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Foodpanda Clone

Streamline your food deliveries and maximize your profits with TurnkeyTown’s FoodPanda Clone. An all-encompassing on-demand food delivery app with cutting-edge features.

Foodpanda Clone App Development

In the year 2020, on-demand food delivery solutions have become an integral part of the success of any restaurant. From small neighborhood stalls to big restaurant chains, delivery solutions are a must.
With consumers today being increasingly used to the idea of ordering in, the number of people physically visiting restaurants to dine-in has dropped significantly. After all, why would anyone choose to brave through traffic, inclement weather, and in recent times, COVID, to go eat at a restaurant when they can have the same delicious food brought straight to their doorstep.
With the convenience and accessibility brought upon by apps like Foodpanda, the restaurant industry has shifted a good portion of its operations towards the on-demand delivery experience.
Be a part of this change with our feature-filled Foodpanda clone app. The best way for you to get into this industry in the quickest and the most efficient way possible.

Key Features of FoodPanda Clone App

No Contact Delivery

As part of our drive to promote the safety of both users and delivery personnel, our Foodpanda clone is now equipped with the ‘No Contact’ delivery option. When customers choose this option, the food is delivered at a designated location in a safe manner without any physical contact between the customer and the delivery executive.

Local Language

At Turnkeytown, we look forward to the opportunity of catering to a global clientele. With the option to cater to services in the local language of your choice, you can make the process of ordering food much more convenient for your customers.

Temperature Checks

In light of the COVID pandemic raging across the globe, our Foodpanda clone is equipped with a ‘Temperature Check’ option which automatically updates the last recorded temperature of the delivery personnel along with the delivery details. This way, the customers can feel safe ordering their favorite food.

COD Disabled

As an added security measure, we have also disabled the Cash On Delivery (COD) option for the time being. Cash and coins are known to be carriers of the COVID virus.

Scheduled Delivery

For customers who want to schedule a delivery ahead of time, the ‘Scheduled Delivery’ option is made available. Customers can choose the date and time, and place the order in the app which will be carried out as requested.

Multiple Deliveries

To increase the efficiency of the delivery process, multiple deliveries can be carried out by the same delivery executive when it is convenient. This helps both the restaurant and the delivery executive in saving time and costs associated with fuel.

Keep Your Business Going Strong During COVID With Our Foodpanda Clone

Apart from the usual benefits and convenience that food delivery apps like the Foodpanda clone provide, their popularity has been boosted by a significant margin of late due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With people around the world confined to their homes in lockdowns around the world, and many more afraid to even step out, food delivery apps have been the backbone of the restaurant industry over the past few months.
  • For customers, food delivery apps are a safe alternative to the risk associated with dining-in options.
  • For restaurant owners, they have been a massive boon in continuing their operations despite the government-imposed restrictions.
  • According to Technavio, “the online on-demand food delivery services market is poised to grow by USD 104.45 bn during 2019-2023, progressing at a CAGR of over 15% during the forecast period”

Ordering Through The Foodpanda Clone - Step by Step


After entering their address location, the user is provided with a list of restaurants available for delivery.

Browse Food

Users can search for a particular dish or the restaurant they want to order from.

Places Orders

The user orders the food they would like to be delivered, which is added in the cart.


The user reviews the items in the cart and pays the bill amount.

Restaurant Receives notifications

Once the payment is successfully done, the restaurant is notified


The restaurant reviews the order and confirms it.

Delivery Person Collects Order

A delivery executive is assigned to the delivery and directed to the restaurant.

Picks Up

The delivery executive picks up the order.


The order is delivered to the address set by the user.


Upon completion, the user confirms the successful delivery and gives his/ her rating/feedback


Benefits Of Food Delivery App Development

Investing in a food delivery application like our Foodpanda clone can be one of the most prudent decisions you can make for your business.

Addressing Safety Concerns

In the current situation, food delivery applications are a security measure that an overwhelming majority of the population prefers over dining options.

Ordering Made Easy

Food delivery apps make the process of ordering food much easier for the consumers. They can choose and have the food delivered to them in the quickest time possible.

Increased Efficiency

With the streamlined ordering process, restaurants can dole out deliveries more quickly than ever before. Food delivery apps have been known to decrease delivery time significantly.

Added Revenue Source

As any good business owner knows, the key to success is increasing the sources of revenue. With our Foodpanda clone, you now have an extra source of income.

Real-time Monitoring

Overseeing the operations is extremely easy and simple in the Foodpanda clone. The admin can know exactly what is happening at any point of time.

Learn Your Customers Better

Unlike traditional service options, everything in the Foodpanda clone can be recorded and analyzed. You can learn more about your customers through the insights gained from the app.

Foodpanda Clone Script Package

Our Foodpanda clone script package comprises everything needed to run a smooth and efficient delivery service.

  • Customer Android App
  • Customer iOS App
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Admin Android App.
  • Admin iOS App.
  • Admin Web Panel with Dashboard.
  • Delivery Executive Android App.
  • Delivery Executive iOS App.
  • Delivery Executive Web Panel.

Avail the complete Foodpanda clone script package and set yourself up for success!

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Quick Sign-Up

The sign-up process is quick and easy. Customers can register and use the app in a matter of minutes.


Customers can browse through the list of available restaurants.


Customers can search for any dish or restaurant.


Customers can pay through a variety of payment methods (net banking, cards, UPI, COD)

Live Tracking

Customers can know the status of their orders in real-time.


Customers can provide their ratings and feedback post-delivery.


Restaurant owners can register with the app by providing necessary information following which they will be approved by the admin.

Customize Menu

Restaurant owners can customize their menu options any way they see fit

Accept/Decline Orders

Restaurant owners can accept or decline any incoming orders.

Order History

Restaurant owners can see the history of orders carried out on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Revenue Management

Restaurant owners can oversee the revenue generated using the Foodpanda clone.


Restaurant owners can entice users with special discounts and offers on select items.


Delivery Executives can sign up with necessary documents and start providing their service once they have been approved.

Choose Availability

Delivery Executives can choose the time slots in which they are available for delivery.

Accept/Reject Orders

Delivery Executives can accept or reject any incoming order.

GPS Navigation

Delivery Executives are guided to restaurants and customer locations via GPS navigation.

Revenue Tracker

Delivery Executives can view the breakdown of commissions in the revenue tracking system.

Contact Customers

Delivery Executives can contact the customers without their numbers being revealed.

Admin Dashboard

Admins can oversee their operations from the admin dashboard effortlessly.

Pending Approvals

Admins can view the registered requests by restaurants and delivery executives and choose to approve or decline their requests.

User Management

Admins can manage the list of users registered in the app.

Restaurant Management

Admins can manage the list of restaurants registered in the app.

Revenue Generation

Admins can get a detailed report of the revenue generated within the app, broken down into useful categories.


Admins can view the feedback given by customers to improve their service.

Analytical Reports

Periodic reports are generated and published to the admin to keep track of the operations within the Foodpanda clone.

Foodpanda Clone - Addons

Addons take the delivery experience to the next level.

Rotating Menus

Restaurants can periodically change their menus by offering different dishes on different days.

Repeat Order

Customers can choose to repeat a previously placed order to save time.

Multi-language Options

The Foodpanda clone can be used in multiple languages.

Search by Ingredients

Customers can search for dishes that have particular ingredients.

Sort by Cuisine

Customers can view items based on their cuisine preferences.

Loyalty Programs

Restaurant owners can create ‘Loyalty Programs’ for customers to enjoy.

Revenue Model of the Foodpanda Clone

The Foodpanda clone by TurnkeyTown provides numerous ways for you to earn revenue.


A preset commission for every order placed in the app is paid to the owner of the app.

Premium Subscription

A paid premium subscription can be provided with additional features such as discounts and offers, free delivery, and more.

Priority Display

Restaurants can be charged an extra fee to be displayed at the top of the list.

In-app Advertising

Advertisements of both restaurants and third-party enterprises can be displayed in the app for a fee.

Grow your restaurant business to the next level and maximize your profits!

Pricing Details

Our FoodPanda Clone comes at different price points. Choose one that fits your budget and get started!

Basic $XXXX (USD)

Get either an Android or iOS version of the Foodpanda Clone with default features.

Executive $XXXX (USD)

A complete package with everything from top to bottom. Android/iOS/Web and all features.

Why Choose Us For FoodPanda like app development?

TurnkeyTown is the one-stop solution for all your development needs. Here’s why.

Tried and Proven

We have a history of putting out successful applications

International Experience

We have worked with clients from all over the world.

Affordable Pricing

We make premium quality products at affordable prices.

End-to-end Development

We take care of the entirety of the development process from ideation to launch.

On-going Support

Our support team is available to help you out with queries and concerns.

White-label Customization

Our white-label Foodpanda clone can be modified to meet your individual needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The Foodpanda clone is an on-demand food delivery application that allows customers to order from the comfort of their homes.
Customers of today prefer the convenience of ordering food to their homes over the traditional dine-in experience. On-demand food delivery options like GrubHub, UberEats, Foodpanda, and PostMates are the preferred choices for an increasing number of users. By investing in our Foodpanda clone, you can cater to this demand and make sure you’re not left behind by the competition.
Although the restaurant industry was devastated by the Coronavirus, food delivery apps like our Foodpanda clone were the only lifeline for many restaurant owners worldwide. While the number of people dining in restaurants has seen a sharp decline in the post-COVID world, food delivery apps are thriving and doing well.
The basic version of the Foodpanda clone can be ready for launch in a matter of days. The duration of the development depends on the extent of customization to be done, so get in touch with our experts and we’ll be able to provide you with a timeline depending on your needs.
You can increase the chances of your success by hiring our marketing specialists to market the app. With an extensive knowledge base, they will be able to spread awareness about your app in the most effective way and ensure its success.
Yes, we do. All our services - development, consulting, marketing, maintenance/support, and more can be availed at an affordable price either individually or as part of a complete package. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we have to offer.