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IDO Launchpad

The origin of this advanced cutting-edge technology has given birth to new age opportunities. These opportunities come in the form of IDO or Initial DEX Offerings. IDO is a standardized method of crowdfunding in the crypto world. This type of crowdfunding enables the project to take off without any lag or delay. It allows new crypto launchers to bring forth their innovative ideas and solve problems with the public's aid. Therefore It is completely based on decentralized exchanges, which increases liquidity. It is, this far, the highest used investment methodology in the crypto universe.

IDO Launchpad Development on Polkadot

Polkadot Blockchain is one of the most sought-after platforms in the Blockchain world. This network assimilates countless upgradable capabilities to multiply the viability and independence of its services and products. Polkadot’s IDO will fit anyone’s requirements and standards as it has all the features that a user wants. The IDO Launchpad on Polkadot is the best choice as it comes at a low price with a great market value. Budding entrepreneurs especially prefer this launchpad as they can immediately pitch their IDO ideas and raise funds with authentic funding campaigns.

How Does IDO Launchpad on Polkadot Work?

Analyze the Necessities

Our team of developers will analyze your requirements to be implemented in your IDO and outline the perfect roadmap for development. These necessities include processes like listing procedures and cryptos.

Components Collection

Developing or gathering the right tools, components, and elements like security protocols, wallet, and other vital programming units for an efficient and smooth IDO launchpad.

Let’s Integrate!

Once mapping and gathering are over, we move on to integrating the components. This step of the process also takes care of the safety of the IDO LaunchPad. Put together all the carefully picked features and you have the perfect IDO LaunchPad on Polkadot.

Testing for Bugs

We conduct a series of tests to spot and rule out any and all types of bugs in the IDO Launchpad. Testing plucks out all menace and grants the user a flawless experience.

Features Of Initial DEX Offering Launchpad Development on Polkadot

KYC Integration

Our IDO launchpad will gather all the prerequisite details and valid identification proofs of the user before using the platform.

Merging Digital Wallets

The launchpad that Turnkeytown develops has the capacity to integrate wallets. It grants access to receive tokens from other viable projects.

Multi-tiered stacking

This allows administrators to create multiple-tier stacking systems so investors can invest smoothly in tokens stacked on the launchpad.

Token Investment

We allow users to invest in Decentralised Finance as a method of savings. We make sure that large amounts of tokens are sold to raise funds.

Top Fundraising Model

There are a variety of methods to raise money on our launchpad. We establish revenue collections streams like IEO, ICO, and IDOs on the platform.


A good take-off is necessary for the growth of your business. We will inaugurate the perfect start pad and increase the visibility and popularity of your business.

Automated tools and pools

A collection of automated tools and investment pools allow business owners and users to stake and earn higher returns.

Instant Trading

Investors can begin trading as soon as the project is released. They can buy the tokens early and sell them at a huge profit later.

Benefits Of developing an IDO Launchpad on Polkadot

There are many advantages to launching your IDO Launchpad on Polkadot. It facilitates the smooth running of the platform and provides easy investability to investors. The efficiency and fortune for IDO Launchpad on Polkadot are better than any other blockchain network for the following reasons:

  • Immediate liquidity
    Our platform offers instantaneous liquidity unlike any other platforms
  • Efficient Listing
    The IDO launchpad on Polkadot enables feasibility and effectiveness. One is never compromised for the other.
  • On-chain Fundraising
    Polkadot transmits complete transparency as long as the users are on the same chain.

Why Choose us?

Turnkeytown is committed to your mission to grow your business. We contribute to making the crypto space more accessible. We transformed from pioneers to leaders in a snap of a finger, and we also made the same transformation for your project. Our products and services strive to create and improve lives. We have a hand-picked team of expert developers who will bring a revolution in the world of cryptos. We are known for stability and reliability, so catch hold of and we will transfigure your dreams into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

IDO, also called Initial DEX Offering, is a crypto launch pad where new coins and crypto projects are initiated, and funds are raised.
Polkadot is a Blockchain network that allows easy connectivity across all other Blockchain networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
An Initial DEX Offering or IDO has formed a new and improvedchannel in the crypto world. It is a form of permissionless decentralized platform for crowdfunding.