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Time to step up into the new-gen decentralized finance market and outgrow your crypto venture with Polkastarter clone. Get the virtuous crypto projects hooked on the Polkastarter clone, promoting crowdfunding in a more fruitful way. Seize the crowd by getting to us for the crowdfunding platform development.

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Prompt A Magnificent Breakthrough Into The Crypto Space
By Acquiring A Polkastarter Clone

In a world where blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are winning dominance and fame, it encourages many crypto dabs to pry into this decentralized world. This brings in many crypto projects with prospective concepts that hold the scope for growth. However, funding for these projects is a quintessential aspect. That's where the Polkastarter clone finds its role to play.

Polkastarter like platform comes as a sigh of relief for projects requiring the attention of the investor crowd. Crypto preneurs can make use of this momentous opportunity and launch a Polkastarter clone to aid in raising capital for the project and bring them to the limelight.

We at TurnkeyTown accord solutions that are forged using advanced functionalities designed to up-to-the-minute trends employing state-of-the-art tools. Join hands with us now and support the industry-leading projects to get the funds they desire.

White-label Polkatstarter Clone Features Positioned In The Top Line

Cross-chain swapping

Instilled with the interoperable ability, the Polkastarter clone proves to be effective to operate on different blockchain networks. Thus, making it accessible for users of any platform to contribute to the fundraising activity.

Unflattering listing process

Any authentic crypto projects can be granted permission to be listed on the platform for gaining exposure among the target crowd and luring in investments surely and securely.

KYC feature

Interested users who want to take part in the fundraising process can submit the necessary proof and get on with the KYC registration. This imparts credibility to the users of your Polkastarter clone.

Governance model

The native token holder is issued the governance rights to vote on the feature addition in the platform, other ecosystem initiatives that focus on its development and upgradation.

Anti-scam feature

With a unified API, you can supply data from the blockchain to inform investors about the tokens, transactions, and other details related to the crypto transactions and wallet that helps them to be ensured of the authenticity of the contracts.

Liquidity mining

The token holder participation can be incentivized by offering a liquidity mining program. You can issue the platform's native token on a daily basis for distribution.

Why Go With Turnkey Town For Polkastarter Clone Development?

Our splendid team with remarkable expertise in crypto-based projects helps you build the platform of your dream in a matter of no time. Cutting-edge technology, innovative approach, transparent nature, unassailable platform development are some of the noteworthy perks you can count on us for.

  • Hasten the development process for the speedy launch of the project
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Technology support
  • White-label solutions
  • Marketing services
  • Additional customizations as per the needs

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Polkastarter clone platform exposes the newly created projects to the view of the early investors in the form of IDO offerings. They help bring up the projects by supplying them with the capital it requires, which are obtained through funds.
Initially, it requires the user to create a wallet and load the amount. The platform dashboard displays the whitelisted project that the investors can view and fund on the potential ones. On successful participation in the IDO, a verification message is sent to the user.
To make the search of the projects easy and convenient for users of Polkastarter clone, you can integrate with different filters like latest projects, frequently-viewed, upcoming, low-priced, high-priced, etc.
There is a list of companies, and filtering out the best from them may require you to look upon certain definite attributes. And not to mention, we are the leading development company offering solutions which are customizable, thoroughly tested, easy to implement, etc. Talk to us now for more insights.
Of course, yes. When we say our solutions are customizable, it includes every inch of it that can be modified as per the requirements. In that sense, Coinbase, metamask, etc., comes as a default wallet. If not, we help you develop one as per your ideas.