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Reign Supreme By Getting Hold Of The Top-Tier UberEats Clone Right Away

Bring to life your dream food delivery venture with our matchless UberEats clone scripts. Jam-packed with all essential features such as advanced search filters, push notifications, order now, multi-payment support, etc., it makes the food ordering and delivery undemanding for your users. Hurry up to TurnkeyTown now and get a headstart on your successful entrepreneurial journey.

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UberEats Clone App Development

Launch The Most Customizable UberEats Clone App For Food Delivery Business

Presenting you the preeminent UberEats Clone software built with profitable business models and leverage money-making revenue streams. Customize, integrate and launch the food delivery platform to connect hundreds of food joints or enlarge your single or multi-chain restaurant business swiftly.

Our UberEats app clone is developed so that it bursts out benefits to all the stakeholders without bias! Our app package that contains three different apps on both iOS and Android platforms is the fidelity of it! Cover the universal user base by giving out a competitive edge and enlarge your revenue graph with this fool-proof food delivery app solution.
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What Is An UberEats Clone App?

UberEats clone is an on-demand food delivery app that serves to deliver the favorite foods of your customers to their doorsteps. We offer a white-label readymade UberEats clone that can be customized to fit any business needs, thereby helping you claim a major portion of the food delivery market. With no more delay, connect with our TurnkeyTown experts now and grab the UberEats clone script at your hand.

Why Employ A White-Label Solution Like
UberEats App Clone For Your Business?

Many businesses wishing to kick-start their journey in the food delivery segment tend to choose clone solutions like UberEats clone for the app development. It is because of the perks they offer, driving them to launch their business in a matter of days.

App Like UberEats

Here’s why you should prefer clone app customization to development from scratch:

100% Customizable solution
High scalability to house future enhancements
Modifiable clone script
Reliable business model for assured success
Handles many users concurrently, with no downtime
Powerful admin dashboard for seamless management

Why Choose Our Ubereats Clone Script?

UberEats Alternative is a prefabricated solution for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start running a food delivery business instantly. As a solution furnished with outstanding features and top-notch add-ons and improved with state-of-the-art technology, our solution can be counted as the pioneer in meeting the users’ expectations and ultimately delivering the demanded services.

Using the UberEats Clone software, business owners can cover a larger audience to their business and boost visibility to the different poles! Build your business to the next level to rival the tycoons Grubhub, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Join hands with us to create a clone app and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Key Features
Of Our UberEats App Clone Development Solution

Search, filter, and sort

  • Users can look out for the cuisines or food items they wish to order using the advanced search feature.
  • They can apply filter and sort options to enable instant screening.
  • By going through the listed options, they can choose the food items and add them to the cart.

Store pickup

  • An excellent feature to let users order food online and collect prepared food by themselves.
  • They can place their orders and pick them up directly from the respective restaurants, saving their time significantly.
  • People who travel or pass by the restaurants will be benefited from this option.


  • Save users from the tiresome process of placing orders by going through all processes from the start.
  • Empower them to directly repeat their past orders using the re-order feature.
  • A single click is all it takes here, making their food delivery experience convenient.


  • A viable option to cover a global user base, thereby scaling your food delivery business worldwide.
  • Allow the users to view the app’s content in their regional languages.
  • It drives in more users for your platform because of its easy accessibility.


  • Let users tip delivery executives for delivering their food orders safely and on time.
  • It is an optional feature, and you can let users choose the tip amount as they find it feasible.
  • This feature is added before the payment option and can be enabled or disabled anytime as per your convenience.

How Does An App Like UberEats Work?

Our white-label UberEats like app exhibits a seamless workflow that enables users to place their food delivery orders effortlessly and restaurants and delivery executives to process them efficiently. Here’s how the app works:

  1. Users search for their favorite restaurants, add food items to cart, process payments, and place their food orders.
  2. Restaurants receive user requests, accept them, process the food orders, and move them for delivery.
  3. Delivery executives receive the delivery requests, accept/ reject them, travel to restaurants, and pick up the orders.
  4. Delivery executives travel to users’ locations and deliver orders without any delay. Users, in turn, rate and review the delivery service availed.
UberEats Clone App

What Did We Offer In An White-Label UberEats Clone Script Package?

App Like UberEats

Our UberEats clone app package includes dedicated apps for all stakeholders of the ecosystem - users, restaurants, delivery executives, and the admin. Our app package includes:

  • User App for iOS
  • User App for Android
  • User Web Panel
  • Restaurant App for iOS
  • Restaurant App for Android
  • Restaurant Web Panel
  • Delivery App for iOS
  • Delivery App for Android
  • Delivery Personnel Web Panel
  • Master Admin Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel

Vital Features Of Our UberEats Like App Development Solution

Browse options

Users can explore the range of restaurants listed on the app using the advanced search feature. More options are unarguably an ideal way to drive in more users.

Place orders

After adding all needed food items to the cart, users can proceed with the final checkout process with just a click. An effortless food ordering!

Real-time tracking

Users can track the location of delivery executives via the GPS tracking system and view the estimated time needed to reach their destination.

Push notifications

Users will be kept updated on the order status, delivery ETA, app updates, and more via in-app push notifications.

Live chat support

Users can readily reach out to restaurants and delivery executives if they face any issue with their food orders.

Ratings & Reviews

After receiving the food orders, users can share their ratings and reviews for the food delivery service availed.

Profile set up

It is significant for restaurants to manage their profiles with important details, like opening and closing hours, restaurant’s location, cuisine served, etc.

Order notification

Restaurant owners are updated on the incoming order requests promptly via in-app push alerts. It helps them process the orders smoothly.

Manage orders

Restaurant owners can manage the ongoing orders until they are delivered to the users. They can track the order locations effortlessly with the live order tracking system.

Manage income

Restaurant owners can keep a tab on their revenue received for the online food orders processed for a week, month, or even a year.

Customer support

Restaurant owners can promptly connect with users who face issues with their orders and provide the needed support.

Offers and discounts

Restaurant owners can captivate the users’ attention by offering various deals and discounts for the food items listed on their menu.

Verify profiles

Delivery executives can register with the platform, upload their documents, and get verified to start processing food delivery orders.

Availability toggle

Delivery executives can mark their availability as online or offline as they find convenient, using the toggle mode.

Accept/ Reject requests

Delivery executives are given the freedom to accept or reject the delivery requests they receive.

Delivery location

Delivery executives can view the users’ location and get the best-optimized route to reach them on time without any hassle.

Income report

The income received over a period of time - typically a week or month is presented for the reference of delivery executives.

View feedback

Delivery executives can view the reviews shared by users for their delivery services. A much-need feature to keep their service quality in check!

Admin dashboard

The admin can have a god’s eye view over the app, managing all operations efficiently straight from the dashboard.

Manage orders

The admin can manage all orders - completed, canceled, ongoing seamlessly, along with the entire order details.

Verify restaurants

The admin can verify the restaurants before listing them on the platform by going through the documents submitted by them to confirm their authenticity.


The admin can bestow users with reward points for successfully referring their closed ones to download, install, and use the app.

Data-driven reports

A detailed report generated from data collected over a period of time is shared with the admin periodically to assess the app’s performance.

Help & Support

The admin can extend their support to all stakeholders of their business at any time via the help and support section of the app.

Add-On Features Of Our White-Label UberEats Clone Script

Social media login

Enable users to join your food delivery platform with their social media credentials rather than their email IDs or phone numbers. A simple yet efficient login process!

In-app wallet

We engrave an in-app wallet feature in our solution where users can store money and use it while making food orders through the app.

Restaurant dashboard

With this feature, the restaurant owners can have a broad view of all the food orders, their status, added notes, and all other related order details. It helps in the better and efficient management of food orders.

Heat view

The areas with more number of deliveries can be notified to the admin so they can navigate the delivery workers towards the location.

Newsletter subscriptions

The newsletter subscription feature sends regular updates to your users on the new offers, discounts, etc., keeping them well informed about your services in fingertips.

Multi-currency support

The app can be loaded with a payment system that allows users to process payments in any currency type of their preference.

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What Makes Our UberEats App Clone A Remarkable Solution?

  • No coding expertise is needed.
  • Easy white-labeling and effortless back-end customization.
  • Scalable solution to help you upgrade it as your user base expands.
  • Dedicated apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Multiple income sources to make substantial revenue.
  • Powerful admin dashboard for efficient business management.
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support to cover the global audience base.
  • A budget-friendly solution in the market.
  • Saves you time to a great extent, assuring instant deployment.
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UberEats Like App Development
White-Label UberEats Clone

Revenue Model Of Our UberEats Clone App

Restaurant commission

For every successful food delivery order processed through your UberEats clone, you can collect commissions from the restaurant owners. These commissions can be calculated based on the order’s value.

Food delivery fee

Charge users with a fee for availing your food delivery services. This fee can be set as fixed or variable as per your preference. If variable, it can be calculated considering several factors like time, distance, etc.

Ad fee

Promote the products and services of third-party businesses on your platform for a price. Here, the ad fee can be estimated based on various parameters like views, impressions, clicks, etc.

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Benefits Of Our UberEats Like App Development Solution


Our UberEats clone is a white-label solution that lets you personalize its branding elements as per your requirements.

Quick customization

One of the many goodnesses of our solution is that they are entirely customizable. It means you can make end-to-end customizations without any restrictions.


You can keep upgrading your food delivery solution as years pass by, making it match emerging trends seamlessly.

Third-party APIs

The app readily facilitates the integration of all third-party APIs, allowing you to offer exclusive functionalities with ease.

Easy accessibility

The user interface of the app is designed to be easily accessible, so users can navigate through the app seamlessly.

Global reach

With options like multilingual and multi-currency support, you can readily reach a global user base.

Development Process We Follow
In Our Uber Clone App Development Company

Requirement study

We sit with you to understand your project needs, the business model of your app, and all other requirements in detail and analyze them to deliver a satisfactory application.

Time & Cost calculation

Upon researching your requirements, we will arrive at the cost and time needed to develop a fully functional food delivery app.

UI Design

Our front-end UI designers will ensure the user interface is intuitive so users can access them smoothly and white-label the app end-to-end.

Back-end development

Our expert development team customize the app entirely as per your business model. The security and storage capabilities are also checked to match your needs.

Testing & Launch

The app is tested to ensure it is free from all bugs and glitches. After this, it will be deployed on all major app and web platforms for its successful functioning.

UberEats App Clone

Pricing Of Our White-label UberEats Clone App

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain/ Server with Android App

Enterprise (Most Popular) $XXXX (USD)

Compatible with Multiple Domain/ Server with iOS & Android App

Food Delivery Clone App Development

Hire Our Food Delivery Clone App Developers

Our high-end developers at TurnkeyTown are backed with years of experience in designing and developing a highly influential food delivery app. We promise 100% disclosure of sensitive information, including the source code ensuring your details are safe with us. So, engage with our trustworthy developers to proliferate your business profits with a highly exceptional white-label UberEats clone.

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Tech Stack We Employ For Our UberEats Like App Development

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Customers can just sign in to the app, search for the desired cuisines, make the order, and get it delivered by paying through the app or to the delivery person. It's this simple workflow that accounts for the increased usage of an app like UberEats.
Creating an UberEats clone script is just plain sailing with the right development partner by your side. Our developers, who are well experienced, assist you in every step of the way in launching a vibrant UberEats clone.
Unfortunately, the exact cost of the app development cannot be revealed as it depends on what you require. So, the best way is to call our developers and get the cost estimate by spelling out your requirements.
The noteworthy characteristics of our UberEats clone include excellent UI, curated deals and promotions, order scheduling, secure payment options, and so on.
We confer all the basic features that any UberEats like app should contain, such as sign-in options, order food, search options, payment, rating system, etc. But, it is not limited only to that. Our customizable clone scripts bestow you complete flexibility to add advanced features as you wish.