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End-To-End Semi-Fungible Token Development Services

In the fast-forwarding WEB3 space, it is now time for aspiring business tycoons to captivate the NFT freaks with our immense Semi Fungible Token Development services. Our experts offer a gilt-edged solution, that fulfills the business type and spotlights your SFT marketplace to the NFT users from various parts of the world. Engage with our experts to explore our execution process!

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Semi-Fungible Token Development
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Semi-Fungible Token [ SFT ] - What Is It?

SFT - widely known as Semi-Fungible Token, is an exclusive form and an infused form of both Fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens. Sounds puzzling? Let us make it vivid. Here, in the SFT platform, the minting process for both fungible and non-fungible tokens is done seamlessly. Up to a certain period of time, the Fungible characteristics of the valuable digital assets are carried out. Once the specific time comes to an end or expires it is then transformed into Non-Fungible tokens [NFTs]. Therefore, the users get an opportunity to own the exclusive SFT.

Why Are Semi-Fungible Token Development Services Requisite For Your WEB3 Venture?

Change is constant and so is the WEB3 space. Having blockchain technology in hand, anything is possible, just like the NFTs and other cryptos were brought to this universe. In that category, the new and unique nature of SFT has recently caught the eyes of the spectators. Then why not captivate them with our Semi-Fungible Token development services? And dig the way to the futuristic SFTs?
Our blockchain masterminds understand your business requirements and offer end-to-end customized SFT Development Services that effortlessly elevate your NFT venture. We implement the Ethereum token standard like ERC-1155, which is a combination of both ERC-20 and ERC-721 token standards. It is your time to invade massive industries to turn the focus on your SFT platform.

Benefits Of Our Semi-Fungible Token Development Platform

For Entrepreneurs
  • Feasible and quick to gear up the Semi Fungible Token Development platform process with MVP [Minimum Viable Product].
  • Effortlessly build the SFT platform in your desired blockchain network.
  • Highly personalized and hand-picked tech stack to boost the functionality of your platform.
  • Captivating features are incorporated into the ready-to-go solution.
For SFT Holders
  • The semi-fungible token holders can access and manage both fungible and non-fungible tokens efficiently.
  • One can effortlessly unbundle the tokens using a single contract that has been used while purchasing the assets in a bundle type.
  • The unbundled SFT tokens can also be traded on secondary sales separately.
  • SFT can be essential for gamers to store their gaming currency, and weapons, and store their levels.
For SFT Creators
  • Minting semi-fungible tokens are open, easy, and also affordable for the creators.
  • It requires only a single smart contract to take control over both fungible and non-fungible tokens.
  • The SFT creators choose the blockchain that they are willing to mint their digital assets.
  • With its flexibility in nature, the creators can generate revenue through numerous methods.

Our Clients

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Use Cases of SFTs

Did you know that SFTs are highly utilized in the gaming industry? But apart from that, SFTs can also be implemented in other arenas. A few use cases of SFTs are highlighted below to be focused on your Semi Fungible Token Development Platform,

Event Tickets

While Concerts and events are highly occupying the minds of spectators and fandoms, one cannot forget the joy of purchasing and holding valuable tickets. Giving space to mint the exclusive tickets as SFT can lure many fandoms worldwide.

Voucher Coupons

Getting voucher coupons or gift cards, gives a tinglish feeling to the esteemed users. Just like the tickets, here too, the users can mint their coupons, which will work as fungible before redemption of the gift and as NFTs after redeeming.

In-Game Assets

The gaming industry has an impeccable place in the hearts of gamers to date and allowing the SFT development for the in-game assets is indeed a boon. For instance, gaming, utilities, currency, and assets like weapons are minted as SFT.

How Do SFTs Mold Our Future?

We all have witnessed and also have been part of the massive blockchain space. Similarly, isn’t it important to partake in the advancing NFT era? With these remarkable changes, stepping into the SFT realm has proven more powerful than ever compared to NFTs. Just the way everyone welcomed the non-fungible tokens, collectors from various parts of the world are giving thumbs up to this new concept through the infused blockchain technology.

Put simply, semi-fungible tokens have emerged to fill the blocks of NFTs and will provide the users with the enhanced version. And, you (entrepreneurs) can be the key to opening the chamber to SFT-realm with our Semi-Fungible Token Development Services.

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Service Basic Intermediate Advanced
ERC 721, ERC 1155 NFT Token Development
Blockchain-Ethereum/BSC/Polygon Single Chain Support Dual Chain Support Multi Chain Support
Smart Contract
Crypto Wallet Integration MetaMask Trust wallet or Fortmatic wallet or MyEther MetaMask and Wallet Connect
Admin Panel
Search Bar
Advance Filter
Bundle Listing
Auction and Instant Buy
Decentralized/Centralized Decentralized Decentralized Decentralized or Centralized
Multi- Language Support Two Languages Upto 5 Languages
User Profiles
Trading History
NFT Rental
Fiat Integration Any One Any One
NFT Staking
Push Alerts
Marketing Service
Add Ons: Lazy minting, Timed Auction, Air drops Any Two
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We are widely notable as a Semi-Fungible Token Development Company, as our limitless are endless. And so, we mold and elevate one’s venture into this magnificent WEB3 space with robust and avant-garde development solutions. With our blockchain development partner, you can witness multiple services under the roof.

An adaptive and innovative team of developers
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Multiple blockchain networks
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

A semi-Fungible Token is referred to as the combination of both fungible and non-fungible tokens. In other words, the digital assets initially will be in the form of fungible and once it gets redeemed it is transformed into non-fungible tokens.
We could say that semi-fungible tokens, as the advanced level of NFTs, have emerged to fulfill the drawbacks of NFTs. In NFTs, we could see it works only ERC-721 based token standards, but whereas, this SFT supports ERC-1155 [a combination of ERC-20 and ERC-721]
TurnkeyTown is widely known to render the finest Semi Fungible Token Development Services for budding entrepreneurs, that can effortlessly levitate the way to enter the futuristic SFT world.
The essential use cases of semi-fungible tokens [SFTs] are in-game assets, concert or event tickets, and voucher coupons. And, we could see that it is soon spreading to other industries drastically.
NFT users are moving ahead to partake in the advancing WEB3 space. And now, through your semi-fungible token development platform, you can traverse to the next futuristic gen, captivating millions of the NFT freaks and upcoming business tycoons.