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Elite CryptoCurrency Wallet Development Service

Crypto currency wallets allow its users to transfer and monitor digital currency. There is no third party involved so it is completely decentralized. They are recorded transactions on the blockchain network. The owner of a cryptocurrency will have his wallet address embedded in it, making wallets essential for the transaction of crypto currencies.

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Develop An Advanced Cryptocurrency Wallet

A wallet is a necessity in a day to day life. It holds all our cash and cards. Now imagine that your purse is torn, and you lose your money. This is how people feel when their cryptocurrency wallet is hacked, and they lose money. Therefore a highly secure crypto wallet is vital and in need. We prioritize safety and guarantee extreme security through cryptographic encryptions.

As a crypto wallet development company, we have gained expertise, knowledge, and experience through the many wallets we have successfully developed. We can build wallets that solely target one coin base or a multi-currency transaction wallet that supports all the major coin bases such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, and much more. We develop various wallets according to your requirements and specifications.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Crypto wallets are virtual wallets where private keys and public addresses of the wallet users' cryptocurrencies are saved. It enables safeguarded transactions from one wallet to another. A user can also check their cryptocurrency conversion rates and the balance of the total sum of all their crypto assets.

To compare it with real life, wallets are banks for cryptocurrencies, public addresses of virtual assets are like bank account numbers, and the blockchain keeps an account of all the transactions just like a bank's ledger.

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Laudable Features Of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

KYC Process

We craft a well-established identification and verification process to authenticate the user base. This ensures the safety and security of the funds stored by users.

OTC tradability

OTC or Over The Counter trading enables users to trade directly with other users. This increases efficiency by decreasing the lag. We will ensure that these transactions are highly secure.

QR Code Scanner

The QR code scanner of your wallet will increase its simplicity, security, speed, and convenience. It enables the automatic scanning of wallet addresses. It boosts the discretion of cryptocurrency transactions.

Multi-Currency Support

The cryptocurrency wallet that we develop will support more than one currency. This pulls more users towards your wallet for cryptocurrency transactions.

Home Screen Customization

Turnkeytown will leave the home screen customization option to the end-users. They can select the projects that they are interested in and add them to their home screen.

Push Notifications

Push notifications enable the administrators to notify and alert your users about the crypto transactions that take place, the price fluctuations of the digital currency they own, etc.

Updated Conversion rates

The rates of each currency keep on fluctuating, so a crypto wallet needs to calculate transactions based on the constantly shifting market. The users at any time can view their account balance and convert it into fiat currencies like GBP, USD, AUD, etc.

Blockchain-based transactions

The blockchain network is a game-changing technology in comparison with conventional transaction software. Due to this new Blockchain era, users can now transfer and receive digital currency, and the transactions are fast and foolproof.

User-friendly UI/UX

A newbie and an experienced trader will find it easy and comfortable to access the website.

Swift rejection of duplicate payments

Duplicate payments will be immediately detected by our wallet and rejected on the spot to avoid the possibility of a chargeback.

Improved privacy

Our crypto wallet will be completely encrypted. We will ensure that the private keys of our users stay hidden by hiding them behind a 12-word mnemonic phrase of a wall.

Easy crypto sales

One our crypto wallet, users will be able to easily sell their cryptocurrencies and transfer that amount directly to their credit card.

Concoction of connections

We connect our crypto wallet with leading APIs in the world. This ensures that our users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with ease on the platform.


We ensure that our white label solution is fully compatible with multiple software such as iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. We shell out a safe environment for our users to go through the platform from any device.

Various Types of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Desktop Wallet
Desktop wallets are installed on the desktop. They work on different operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. It enables your users to store their private key on their PC and manage our platform.
Mobile Wallet
This allows our users to access the crypto wallet from any part of the world and on the move. They are integrated with upgraded features such as cameras to scan the QR code, thereby making it faster.
Web Wallet
You need not download or install these wallets. Users can access their wallets via a web browser from any available device.
Hardware wallet
Hardware is a physical device. These wallets enable users to store all their cryptocurrency details on a hard drive. These currencies can be accessed by plugging into any computer. This is the safest type of wallet.

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Benefits of Integrating Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

No-Risk Of Inflation

Cryptocurrency is not subjected to risks such as inflation of the market, fluctuation of prices, and volatility. Saving your money from the struggles of inflation.

Ease of payments

Online international transactions have become problem-free and simple. This factor converts business people from the conventional method of transferring money to using crypto wallets as it hardly takes a few seconds to finish a successful transaction.

Multi-currency support

Granting access to more options helps retain all our users, and they start using a single platform for all transactions, i.e., ours! They can store countless tokens and coins from major blockchain networks such as Ether, Bitcoin, litecoin, etc.

Ascertain Duplicate Payments

Since all transactions are digitized, making duplicate payments for the same coin is common. Our wallet comes to the rescue in these times by detecting duplicate transactions and rejecting them before a charge is required.

Convenient Conversions

Our users can trade one coin for another in a matter of minutes at low conversion rates. We also send push notifications that let users know the real-time updates and make informed decisions.

Blockchain Wallet Development Process

  • Ideation
    We connect you with our team of experts to delve deeper into your requirements and dream about the project. Our team then brainstorms for the best practical idea for your venture.
  • Roadmap
    We formulate a detailed blueprint of the development stages for your project. We will present this road map to you before starting our journey to get your insights and opinions.
  • Design and development
    Once you finalize the design, our team of developers will craft a unique interface for your platform.
  • Testing for bugs
    Our team extensively tests the platform for bugs and errors to ensure that the wallet runs smoothly and without hindrance. We will send it to you for viewing before deploying.
  • Launch
    Once you approve it, we will launch the finished product and train your team on our platform's work.

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We will deliver your dreams on a platter for you. We can highly customize your crypto wallet to turn it into the most user-friendly wallet of all time. In order to do that, we will connect you with our blockchain experts, who will create the smoothest experience for you and your users. We focus on swift response and speedy development. Our speed will not affect our accuracy or efficiency in developing your wallet. We assure you that we will deliver on the stipulated time. We also offer quality along with the perfect price for it. So contact us right away to get your quote and start your success journey.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The cost of creating a crypto wallet depends on the requirements and necessities that a wallet of your choice will possess.
Yes, if your wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies, then it is possible to store many types of cryptocurrencies.
Turnkeytown will guard your wallet with cryptographic encryptions, biometric authentication, multi-sigs, and password protection.
Our motto is to uphold our customer's confidence in us. Our plans for your project will remain confidential, and we will stay discreet about it until launch. We will sign an NDA to assure your trust in us.

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