Launch A Veteran Crypto Exchange Platform Like Poloniex

Ensure steady returns flow into your pockets incessantly by revealing a crypto exchange platform with transaction security. Nothing can match a Poloniex clone in that sense, apparently setting out an ideal option to commence your cryptopreneur journey. Have a complete grasp of the solution by personalizing it according to the business needs. Get to us right away!

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Make Crypto Exchanges Seemingly Easy And Secured By Boosting The Poloniex Clone

The growth of crypto exchanges from nothing to a relatively mature industry now welcomes many aspiring crypto enthusiasts to position themselves in the crypto space. In that fashion, Poloniex has etched its mark by acquiring a $400 million deal flourishing as the best exchange. And that makes Poloniex clone to be the top option to consider to instill a crypto trading platform for buying and selling of crypto assets.

On this note, are you all set to make your move into the crypto space? Guaranteeing users’ safety while making transactions will create an unflagging demand for your trading platform. We keenly focus on developing the solution that overwhelms your crypto fanbase to perform trading through your exchange. Become unbeatable in the crypto-verse by connecting with us this very minute.

How Is Trading Facilitated In Poloniex Clone?

  • Initially, the user can set up an account in the Poloniex clone on completing the KYC verification.
  • Since the Poloniex clone supports only cryptocurrency exchanges, the users can add balance to the platform.
  • Once the amount is added to the account, the user is good to go for making the seamless exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Capable Features Integrated With Our Poloniex Clone For Secure Trading

IEO Launchpad

Our poloniex clone bestows the ability to integrate the IEO launchpad while it helps the fundraisers in raising funds for their crypto project.

Trader Support

Our solution comes with an immersive interface to guide traders with their trading activities and access the cryptocurrencies in their wallets.

Crypto wallet setup

The exchange platform relies on the crypto wallet to carry out the transactions. Therefore, crypto wallet integration enables users to smartly store and transfer cryptocurrencies.

Rapid fast APIs

We provide our solution with smart algorithms that advance the trading process and endow a better experience to the users.

Margin lending

You can instill a lending option in your platform similar to the one in Poloniex. The lending option allows users to lend assets to the margin traders for a regular interest.

Token swap

Our Poloniex clone is scalable to accommodate the swapping of available crypto pairs across the Dex platforms. This functionality would bring in more users to perform trading on your platform.

Trading Bot

To resolve the complexities of crypto trading and solve the queries of the user, the trading bot feature does a greater help. It executes instant transactions of assets in the platform.

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We have superior crypto developers who can empower your crypto business in a way that fetches great returns.

Fast & flexible solutions

We commit to building highly responsive solutions that offer the quickest way of trading

Secure and reliable

Security is the most important when it concerns exchanges. Loaded with high-end security features makes it fit and reliable for performing trading.

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