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IDO Launchpad Development on Cardano

A superpower of the crypto world is that you can further technological development by combining the innovative Cardano network with the intuitive Launchpad. It is a perfect blend of the best features of two separate platforms. Through this idea, many more sparks of technological advancement can branch out as this is the most efficient crowdfunding method.

Features Of IDO Launchpad on Cardano


IDO Launchpad on Cardano allows users to link multiple wallets across different blockchain networks. This increases the convenience for users to engage with the platform.

Assured Security

Our foolproof security shall seldom allow any kind of menace or threat to weaken your IDO Launchpad. We will handle and mitigate the bugs in real-time to eliminate them. Our surveillance team will check the ins and outs of the network to assure safety.

PoS Consensus Mechanism and Ouroboros

Cardano has figured out how to be an environmentally friendly platform. They use the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism instead of the traditional Proof of Work Mechanism. Another notable difference is the Ouroboros, the first peer-reviewed Blockchain.

Verified Listing

We have inculcated the validation model that validates and verifies every IDO project. Verification increases trustability and widens opportunities for people seeking to launch their own IDOs in the Launchpad.

How Does IDO Launchpad On Cardano work?

The development of the IDO Launchpad on Cardano is a three-stage process. We will safely guide you through the launch process when you ally with us.

  • Time Strategy
    A diligently crafted timeline will let the users know the ideals behind our IDO Launchpad development. It is vital to earn their trust.
  • White Paper
    The whitepaper gives a detailed description of our IDO Launchpad. It also explains the opportunities and challenges faced in our project.
  • Token Creation
    We give back tokens to those who invest in our project. This token comes with various advantages, a plethora of redeemable services, and stake livestock on the Bigpond.

How does IDO help you develop a more impressive business proposal?

  • An IDO Launchpad provides many means to promote any business. It ensures instant liquidity by increasing financial inclusivity.
  • The native tokens created can be distributed through N number of ways.
  • Traders can start investing as soon as the project is launched. One can invite other businesses owners to list their currency on your Launchpad
  • The liquidity pool is totally under the project owner’s control. They can regulate several liquidity pools and the total number of participants.
  • The launchpad will come equipped with KYC and AML. This identifies the users and secures the platform.

Benefits Of IDO Launchpad Development on Cardano Blockchain

Cardano is one of the pioneers turned leaders in Blockchain technology. Many pioneers have joined hands with Cardano to take their dreams to the next level. Cardano strives to be professional, transparent and keeps transforming itself according to the new needs continually stemming. Cardano also fulfills the promise of being environmentally and socially responsible. It is also one of the most user-friendly blockchain networks.

PoS and Ouroboros

Cardano is the most environmentally sustainable blockchain network in the world. The consensus mechanism to use Proof of Stake instead of the conventional Proof of Work has its own added advantages. Cardano is far the only peer-reviewed Blockchain.


Inauguration of Cardano's smart contracts has made it easier to find and resolve errors efficiently in the shortest time possible.


Cardano provides a computation layer and settlement layer. The layers secure ADA transactions as a user moves one of the tokens from one wallet to another.

Attributes Of IDO Development on Cardano

Decentralized Platform

When you compare the cost of a transaction with any other blockchain network, IDO Launchpad on Cardano gives the lowest transaction fees. This makes transactions easier for the users.

Next-Gen Blockchain

Cardano is set up for the future. It is one of the ever-evolving blockchain networks and the best at what they do.

An Upgraded Platform

As fundraising keeps evolving, so keeps Cardano Upgrading. It allows for a quick succession of projects into the crypto world through decentralized and upgraded fundraising methodology on the Cardano Blockchain network.

Completely Guarded

The Launchpad is completely guarded against hacks or external threats. Every section of the network is checked in and out in real-time.

Trade without Tokens

The no token trade system is an innovative solution available exclusively on Cardano Launchpad. Using this method, anyone can raise visible funds for their project.

Verified listing

Any project enlisted on the Cardano IDO Launchpad must undergo an extensive validation process to qualify. The project is thoroughly vetted before enrolling it on the platform.

Multi Wallet Compatibility

IDO Launchpad on Cardano supports multiple wallets from different blockchain networks as the investors seldom keep all their funds in a single wallet.

Why choose Turnkeytown to develop your IDO Launchpad on Cardano?

We at Turnkeytown strive to develop the crypto world as a whole. We guarantee that if you partner with us to build your IDO Launchpad on Cardano, your project will succeed as per your anticipations and dreams. The crypto network is flush with opportunities, and you'll be the wiser to embrace them with us. We provide world-class services through our expert team of analysts and developers at a pocket-friendly price. Contact us now for your quote!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Cardano has access to things that even money does not. It is a method of collecting funds and facilitating commerce that even the bank cannot shut down.
A product's usability defines its value. Cardano has more uses than our paper cash. It is decentralized, irreversible, and anonymous.
It is one of the most reliable blockchain networks available. It is market-friendly, eco-friendly, and pocket friendly.
We assure you of the best possible prices according to your customizations and necessities.