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Enter The Realms Of Web 3 With NFT Aggregator Platform Development And Make Way For Liquidity

The NFT marketplace Aggregator is becoming the next trendsetter in the crypto space and is the go-to place for NFT freaks to shop for NFTs. Get your hands on highly-revenue generating and trending NFT aggregator platform development to become a pioneer in the NFT space. Connect with us to upgrade your NFT business and launch a groundbreaking NFT aggregator marketplace.

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What Is The Need For NFT Aggregator Platform Development?

There are several NFT marketplaces around the world where creators can list their digital artworks and collectors can buy their digital artworks. The need for interoperability between NFT marketplaces creates a gap between creators and collectors. By developing an NFT aggregator marketplace, you can fill this gap and provide users with a platform to access the entire NFT marketplace in an unified interface.

The NFT aggregator marketplace is still relatively new and has a lot of growth potential. As an NFT aggregator marketplace development company, we help launch aggregator platforms that provide users with in-depth market knowledge, easier navigation, and a more efficient buying and selling experience.

Become The One Stop Venue For NFT Freaks With An NFT Aggregator Marketplace Development

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Key Features Integrated With Our NFT Aggregator Platform

Single Platform For All
Users can access NFTs from a range of NFT marketplaces worldwide under a single platform. This facilitates easy buying and selling after analysing the NFT market trends and making informed decisions.
Advanced Search Filters
Using the advanced search filter option users can easily find their desired NFT. Filters like price- low to high, high to low, NFT category, rarity, trending, latest collection, are available.
Compare Prices
Users can compare prices such as gas fee, commissions, royalty fee, etc from various marketplaces worldwide and choose the best pick for them.
User Profile
Each user can create their own profile on the NFT aggregator marketplace. All the information related to users can be assessed in this section. User’s profile picture, their NFT collection, latest purchase or transaction history and other information is displayed here.
Personalized Suggestion
Users can receive personalized suggestions based on their interests, previous activity and their NFT collection. Suggestions regarding NFTs, air drops, new launches, etc are sent.

Advanced Features Of Our NFT Aggregator Marketplace

Built-in Wallets
You can provide your platform users with in-built wallets for them to hold and transact multiple NFTs in a single transaction and work seamlessly across blockchains.
Lazy Minting
Lazy minting on the aggregator platform allows creators/sellers to mint the NFTs for absolutely free and pay the gas fee only after the sale of NFTs, thereby reducing the burden on creators.
Creator Royalties
Creators can fix royalties on the platform as they list their NFTs for sale. A percentage of the sale value will be credited to their crypto wallets after each secondary sale.
Payment Gateways
The marketplace aggregator offers a wider range of payment gateway by allowing payments in crypto and fiat tender to support users outside the crypto realm.

Enable Easy Buying Of NFTs With NFT Aggregator Marketplace Development

Admin Panel Features Of An NFT Aggregator Marketplace

Centralized Dashboard

Admins can manage sales, purchases, NFT listings, and other aspects of the marketplace all in a single window using an intuitive dashboard.

Profile Management

Admins who efficiently manage the NFT Marketplace Aggregator Platform can retrieve the data of all registered users of the platform.

Commission Fee And One-time Fee

Admins can set commissions for every transaction on the NFT Marketplace Aggregator Platform and charge a one-time signup fee from users for.

Manage Notifications

Push notifications are an effective way for admins to keep users informed of the latest news and updates in the NFT world.

Manage NFT Categories

In order to efficiently manage the aggregator platform, administrators can list all digital assets in various categories.

Manage Your Ads

Admins can use this feature to manage all promotional and advertising activities on the NFT aggregator platform.

How An NFT Marketplace Aggregator Software Works?

TurnkeyTown helps develop and launch NFT Aggregator Marketplace, assisting both new and existing NFT creators and collectors by aggregating data from all popular NFT marketplaces under one platform.


NFT creators and collectors can obtain the relevant information and analyse the NFT market trends, latest NFT collections, recent NFT sales and other market scenarios all under a single platform.


Platform users can utilze the advanced filter option to search for their desired NFT from a diverse NFT collections like art, music, memes, sports, etc. Additionally, with the advanced filter option users can search NFTs based on price, artist, hot selling NFT collection etc.


After thoroughly analyzing the NFT market, platform users can purchase, sell and trade their digital assets via our NFT aggregator platform.


Users can compare minting prices, gas fee, royalties and NFT pricing and many other critical factors before listing or buying their digital assets.


NFT creators can start minting their NFTs with lazy minting, set royalties and launch a noticeable NFT collection with your NFT marketplace aggregator software.


Creators can list their NFT collection on your NFT aggregator platform to sell their assets.

What Turnkey Town Offers?

We Offer NFT Aggregator Marketplace For Various Business Verticals

  • NFTs for Music

  • NFT for the Gaming Industry

  • NFT for Real Estate

  • NFTs for Video

  • NFTs for Art

  • NFTs for Sports

  • NFT for the Fashion Industry

  • NFTs for Fantasy Sports

Let TurnkeyTown Be Your Partner Of Choice For Developing A Highly Scalable And Functional NFT Aggregator Marketplace

Why Choose TurnkeyTown For NFT Aggregator Platform Development?

Here are some valid reasons to choose TurnkeyTown for NFT Aggregator Marketplace Development

  • Highly Scalable NFT Aggregator Solutions
  • Proficient Blockchain Developers
  • Experienced Teams For End-to-End Development
  • Creative Consultants
  • Access To World-class Tech Stacks
  • Custom-made Solutions
  • Multi-chain Compatibility
  • Round The Clock Support
  • On-time Delivery
  • Economic Costs

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

It is well known that the NFTs and crypto world is highly lucrative and is filled with opportunities to rely on and benefit from. With NFT aggregator marketplace development you can provide NFT creators, collectors with a one-stop solution for making all their NFT purchases.
The cost of NFT aggregator platform development does not have a fixed range and it completely depends on the client’s project requirements. Get in touch with our experts, share your requirements and get a quote.
The time taken to develop and deploy an NFT aggregator marketplace depends on the clients requirements, their project requirements, design, technical requirements, etc. On the other hand, with our white-lable NFT aggregator platform development you can quickly launch your marketplace after making the necessary changes.
You can get in touch with us for your NFT aggregator marketplace development. We at TurnkeyTown provide you with a fully functional and feature rich white-lable NFT aggregator platform with complete customization to suit your needs.
NFT aggregator aggregates NFTs and NFT metadata from a range of NFT marketplaces and presents it in a unified platform. Such marketplaces are called as NFT aggregator marketplaces.