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Probe Into The Flourishing On-demand Market With The Dynamic Urgent.Ly Clone

People getting stuck at desolate solutions in an ungodly hour and vehicles broke down, these two scenarios are not something that we have never heard of. Other reasons like vehicles running out of fuel, having flat tires, or difficulty in restarting the engine are all the times where people will be in a dilemma and in dire need of roadside assistance. This would not be possible a few years ago, but however, the same thing is not even of doubt because of on-demand roadside assistance apps like Urgent.ly.

The app is gaining popularity every day, attracting the attention of many who aim to develop an app like Urgent.ly. Suppose if you are in the logistics business, then this is suitable for you too. If you are unaware of anything about development, don’t agonize.

Because this blog will explain to you everything like:

  • What is Urgent.ly?
  • What to expect after the development of an app like Urgent.ly?
  • Steps to consider while building an Urgent.ly clone?
  • Blue-chip features that add up to a dominant Urgent.ly

Come, let’s dive in straight away.

Welcome the lead of this blog- Urgent.ly

Found by Chris Spanos, Surendra Goel, and Luke Kathol, Urgent.ly is an on-demand roadside assistance service app. Just like Uber for taxis, Urgent.ly offers the services when requested. The app doesn’t charge any membership fees from its users like other auto clubs, making it stand out from the crowd.

Users have to install the app and request the service when needed. The user will be shown the nearby services available. After the completion of the service, they can pay via the app. Not just the connection that is making this app famous is its scalable nature. Not to forget that the giants like BMW, Porsche are all gaining investing in the startup looking at the market and its potential growth.

Present market

The roadside assistance market is set to grow, paving the way for the development of many such apps. According to GlobeNewswire, global vehicle roadside assistance is increasing at the rate of 3.92%, expected to reach the value of US $30 billion by 2027. There are many factors that will contribute to the growth. They are given right below.

  • Increase in the number of aging vehicles, thus having chances of mechanical, breakdown, and electrical issues.
  • Increase in income of customers
  • Reduction in the loan rates of vehicles
  • Extreme weather effects like snowy terrain across several countries
  • Increasing demand for mobile charging because of the evolution of electric vehicles.
  • Features persevering to the solution


This is the most prominent feature of an on-demand tow truck service app. It helps the user to know the estimated time of arrival of the assistant.

In-app chat or call:

After booking a service, the users can connect with the tow-truck driver to know about the details like his time of arrival or replacements.

Review performance:

Your app should contain this feature for improving it and knowing about the experience of customers as well. It should have performance parameters and reviews of previous customers.

Work history:

The app must have the details of previously attended jobs of the drivers that will give him credibility. It helps significantly in helping the users assure of the quality and professional services.

Main page:

The main page should contain all the types of services so that the users must be able to choose from the varieties according to the availability.

Schedule a service:

The users can schedule a tow-truck service for a period. This section also contains all the prices and payment details.

Request service:

Just a single button, ‘request now’ to avail any of the services listed immediately.

Service provider profile:

The feature will contain a complete description of the two-truck service provider, such as mobile number, name, and address

Details of fare:

Users can view the fares such as base fare and fare per kilometer once they choose the service. The app will automatically calculate the fares based on factors like distance traveled and standard charges of the service provider.

Wallet integration:

This feature has different payment gateways with which the users could pay for the service they requested. As it is an on-demand tow truck app, it has an unsaid rule that your app must contain different payment options like credit, debit cards, and other digital wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Discount coupons:

Customer satisfaction should be the sole goal for your app. One of the various ways to achieve this is to offer discount coupons, referral points, and offers. The feature will help significantly in retaining the old customers and add new ones to the services.


It may help users to get the nitty-gritty of the service like service delivery, total fare, date, time, and even booking ID.

Edit/Cancel booking:

Users can cancel the service or change their location effortlessly under this feature.


Both the customer and service provider can receive notifications for smooth interaction with each other.

Accept/Reject requests:

Service providers can accept/reject the requests from the users based on their availability. If the service request is declined, the request will be sent to other tow-truck service providers so that they can provide immediate services.

Customer care support:

It is a must-have feature that every on-demand service app should contain. Chatbots can also be integrated as a quick solution. They are widely being used now on many platforms.

Three essential criteria to be followed

Offer the customers the service as instantly as you can. The users would be in dire need of any assistance, and thereby they need only instant service.
Analyze the types of issues faced by the customer and launch a platform that ensures the best services to them.
As your app will most likely be used in emergency situations, it is best if you could offer an app that is both simple and user-friendly to book any services.

On a concluding note,

The market seems to be still inviting to enter into, as the demand for roadside assistance can never be out of the way. So, Urgent.ly clone app development is all you got to kick-start now. Get a free quote from us!

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