestow the sports enthusiasts to own these moments forever.

An NFT Marketplace On Your Own Terms

By launching a platform to buy and sell sports collectibles, you get to dictate the terms to trade on your marketplace.

  • Determine the percentage of service commission for every digital asset sold on the platform by yourself.
  • Develop a native token for your marketplace and provide rewards for collectors who use your coin to buy NFTs.
  • Bestow more than a single channel for transactions. Offer multi-currency support, bidding, bundle listing, and more.
  • Ensure that all the digital assets traded on your marketplace are authentic and comply with the regulations.

White-label NFT Marketplace For Sports Fans

TurnkeyTown comes up with a robust white-label marketplace for sports enthusiasts to buy and sell digital assets seamlessly. As we know, the sports fans are a crowd that could cover half the earth if let to stand together. That’s how vast and widespread they are. Our Sports NFT Marketplace Development solution enables you to treat these huge fans with a chance to own the memorable moments created by their favorite stars.

We have built our NFT Platform For Fantasy Sports with an exuberant StoreFront that exemplifies attractive sports collectibles. It also supports the integration of the best digital wallets and enables a speedy minting of tokens. You can personalize it as per your requirements. Build it on the blockchain of your choice and empower it with features like Interplanetary file storage and Etherscan. Talk to our team of NFT experts to know more about our NFT Sports Platform Development.

Our Clients

Various Stakeholders Who Can Launch An NFT Marketplace For Sports

To launch an authentic marketplace for sports collectibles, it is necessary for the firm to be partnered with any of the sports regulatory boards that conduct any leagues or tournaments. Apart from the Boards, there are stakeholders who can create sports NFTs.

Every team has a fan following. They can release digital trading cards of their players, accessories of their team players like their jerseys as NFTs.
The sports federations can create non-fungible tokens of moments from the leagues that are regulated by them.
Athletic Clubs
These clubs are inclined to have a huge community and also may conduct tournaments. They can tokenize trading cards of the sportsmen in their community or their accessories, autographs, etc., and monetize it.
Fan Clubs
Fans are the pillars for the fame of any game. The larger the fanbase, the more celebrated the sport is. The fan clubs can partner up with sports stars or teams and create NFTs.

Perks Of NFT Sports Marketplace Development

It is very evident that digital assets minted as non-fungible tokens are being sold for whopping prices today. Launching a platform to trade these unique tokens automatically gives you an upper hand in this lucrative market. In addition to this, there are a number of benefits you get to bask in by deploying a sports NFT marketplace.

  • A marketplace pledges credibility to the sports collectibles listed.
  • By creating a platform, it accounts for the liquidity of the digital assets.
  • An NFT marketplace bestows the players with the power to connect with their fans directly by listing their autographs, pictures, accessories, and whatnot.
  • The rage for sports is tremendous. By taking the carpe diem approach on this vastness, you are susceptible to receiving a huge brand value. The Sports Stars whose NFTs have been listed will itself pull in a huge audience to your platform.

NFT Platform for Fantasy Sports - A Brief Overview

Fantasy sports are itself a craze that has been snowballing among the sports followers. It is for the first time these devotees were handed a chance to express the knowledge they had gained about the sport over a long time. Embedding the non-fungible tokens into this arena will elevate the experience to a zenith level.

In an NFT platform for fantasy sports, the users will have to collect digital cards of players that will be minted as NFTs. Then, these fan cards have to be used as players to form a team to participate in fantasy tournaments. If the players selected by the user perform well in the league, the fan gets to win in the fantasy game. In that case, they can earn more cryptocurrencies which can be used to buy new cards of sports stars or retrieve them for themselves. Note: These sports cards will be of different categories like common, rare, super rare, etc.

The Exemplary Characteristics Of Our NFT Marketplace for Sports

Insight yourself on the features that make our White-label NFT Sports Marketplace stand tall.

  • Non-Interchangeable

    Every non-fungible token minted on the platform is unique and cannot be exchanged with another fan card or a highlight. This exclusiveness makes the marketplace a podium for unique assets.

  • Indivisible

    Every NFT is an asset as a whole and cannot be divided like any other real-world asset. The investor either gets to own the unique token as a whole or doesn't. This attribute spikes up the trading volume.

  • Scarcity

    The sports collectibles listed on your platform are bound to be rare as they will be minted in a limited number. This scarcity creates a FOMO in fans and rushes them to buy their favorite collectibles ASAP.

  • Interoperability

    The highlighted moments of the sports history or the trading cards listed on your marketplace can be sold on any NFT trading platform. This promotes brand recognition for your platform.

The Different NFT Standards We Follow To Create Your Tokens

The Ethereum Request For Comment 721 is a basic standard for a non-fungible token. It provides a record of ownership of the digital assets.
The ERC-1155 standard is devoted to creating bundle listings of a particular digital collectible. It enables you to mint all kinds of tokens.
It is an upgraded version of the ERC-721. It allows you to combine two or more digital tokens and trade them as a single entity.
This is a standard of the EOS blockchain. It is a free standard that can be associated with all kinds of digital assets.
The standard for the Tezos blockchain. It supports both fungible and non-fungible token creations.
This is a protocol for a non-fungible token on the TRON blockchain. It is similar to the ERC-721 standard.

Our NFT Sports Marketplace Development Process

We follow an agile development process to build a robust platform in a short time.

1 Our team of NFT experts will talk with you to understand your idea for a sports marketplace.

2 We start analyzing the blockchain that will be most suitable for your vision.

3 Once we are done with the blockchain, we start looking out for other requirements to develop the NFT marketplace.

4 As we are well aware of the requirements, we start creating a definitive plan to launch your marketplace on time.

5 As our plan is being laid, our designers start creating a design for your platform. They ensure to compose a design that attracts your niche in big time.

6 Following our designers, the techie developers start building the non-fungible token platform with utmost precision, so it works seamlessly.

7 While the development is in the process, our testing team starts running tests to uproot all the bugs and glitches instantly.

8 Now that we have built this awesome platform powered by blockchain technology, we launch it on your approval.

Why Choose Us For Sports NFT Marketplace Development?

There are a number of reasons why you should join hands with us for your NFT Sports Marketplace Development. Let us list a few,

Unparalleled Expertise
We have built a team of NFT experts who have worked on blockchain technology, cryptoverse and have carved them into the best NFT developers in town.
Dexterous Process
We follow a definitive plan to develop your NFT marketplace. This approach aids us in building a number of peerless NFT platforms.
Quicker To The Market
By partnering with us, you sign-up to get launched in the market before your competitors. Our expertise helps us develop your platform in a short time.
Long-Term Support
We don’t let you down once the development process is done. Instead, we stay with you as long as you require our support.
End-To-End Services
Our services are not confined to just developing you a platform. We can also help you raise funds, market your platform and reach the right niche, brand your platform, and more.
Complete Customization
We can go to any extent with you when it comes to customization. We ensure your platform is as unique as the non-fungible tokens listed on your marketplace.


Service Basic Intermediate Advanced
ERC 721, ERC 1155 NFT Token Development
Blockchain-Ethereum/BSC/Polygon Single Chain Support Dual Chain Support Multi Chain Support
Smart Contract
Crypto Wallet Integration MetaMask Trust wallet or Fortmatic wallet or MyEther MetaMask and Wallet Connect
Admin Panel
Search Bar
Advance Filter
Bundle Listing
Auction and Instant Buy
Decentralized/Centralized Decentralized Decentralized Decentralized or Centralized
Multi- Language Support Two Languages Upto 5 Languages
User Profiles
Trading History
NFT Rental
Fiat Integration Any One Any One
NFT Staking
Push Alerts
Marketing Service
Add Ons: Lazy minting, Timed Auction, Air drops Any Two
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The Tech Stack
We Employ To Develop Your White-label NFT Sports Marketplace

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

We help you build sports marketplaces like NBA Top Shot clone and Dugout clone. In addition to this, we can also assist in the NFT Platform development For Fantasy Sports with Sorare clone.
We offer end-to-end NFT services that include NFT Marketplace Development, Non-Fungible token development, NFT games development, NFT art tokenization, Crypto collectibles development, NFT platform for music, Marketplace for NFT arts development, NFT art marketing services, and more.
We can develop your NFT platform on the blockchain of your choice. The blockchains we work are as follows: Ethereum, Flow, TRON, Binance SmartChain, Cardano, EOS, Polkadot, Polygon, etc.
Yes, We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. This is a pact that says your idea is never leaving our doors.
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