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NFT Token Development Services

Non-fungible tokens open the floodgates of opportunities for crypto businesses to attain unparalleled success in the world of cryptos. We have an excellent team who assist you all the way in the process of notching your brand name in the NFT market masterfully. Ring us and bounce to greater heights in next to no time.

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Non-Fungible Token Development

Non-Fungible Token Development- A New Era

The craze for NFTs has been surging to the sky. Every individual wants to own one, and every creator desires to mint their work into an NFT to relish the sense of ownership to the fullest. Nothing uncanny here, as the creators have been deprived of tasting the ownership of their works for a long time by middlemen. NFT token development are more like saviors for digital creators.

NFTs, bring with them some exciting features like security, uniqueness, transparency, and indivisibility all in one. These features make NFTs stand out from the crowd. Over the years, the creators never got any authority or royalty on art created by them once it is sold, but NFTs make this possible. The creator, the owner, the previous owner, all these data are recorded and can be viewed by everyone in an NFT. Also, every time an NFT is sold, a small percentage of the price is transferred to the creator as royalty. No data can be hidden as all the data concerned with an NFT is transparent and can be viewed by anyone.

These features of NFT create a new era in the virtual world where creators get to enjoy royalty and owners get to enjoy the sense of owning rare artworks. Also, there is no chance for any individual to own a duplicate NFT, as NFTs cannot be duplicated. A secure, unique, indivisible asset.
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What Is A Non-fungible Token?

NFT is the acronym of non-fungible tokens; it is a unique token that acts as a digital record stating the ownership of a digital asset. It is non-replicable, indivisible, transparent, and secure. A non-fungible token is mostly an ERC-721 or an ERC-1155 token. An NFT can be any form of digital asset; it can be graphic art, music, videos, or tweets.
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Commonly Followed Standards For NFT Development

NFTs are most popularly claimed to be ERC-721 tokens, although there are more other standards that can be followed to develop an NFT like ERC-998, ERC-1155, and TRC-721.

The first, foremost standard that was practiced to develop an NFT. It implied a unique address to the token, taking it straight to the owner of the token. As a smart contract is implemented to it, keeping a record on the transfer of ownership is also now easy.
ERC-998 is the extended version of its predecessor ERC-721. It claims to compose and organize the assets minted to an NFT. It adds value to the NFTs.
ERC-1155 puts an NFT in a more standardized form than in the ERC-721 standards. It reduces the transaction time, the transaction charge, and multiple smart contract usage. It has the ability to change the landscape of DApps within the blockchain network.
TRC- 721
A standard exclusively for the TRON network. It is compatible with ERC-721 and has features like awarding a unique address to the NFTs and digitizing the collectibles. It can also represent any asset from the real world.

NFT Development Services We Have In Store For You

We offer a diverse range of NFT platform development services.

Digital Collectables

Digital collectibles such as graphic arts, music, videos can be minted to NFTs and bought and sold on the blockchain network.

NFT For Games

Gamers are offered the luxury to own digital assets in the gaming world as a real-world asset. These assets can also be sold, making games more than just a game.

Open Market/Trading Place

A trading marketplace allows users to buy, sell and trade their digital assets effortlessly.

Identity Management

The prominent feature of NFT is the uniqueness. This uniqueness can be used by entities as a method to secure their identity.

Software License Management

The software license can be represented as NFT so that it can be traced back to the owner easily.

Asset-Life Cycle Management

Any asset ranging from a car to a real estate property can be bought and sold effortlessly, with the transfer of ownership made easy with NFTs.

The Characteristics That Make NFTs The Talk Of The Town

Non-Fungible token development platform comes with some exquisite features that cannot be found everywhere.


Every NFT is a unique one with a distinct address representing an artwork or music or any digital collectible.


Buy or sell; you do it as a whole with NFTs. You don’t get to divide them into fractions to sell or buy them.


The records of ownership are documented in the smart contract blockchain, making it impregnable and indestructible.


If you own an NFT, that leaves no argument as the data is recorded in the smart contracts. Only the owners have the authority to transfer the NFT to another individual.


NFTs exist on decentralized ledgers; this makes them open, immutable, shared, and transparent for any random individual to verify the records.


NFTs can be purchased, sold, or traded on various blockchain ledgers in a decentralized ledger chain.


NFTs are rare and scarce. This rarity makes NFTs more special. Owning a rare thing is always pride. This scarcity surges their value.


The history of an NFT right from the creator to all the individuals who owned the particular NFT is recorded in the decentralized ledger and can be verified by all.

A Story On How NFTs Work

Non-Fungible Tokens, widely known as NFTs, are tokens built on an Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is another cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. For now, only Ethereum supports NFTs, and TRON and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has just adapted itself for NFTs. An NFT can be created by a crypto exchange development company or an individual crypto developer.

On creation, the NFTs become immutable that the owner cannot be altered in any case. The creator gets to sell it whenever they want to, as NFTs need no permission to be sold or purchased.

A creator mints their work into an NFT and enlists it in an auction platform. The interested buyers make their bid, and the highest bidder gets to own the NFT from then. The beauty about NFTs is that each time an NFT is sold from one owner to a new one, the creator gets paid a 10% royalty of the total bid. This trait of NFTs puts the artists and creators at an upfront.

Mint Your Works To NFTs With TurnkeyTown

Blockchain technology and tokenomics can act as spaceships that are going to carry artworks and content creators out to space in no time. The content creators and artists will no longer need middlemen to sell their works and also lose their rights once they are sold. NFT Token Development provides them royalty and recognizes them as the creators of their works forever. TurnkeyTown offers a variety of NFT token development services; in addition to NFT creation, we also help you build end-to-end DeFi products for a variety of ecosystems.

By getting on board with our non-fungible token development services, you as a business owner, are susceptible to process a large number of scalable tokens in accordance with your product requirements.

Our NFT development services are transparent and assure platform liquidity.

NFT development sustains the information of your product, thereby resulting in a higher value.

We practice unique identification protocol adding value to smart contract diversification.

We come up with a speedy and secure token verification process entitling you to a quick launch of NFTs.

Benefits of NFT Token Development

Non-Fungible token development platform can benefit both the token holders and the token creators in several ways.

Benefits Of Token Holders

  • An authentication of their ownership rights
  • The data in an NFT is entrenched and cannot be changed
  • The creators get to taste the royalty for their works
  • An opportunity to yield lasting returns on holding tokens for a long time

Benefits of Token Creators

  • An authentication token for their ownership rights
  • An opportunity to get hands on scarce supplies
  • Earn royalties every single time the token is sold
  • Can be traded on any peer-to-peer NFT market

Why Should You Opt Non-Fungible Token Development?

Highly Viable

NFTs have opened doors for various inclusive protocols that leverage various blockchain perspectives for a business.

Bulletproof Security

You are signing up your business for bulletproof security when you build it based on NFTs, as NFTs are impregnable.

Protocol-Based Structure

NFTs follow a well-defined protocol-based structure availing transparent and dependable code, ensuring a seamless performance.


Investors find crypto investments to be ambiguous and less authoritative, whereas NFTs, on the other hand, are unique and stresses ownership rights making them more reliable.


Implementation of NFT enabled decentralized ledgers in a business can make management of business more effortless and save a lot of costs than ever.

The Journey Of Developing NFT Tokens With TurnkeyTown

A roadmap of events leads to the development of non-fungible tokens.


Requirements Hunting

A team of blockchain specialists learn all your requirements and analyze them to come up with a feasible solution.



Detailed research is done, and then our team documents the requirements, the risks associated, the best possible solutions, and more.


Development Stage

The team of blockchain developers gets their hands on the product and starts executing a series of functions in an organized manner.



A strenuous testing process is held at every stage of the development to ensure that there is no room for bugs or glitches.



The fully developed prototype is presented to you, and on your acceptance, it is launched into the market.

Why Is TurnkeyTown Your Indubitable Choice For
NFT Development Services?

  • Expertise In Blockchain And NFTs

    Our NFT platform development services involve a bunch of crypto nomads who process their brains with every little detail about blockchain and fungible tokens.

  • A Proficient Team

    Our team members have already made their hands dirty in the cryptoverse, working on various non-fungible token standards and blockchain networks like Ethereum, TRON, and more.

  • A Vault For Your Project

    Your project ideas never leave our doors as we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. Thus, your project is safe in our vault.

  • On-Time Delivery

    Our team works at a pace trying to outdo the timing of our last project, making us quicker every day. Thus you get your project delivered in the shortest possible time.

Technology Stack for NFT Token Development

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Non-fungible tokens are primarily created on the Ethereum blockchain network on the ERC 721 and ERC 1155 token standards because of the support on many marketplaces.
Our NFT development involves everything from brainstorming business ideas to executing them for you. Apart from just this, we have a dedicated team for providing you with the best marketing services at your disposal.
Just reach out to our skilled team, and we will get back to you in the blink of an eye with all the feasible and relevant options and the further steps to get started.
NFTs can only be traded on specific marketplaces built for them. They can’t be traded on mainstream crypto trading platforms. NFTs can only be sold/purchased and can’t be converted.
Unlike other crypto tokens, NFTs can’t be exchanged or traded in primary markets. Due to their un exchanged nature, every NFT token holds a unique value attached to it.

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