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Developed with stringent security protocols, our Coinbase clone can be a perfect fit for what you expect out of the cryptocurrency trading exchange platform. Call now, and we will make your experience worthwhile with us.

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Coinbase Clone - Meet The Need For A Compliant
Crypto Exchange Platform!

The world is fast progressing towards the adoption of virtual currencies. Times like these thereby urge on the need for a platform that facilitates the seamless exchange of coins like Bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum, and many others in a more secure way. Having set the standard in the Crypto verse with 30 million customers performing $150 worth of crypto exchanges, Coinbase like platform development is one of the ultimate options to go for.

Coinbase clone can be fashioned with highly regarded features to facilitate users to perform the trading of fiat for a variety of cryptocurrencies. And the most efficient way of deploying this kind of platform is by adopting a white-label solution. We, the pioneers in personalization and customization, are readily equipped to build it the way you want in a short span of time. Let us know your interest, and we do the best of what we can to make your venture a grand success in the NFT arena.

What Is A Coinbase Clone?

Coinbase clone is a pre-built solution that can be tailored to the needs fitting the requirements of a Crypto trading exchange platform. Here, users can buy, sell, and store digital currencies in a more protected environment.

Features That Make Coinbase Clone A Desirable Platform For Cryptocurrency Exchanges


Designed to be highly responsive with a minimalistic layout for users to easily understand and access the platform. To make sure the smooth and quick functioning of the UI, we run through several tests to check for glitches.

Transaction history

This feature presents the elaborate details of all the transactions made through the platform. The user can prefer a simple or advanced view for viewing the complete history on the exchanges made.

Communication channel

The in-app chat feature is like a cherry on top for both the buyers and sellers of the platform. They can make use of this to strike a conversation and come to terms with each other for a more enhanced trading experience.

Escrow wallet services

It would seem like storage and transfer of crypto coins can never be this easy once they get to use the escrow wallet. Transactions are smoothed out and made flat with this wallet feature loaded in the solution.

Two-factor authentication

The solution is strongly protected by adding up multiple layers of security features. Two-factor authentication feature in that way enhances the security, protecting the wallet from being hacked.

Advertise coins

Endow an option for your users to advertise their coins by putting them on the platform. You can charge a fee for the ad depending on the time duration and the reach of the ad.

Multi-coin support

One of the reliable ways to draw a huge crowd into the platform. Multiple crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., can be allowed to be traded on the exchange while it gives the liberty for the users, encouraging them to do more.

Grow Your Crypto Business With Us

Our advanced approach and market-friendly techniques assist us in providing industry-leading solutions to our clients. The secret that lies behind the success of our solution include,

  • Investor friendly platforms that are easily understandable
  • Offering instant liquidity
  • Increased returns on investment
  • Institutional grade products
  • Personalization flexibilities
  • Association with authorized channels for seamless trading

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