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Why Is A Gojek Clone App A Promising Solution For Entrepreneurs?

Have you ever thought about building a multi-services app but felt that there are too many complexities? Do not worry, our app development firm has exact solutions for you to reduce your stress. In this blog, you will perceive about efficiently deploying an on-demand multi-service app like Gojek and at the same time to make your app flourish in the competitive online marketplace. Without further ado, you can get on board with our white-label Gojek clone app and bestow numerous services for the users. Before we discover more about it, let me give you a quick overview of the purpose of the clone scripts in the online marketplace.

What Is A Gojek Clone App?

Gojek clone app is an alternative solution to the existing multi-service app, the Gojek. We provide the entrepreneur with a ready-made solution with the complete code scripts, features, latest technologies. In this way, the entrepreneur can reduce their time building an app from scratch and not spend much money developing an app. Our app developers will adhere to provide turnkey solutions and thus help you to resolve all your queries.

Gojek app is the prominent on-demand multi-service app that allows service providers to enlist their services onto the app. Through this on-demand multi-service app, the users can avail themselves of services starting from taxi services, delivery services, and other home-based services.

This allows the users to access numerous services from a single platform , and it also consumes less storage space in their devices. Thus it made the app flourish in the industry and made the entrepreneurs follow the footprints of creating an on-demand multi-service app like Gojek.

Complete Workflow Of The Gojek Clone Script?

Step 1: The users can efficiently sign up into the app by just linking other social media accounts. Once it is done, they can add further details to update their profile platform.

Step 2: The customers can search for the products/services that they require and also apply the filter option, which then provides the exact results for the customer’s requirements.

Step 3: The customers can choose the products or services that they are in dire need of and place an order.

Step 4: The merchant or the service providers will be modified regarding the request on an order or the service. Based on their availability, they will accept the request placed by the customers and instantly will send the confirmation either via mail or SMS. This lets the users know their Estimated Time Arrival (ETA).

Step 5: Once the order is confirmed, the users can choose the convenient mode of transactions such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, cash on delivery (COD), and others. Our experienced app developers incorporate the Gojek clone script with multiple payment gateways. Thus paving the way for users to make payments according to their feasibility.

Step 6: The app is inbuilt with the fastest GPS tracking system. In this case, the customers can track the location status of the ordered package and also easily navigate to the location of the service providers. This allows the users to know about their order arrival date and time efficiently.

Step 7: After the completion of the successful service, providers and also the customer will be generated an invoice of the complete service and the price charged.

Reasons Why You Should Prefer Gojek Clone Software

When developing an app, you must focus on integrating the app with essential features and attractive designs that will boost the performance of the app in the marketplace. Our app developers provide the 100% customization for the Gojek clone software. With this solution, you can customize the app with themes, background, and other designs based on your requirements.

As mentioned earlier, with the Gojek clone software, you do not have to build from scratch, as our app development team provides the ready-made solution. In this solution, the software includes a complete code script, the essential features, and the latest technologies that are required for the seamless flow of the on-demand multi-delivery app like Gojek.

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Fabulous Features That Our App Developer Offers

VOIP-Based Call Masking

Encrypting the user’s data and profile is the main key role of the app. In this feature, both the drivers and customer numbers will be hidden through the VOIP-based call masking method, which will ensure the users’ safety and privacy.

KiOSK Booking App

Through this booking app feature, the user can book taxis for tourists purposes. In this app the users can also avail the services like booking a room to stay in the cities and other facilities efficiently.

Track Ride by Family/Friends

Through the live tracking system, the users can track other end users like their friends or family friends without any glitch error. This seamless tracking system will help the users to have a secured and safe traveling to a place.

Admin Rights & Roles

The admin can track the users’ activities and monitor the users through the app. The admin will be provided with predefined roles, and they will also be allowed to customize it at any time.

Blacklist Fake Users

The admin will be allowed to block the account of any service providers or users who are often canceling the services request without any valid reasons. Integrating such blacklist features will improve the activities for the admin.

Stop While Riding

With a minimal waiting charge, the users can stop at any one of the destinations to grab their food or to shop and also for the other purposes. The traveler will have to pay a charge as per the time taken.

Real-Time Currency Updates

The traveler or the tourists can efficiently convert the price of the particular rides to any local currency, and this will enhance the real-time currency feature.

Airport Charges

The air passengers who are near to the airport can feasibly book the cabs with additional charges, and therefore they can have a hassle-free booking and traveling.

Winding Up

In brief, you can emerge into the multi-services industry with our astounding Gojek clone app and embark on your identity in the online marketplace. Have creative and innovative ideas? Speak to our app developers at Turnkey Town swiftly.

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