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Make Your Mark In The Most Emerging Blockchain Space By Launching A Crypto Trading Platform Using Our Binance clone

Make the most out of this lucrative crypto sector by launching a crypto exchange platform. Our Binance clone is a read-made solution that helps you build your own crypto exchange like Binance. Get your desired plugging and build a robust and ready-to-go crypto exchange platform with us.

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Unveil The True Potential Of The Crypto Industry
By Developing A Crypto Exchange Using Our Binance Clone

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has grown so rapidly in the crypto space since its launch in 2017. Words may seem to be an exaggeration, but let's see what the numbers speak of Binance. In the year 2020, Binance has seen a profit amounting to USD 1 billion with 28.5 million Binance users. This was up from 13.3 million in 2018. The security-proof nature of this crypto exchange platform accounts for its surpassing popularity.

What's in it for cryptopreneurs? An excellent opportunity to instill a powerful and dynamic crypto trading platform by encashing in on Binance clone development. We are experts in offering white-label Binance clone scripts that can be bent to any extent to adjust to the requirements of your venture. This is a one-time opportunity that falls in your hands for spreading your business wings and rising above in the crypto universe. We are there to give you the right kind of support to propel your business efforts. Get into action now by leaving us a line!

Why is Binance Clone The Smartest Way
To Launch A Crypto Exchange Platform?

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that has its own Binance coin(BNB) characterized by low trading fees, high liquidity, and smooth transactions. Moreover, the Binance platform accounts for an average of $1 billion daily trades, which implies there are more buyers and sellers. Thus it is easy to find the buyer and seller for trading coins, and that accounts for the increased liquidity.

All these attributes set out Binance clone to be an ideal option for a cryptocurrency exchange solution. And here we are empowered with the knowledge as well as the technology to bring out the Binance clone as per the design you have in your mind.

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Plunge Into The Cryptoverse With Our Scalable And Customizable Binance Exchange Clone Solution

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How Does The Binance Clone Script Work?

Our Binance clone script is easy to set up. The users need to follow these simple steps to start trading on the platform.


To begin trading in the Binance Clone, users must register on the platform by providing their email id and setting a strong password.

Create Account & Verify

After the registration is completed, a verification mail is sent to the registered email address. The user needs to verify the email address for successful account activation.

Secure Authentication

Once the account is created, the user needs to sign in and complete the KYC and 2FA.

Deposit Crypto Funds

Once all the verification is complete, and the account is completely set up, users can now deposit fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Start Trading

After the currency is deposited, the users can start their trading.

Step-by-step Process Of Buying Bitcoin
On The Binance Exchange Clone

  • Users have to log in to their Binance account.
  • Then users have to choose the exchange interface (Basic/Advanced)
  • There will be a drop down menu that lists all the cryptocurrencies and their market prices.
  • Let's say the user has decided to purchase BTC with Ether (ETH). Now the user has to select ETH/BTC.
  • Users will see the trading graph and how the coins are performing. Now the user has to navigate to the BUY/SELL option.
  • Users can now set conditions on the buying and selling with types of orders like market price, market limit, stop limit., etc.
  • After the conditions are set, users can choose the number or Bitcoins they are willing to buy or trade.
  • When the set conditions are met, users will receive BTC in their wallet.

Want To Launch A Crypto Exchange That Is Packed With The Best Features & Is Ready-To-Deploy - Utilize Our Binance Dex Clone Script

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Features Backing Up The Binance Clone Software
To Accelerate Crypto Trading

Biometric Identification

Employing biometric features in your cryptocurrency exchange script imparts security by restricting access only to the authorized users and serves with high accuracy. It also fastens the unlocking than typing the password manually.

Session Timeout

When the user views sensitive content on the screen, the session timeout feature suspends the page when kept idle for some time. The user can again log in, ensuring the platform is kept secure.

Multilingual option

Improve the customer experience on Binance Dex clone platform by allowing users of different languages to readily understand and perform trading in your platform. Multilingual support exhilarates your app, amplifying the trading activities.

In-app authentication

Log in and password is the core information that lets only authorized users enter the trading platform. Furthermore, providing code serves as an additional protection mechanism.

Chat while trading

You can confer a chat facility that makes the platform more interactive for the users from different backgrounds to converse with each other efficiently. It further enhances the trading experience with better communication between the traders.

Mobile trading

Although desktop trading offers a more comprehensive view, what if the traders want to trade on the go? Mobile apps offer the best solution in such cases. Rely on us, and we take care of the Binance clone app development from A-Z, serving the demands of your business.

Premium Features Strengthening Our Binance Clone Script

FIAT currency support
You can give a list of fiat currencies that you support in your platform and allow the users to choose among them. Through this, users can make exchanges of cryptos paired with fiat currencies.

Price indicators
An ideal platform would be the one with the price indicators integrated with it. It can display the price of the cryptocurrencies so that the user doesn’t need to search it elsewhere.

Notify updates
You can have this option to intimate your users of any changes happening in the exchange market. This ensures the users are not missing out on any important news about the cryptos.

Fortified security features
We build our solutions abiding by all the security protocols to the extent that improves the quality and accuracy of data. Furthermore, it also secures the trading of multiple trading pairs.

Hassle-free Deposit/withdraw
Cryptocurrencies can be deposited in the wallet without any constraint. In the same way, assets can be withdrawn after the approval of two-factor authentication and KYC authentication to ensure the security of assets.

Instantly Launch Your Crypto Business With Our Binance Clone Software

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Intricate Dashboard Features Of Our Binance Clone

Here’s the split of the admin and user dashboard features to make the crypto exchanges more effective and secure.

List Of Admin Features
  • Manage user account data
  • Transaction history
  • Payment gateway
  • KYC & AML verification
  • Trading statistics
  • List crypto tokens

User’s Dashboard Features
  • Deposit/withdraw cryptos
  • Transaction details
  • Crypto wallet option
  • Crypto portfolio management
  • Buy/Sell assets


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White-Label Solution
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API Integration
Multi-currency Support
Multi-Sig Wallet
Referral Program
DDoS Protection
HTTP Public Key Pinning CSP Protection
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Open Doors To Growth Opportunities With Our Binance App Development Services

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What Our Passionate Developers Can Offer Entrepreneurs Who Opt-in For Our Binance Clone Development Services?

Our experience in the field of blockchain and crypto-verse is so much that we have helped companies of all sizes and niches to flip their wings beyond the horizons. Here's to feed you with insights on the benefits of our development services of cryptocurrency exchange solution.

  • Better transparency embraced through decentralized way of operations
  • Flexibility in making alterations to the Binance clone
  • Instilled with robust security features
  • Advanced data safety
  • Ease of access
  • Independent verification process
  • Lowest trading fee
  • Intermittent customer support
Binance Clone Script

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

A Binance clone script not only offers entrepreneurs to launch a robust crypto trading platform but with minimal cost, and complete customizations with rapid development and deployment.
The users need to register on the platform and proceed with the verification. The user account will get activated after completing the verification through Email and Mobile. It proceeds with 2FA authentication for further security processes. Users should undergo KYC and AML verification by submitting documents before entering into a trade. Only then the withdrawal option would be activated. Users can now deposit an initial amount of money to start trading.
In-built Features Of Our Pre-Developed White Label Binance Clone Script

- Live price tracker
- Multi-currency support
- Atomic swap
- Staking
- Transaction history
- High performance trade engines
- Multi-payment options
Binance Clone is unique because it hosts a wide range of unique features and functionalities. Binance comes with faster trade engines facilitating simple and secure crypto trading making it the number one choice for entrepreneurs who are willing to launch a crypto exchange platform.
Benefits of Binance Clone

- The User Interface is so smooth.
- It is a highly safe and secure platform.
- Supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies.
- Easily Customizable and very easy to set up.