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Crypto space always holds room for new innovations to enter and sweep the market. Certainly, an NFT marketplace like OpenSea development offers one big chance for entrepreneurs to become dynamite in the crypto industry. Seize the opportunity to launch a P2P NFT marketplace platform like OpenSea with us!

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OpenSea Clone Script Development
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Make A Virtue Of NFT Marketplace By Launching An OpenSea Clone!

The soaring popularity of blockchain technology presents new horizons for business aspirants to take a leap into the flourishing NFT space. Recent hype in the NFT marketplace and its increased trading volume personifies a golden opportunity for anyone who wants to make a big hit. Speaking of the NFT marketplace, a white-label OpenSea clone can do magic to business. You don't believe? Let's have a leaf through some of the numbers.

OpenSea, an online marketplace for effective buying and selling of non-fungible tokens, currently holds 165,000 monthly and 35,000 daily active users. Initially launched in the year 2017, the monthly volume on OpenSea now in 2021 stands at $2.21 billion. OpenSea platform has seen phenomenal growth in the past six months occupying a center spot in the crypto-verse. Don't the OpenSea like NFT marketplace development seems to be a real-time opportunity to shovel in humongous profits?

If you're curious enough but have no idea where to start, TurnkeyTown has already got your back. You're in the most right place. We have an expert team with sturdy knowledge in blockchain technology that will offer you best-in-class OpenSea like NFT marketplace development services. Get to us and make your brand the next buzzword of the crypto world after NFTs.
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What is OpenSea Clone?

OpenSea clone is a ready-made white-label solution that lets entrepreneurs set up a P2P NFT marketplace for trading digital collectibles and crypto-assets. It is similar to that of a decentralized OpenSea NFT marketplace, which showcases all sorts of unique digital items such as arts, games, domain names, and even digital representation of physical assets. Cash in on this superior OpenSea clone as you'll realize that it's worth the investment in terms of returns.

Admissible Token Standards Of OpenSea Clone Development

A popular token standard of the Ethereum blockchain is combined with solidity smart contracts. The trait of ERC721 tokens that sets it apart from others is that every token is unique.
ERC998, an enhanced version of ERC721 used in creating non-fungible tokens. The unique attribute of this token is that it owns the ability to hold NFTs of other standards such as ERC20 and ERC721.
It is an improvised version of ERC20, ERC721, and ERC777 standard that works on a single smart contract to represent multiple tokens. It is used to create both fungible and non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Our Clients

Takeaway Our Customisable OpenSea Clone To Taste The Success!

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Discrete Collectibles Featured In An NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea

How Our OpenSea Clone Script Gains You An Upper Hand?

  • Its uniqueness, indivisibility, and scarcity
  • Identical to the real-world marketplace
  • Manifests an open marketplace to buy and sell goods as they wish
  • Broad portrayal of digital assets
  • Interoperable nature
  • Verifiable and usable all over the world

Alluring Features Of NFT Marketplace Like Opensea

Appealing Storefront

The storefront is a primary feature of an NFT marketplace that should cover up all the basic details such as bids, previews, owners, price history, and many others. It should give users an insight into all the items in the marketplace.

Advanced Filters

Make navigation easier for your users, especially in a marketplace with a lot of collectibles. This is why you need search filters to search items based on pricing, listing status, collection, etc.

Search Items

Integrate a search bar on the site and add categories that let users land upon the collectibles they require. Category management and tagging let users search collectibles with no sweat.

Create Listings

An NFT marketplace should have an option that allows users to create and post collectibles giving the token information such as name, tags, description, etc.

Buy And Bid

One of the crucial aspects of the NFT marketplace is to have a buy and bid feature. The bidding feature can expose details such as bid expiration date, bids’ current status, etc.


It is necessary for an NFT marketplace to be embedded with a wallet option that lets users store, send, and receive non-fungible tokens. You can also let users integrate the wallet they already use with this marketplace.

Provoked To Curate An NFT marketplace like OpenSea? Our Web3 Nerds Got You Covered!

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Sustained Workflow Of OpenSea Clone

Using our mightier OpenSea clone, you can deploy a P2P NFT marketplace platform like OpenSea inculcating all your unique ideas. Let's get to know how to use this platform for buying and selling items.

How to create listings In An NFT Marketplace?

1 To sell a product on an NFT marketplace, user can click on the Sale option on the main page.

2 Then they can run through a series of steps to complete the listing process.

3 Once the item is successfully listed on the platform, it is readily visible to other investors for purchase.

How to Buy NFT on the OpenSea clone platform?

OpenSea clone is a one-stop destination that features a wide range of products for purchase from digital assets, gaming collectibles, virtual goods, etc. So how to make purchases on the NFT platform?

1 Firstly, the user needs to select the Ethereum wallet address from the account dashboard.

2 They can copy the ETH wallet address, go to the marketplace website and paste it in the "Send ether & tokens" field.

3 Finally, the user can enter the amount they want to transfer.

How to sell a product in an NFT marketplace?

OpenSea clone is well-known to buy and sell in-game assets such as Crypto Kitties and Decentraland.

1 If users want to sell any tokens in the NFT marketplace, they can click on my profile.

2 The user can then select the NFT from their wallet and sell them in the marketplace.

3 If the user doesn't own an NFT, they can follow the instructions given, make an NFT, and put it out for sale.

Various Niches You Can Offer In Your NFT Marketplace

Encircle art lovers from around the world by showcasing unique pieces of artwork exclusively on your platform.
Leading audio tracks and masterpieces deserve recognition and prosperity. Captivate the attention of music fans by exposing them to the best in your NFT marketplace.
Domain Names
Secure the authenticity and individuality of domain names for the users in your NFT marketplace.
Virtual Worlds
Enhance the experience of your users in your NFT marketplace by letting them connect with each other like they do in the real world.
Trading Cards
Acknowledge the underlying physical assets as NFT trading cards granting immutability and ownership to your users.
Unique items such as art, music, clips, and many more can be minted as NFT tokens and put up in the NFT marketplace for anyone to acquire.
Offer a splendid platform for the sports enthusiast to purchase, sell and hold virtual sports assets as per their interests and requirements.
Go the extra mile and provide extra tools and items for your users exclusively in your NFT marketplace.

Launch White-label OpenSea NFT Marketplace With Appealing UI/UX With Us!

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Decoding The Process Of OpenSea Like NFT Marketplace Development

We follow an inclusive approach covering up all the ideas for developing an NFT marketplace like OpenSea.


Connect With Client

Our well-knowledgeable team organizes a private meeting with you to gather all your business requirements and hear your ideas on NFT marketplace development.


Designing Phase

We use sophisticated tools to build solutions on the Ethereum blockchain network that adhere to various government regulatory standards related to payment processing, privacy, security of digital assets, and so on. A basic prototype of the OpenSea clone is designed at this stage.


Development Stage

With all the key features, including auction hosting, bidding, digital wallet integration, and other additional features, the prototype is built into a full-fledge marketplace model.


Quality Check And Launch

Our team of qualified QA experts check for any glitches or loopholes present in the well-built OpenSea marketplace and set it all ready for launch in the market. Finally, your OpenSea clone is made to go on live in the market.

Different Varieties Of Listing Fees Structure
In A White-label OpenSea Clone

Fixed Price Listings

Similar to the scenario in the Amazon website where the seller lists the item for sale, a creator lists the NFT in the open marketplace like OpenSea. This piece of NFT artwork stays on sale until a buyer purchases it or it is canceled by the creator.

Dutch Auction

Instill in your OpenSea clone Dutch auction feature, where the seller can set the starting price, ending price, and duration of the auction. With time the price of NFTs keeps declining. At any time, the buyer can click on the buy now option, which directs them to the wallet provider for fulfilling the sale.

English Auctions

English auction feature you can incorporate in your OpenSea clone, which functions similar to that of eBay. The items are listed on the OpenSea platform, and users can bid an amount higher or equal to that of the original bid amount in the input field. The highest bidder, who remains at the top of the bid list, receives the NFT item.

NFT marketplace like OpenSea Development

OpenSea Clone: A Custom
Made Bonanza For Business Tycoons!

Everyone would have come across the phenomenal role-play of the OpenSea Clone, which has become the core dependency for budding tycoons. In this spectacular video, we shall delve into reasons for choosing a pre-made solution and its supremacy.

Along with this, you can also explore how to proceed with customizing the alternate solution and moving one step ahead of the competitors present in this WEB3 spectrum. So, are you (entrepreneurs) ready to stand out from the crowd and witness a profitable venture? Come Forth to our professional blockchain nerds to start an NFT marketplace like OpenSea and take away your ideal dream in a tick!

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White-label NFT Marketplace Solution
like OpenSea Fees And Currencies


OpenSea clone is similar to OpenSea, which charges the lowest fees in the NFT space. It charges 2.5% as the list price, which is quite low compared to other platforms that take up to 7.5%. It also charges no service fees from the buyers.

Other Platforms

OpenSea clone also permits non-fungible tokens from other platforms to be listed as long as you have them in the wallet.

Custom Currencies

OpenSea clone offers as many as 200 payment options that let sellers switch the crypto while accepting payments. The available tokens are DAI and USDC stablecoins, WBTC, MANA, MEME, customized ERC20 tokens, etc.

Land On NFTverse With Our White-label NFT Marketplace Solution like OpenSea

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NFT Marketplace Development Services
We Built On Various Blockchain Networks

Our team provides NFT marketplace services to create NFT marketplaces on various blockchain networks. We build solutions that meet the users' suggested requirements and bestows optimal benefits. The solution is steadily endorsed with strong security features and has the power to deliver the best experience to the users.

The different blockchain platforms on which we build solutions to facilitate the trading of NFTs are,

  • Binance smart chain

  • Ethereum

  • Hyperledger Fabric

  • IOTA

  • OpenChain

  • Tron

  • Polkadot


Service Basic Intermediate Advanced
ERC 721, ERC 1155 NFT Token Development
Blockchain-Ethereum/BSC/Polygon Single Chain Support Dual Chain Support Multi Chain Support
Smart Contract
Crypto Wallet Integration MetaMask Trust wallet or Fortmatic wallet or MyEther MetaMask and Wallet Connect
Admin Panel
Search Bar
Advance Filter
Bundle Listing
Auction and Instant Buy
Decentralized/Centralized Decentralized Decentralized Decentralized or Centralized
Multi- Language Support Two Languages Upto 5 Languages
User Profiles
Trading History
NFT Rental
Fiat Integration Any One Any One
NFT Staking
Push Alerts
Marketing Service
Add Ons: Lazy minting, Timed Auction, Air drops Any Two
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Why Do You Have To Choose Us
As Your White-label OpenSea NFT Marketplace Partner?

  • Core team of blockchain experts

    Our skilled team of blockchain developers with adept knowledge in various blockchain protocols and NFT standards will build you a robust NFT marketplace.

  • Project's confidentiality

    Our team keeps all of your ideas and project information secure and confidential. We assure you that by signing a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Competence in blockchain platforms

    Our competency in working on blockchain technology for years assists us in developing solutions on various platforms such as EOS, Stellar, Tezos, etc.

  • Agile development process

    We guarantee our solutions are delivered on time that is well-tested and ready to be implemented.

Tech Stack

  • ERC-721

  • ERC-998

  • ERC-1155

  • dGoods

  • FA2

  • TRC-721

  • BEP-721

  • Ethereum

  • Solana

  • Ripple

  • Polygon

  • Binance

  • Tron

  • Polkadot

  • Cardano

  • Angular

  • React

  • Hue

  • IPFS

  • Filecoin

  • Pinata

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Of course, an NFT marketplace like OpenSea will require security features to gain trust among the NFT traders who utilize your platform to trade their digital assets. Avoid third-party access with the KYC and AML verification integration.
As this white-label OpenSea clone is a pre-made solution, it is indeed considered to be the key for budding entrepreneurs, where they can customize it as per their business and hop onto the WEB3 realm.
When we talk about OpenSea clone software, its functionalities are like the prevailing NFT platform - OpenSea. All you (entrepreneurs) have to do is focus on integrating elite features and tech stack to enhance its workflow for your users.
However, the total cost for the OpenSea clone script cannot be predicted, as it varies from one customer to another, but for sure, it can also be turned into a pocket-friendly solution for one’s business requirements. Do you want to know the full quote? Connect with our experts today!
With an OpenSea clone, entrepreneurs can skip the scratch method and make a faster entry into this NFT space. Likewise, till there is a thirst for these NFTs, through your NFT marketplace, you can witness humongous profits.
Not just one or two, but our blockchain expertise withholds numerous benefits for the clients to start their venture and be ready to unveil it for them. Right from the analyzed development process to marketing, we got you covered. Explore them right away with us!
Ethereum is the core blockchain that has been utilized to build an NFT marketplace like OpenSea and has been the entrepreneur’s choice too. But here, we let you (entrepreneurs) build your platform on the other well-known blockchain [Tron, Tezos, Stellar, Flow, Hyperledger, Polygon, etc] you prefer.