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On-demand services are gaining popularity day by day and are an inspiring concept for all startup enthusiasts who want to enter this new business world. With an on-demand approach, a Gojek clone will be the ultimate solution to fulfill every customer’s needs with technical support. By offering as many services as possible under an umbrella, an app like Gojek will make it easier to serve the best for an extensive range of business domains. From on-demand taxi service to on-demand delivery of stuff like food, grocery, flowers, etc., this all-in-one solution will not only cater to all the requirements but also ensure the maximum number of bookings. Getting maximum returns right from the first day is not a dream anymore!

Our Gojek Clone script will work at its best for any business domain and is highly reliable. We offer a highly scalable and readymade solution that is white-labeled, fully customizable, and compatible with any app platform. Enhance your app with any number of features, logo, and theme you want on your app. What else do you need when we integrate cutting-edge technologies to ensure that the app lasts long in the market?

Why choose our Gojek clone script?


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The marketplace is already overflowing with all sorts of on-demand apps and there is a growing demand for an all-in-one app. A fantastic Gojek clone app is the perfect answer to all your questions, owing to its ability to support most of the users' requirements. Serving users with what they need can give your business a boost in the current on-demand business arena where the competition is becoming increasingly difficult. Help your venture reach heights and earn a commendable reputation among customers with an ideal cure-for-all app like Gojek. Rake in plenty of profits with a single app that offers a wide range of services from taxi-booking to handyman services.

Our Gojek Clone Package Features

Profile information

Allow users or service providers to update their detailed profiles and add/ remove their information from the app whenever required. Store information with prior knowledge and approval of the users in a secure way.

Saved Address

Make using the app a seamless process by saving frequently visited addresses. Eliminate the need for the frequent entry of a location each time users travel. For instance, Users just have to add their address once and then they can automatically choose their home or office address instead of typing it every time.

Schedule Bookings

By enabling your users to schedule bookings, give them an option to commute hassle-free daily at a routine time.

Booking Records

Keep a record of the user’s trip destinations and manage the price of the trips along with other crucial information. Assist users through booking records so that they can access information on their past journies.

Multiple Payment Methods

Enable users to pay through multiple payment modes including cash, card or any other e-commerce payment apps, thus, making it convenient for users to pay.

Rate Card

Provide a nominal rate according to the distance traveled via a rate card. In accordance with the distance travelled, update the rate card even during situations when the users are not sure of a proper destination.


Let your users have a cost-effective ride experience. From those who travel alone to those who wish to save money, enable them to share rides with other users, and split the cost.

Live Vehicle Tracking

Help your customers with the real-time tracking feature and let them be aware of their location of delivery. Riders and drivers can also track or locate each.

Reviewing and Rating

Maintain the quality standards with this feature. Based on the application-based feedback received from both sides of service providers and customers, analyze the performance.

Estimated Travel Time

Calculate the estimated travel time right from the place of pick-up to the destination location. Make the riding experience smooth for both drivers and riders.

Trip Rate Estimator

Calculate the approximate amount of trip fare based on the distance to be traveled. Let your users have knowledge of the trip prior to confirmation of booking.

SMS/Email Notifications

Make it possible for the service provider to send notifications or alerts to their customers through SMS or Emails.

Instant notification

Alert or notify your users about any information regarding the rides from booking status, route change/cancellation to payment notifications.

Call features

Let your app users communicate with the inbuilt call service provided, so that they can contact the delivery executives or drivers seamlessly.

Promo codes

Enable your users to enjoy various kinds of discounts and offers through attractive promo codes, thereby drawing in more customers.


With geo-fencing, allow your drivers or delivery agents to locate their customers easily. Increase the efficiency of the service you provide through this feature by securing your users from unsafe areas too.


Help with maintaining quality standards on your Gojek clone app according to the feedback received from both service providers and customers.

Availability Options

An availability toggle will permit your users in determining if drivers/delivery personnel are available for providing their services like food delivery or taxi booking.

Flexible Vehicle Option

From a list of multiple vehicle options including mini, micro, and luxury, provide your users with an alternative solution based on their requirements.

Analytics Tracking

Collect all the data based on the user’s needs and behavior for further analysis and improve the quality of services provided.

How Gojek Clone App Works


Our readymade solutions work constantly to provide on-time services to your customers. This includes:

To provide the most efficient transportation services, our Gojek clone solution will focus on satisfying the needs of both drivers and customers. With an on-demand ride-hailing business integrated into your app, also manage deliveries and pickup requirements through the e-delivery component of the app. Enjoy enhanced control over your business operations with an e-services app solution too. Offering premium support-at-home for user's needs, serve professionals also with a set of innovative features for promoting business growth. Expand your reach across multiple cities and countries with the integration of a courier delivery business dedicated to answering all your user's requirements. In a nutshell, come up with an A to Z efficient solution with a secure Gojek clone source code for your users.

Benefits of GoJek Clone App


Entrepreneurs can provide an endless number of benefits with a one-stop-shop solution like Gojek clone. Not only is it a great way to start your business in no time but also the most affordable remedy for your business. A business model that is already successful will help one’s business gain more users and thus a large customer base. Take full advantage of the opportunities available in the market with such an investment. Build your brand and bring in a huge variety of customers with an app like Gojek.

What our Gojek Clone Suite offers

taxi on demand


  • Taxi
  • Motorbikes
  • taxi on demand


  • Pack and Send
  • Pack and Send
  • taxi on demand


  • Car
  • Two-Wheeler vehicle
  • taxi on demand


  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Wine Delivery
  • Other Deliveries
  • taxi on demand

    Other On Demand Services



    Premium Installation


    One Time

    • Create/Edit profile
    • Book Using GPS
    • Select Car Type
    • Live Navigation
    • Pay using Credit/Debit Card, Cash or Wallet Balance
    • Promo Codes
    • Detailed Driver and Car info
    • View Booking History
    • Admin Dashboard to control everything
    • Completely Whitelabel
    • iOS native app for Customers
    • iOS native app for Providers
    • Android native app for Customers
    • Web App for Customers
    • Web App for Drivers
    • End to End Installation of the entire working code
    • Server, Dashboard and Website Installation
    • iOS and Android apps recompilation with your brand
    • Launching of all 4 mobile apps in YOUR developer account
    • Mindblowing Premium Theme for Website
    • Premium iOS and Android theme to make YOUR brand stand ou
    • Initial Handholding support to get your business kickstarted!


    • User
    • Provider

    Server requirement and technologies used.

    We use the following technology and server for your app


    Objective C









    Detailed Server Requirements

    We recommend

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    • Will it be possible for incorporating new ideas into my app?

      Yes, you can add new ideas to your app at any stage of the app development process. We, at Uber Like App, provide a flexible Gojek clone script that can accommodate your requirements easily. As a matter of fact, we assure you that the final product will certainly be worthy of your time and investment.

    • Can I add multiple payment gateways?

      Yes, our source code allows the easy integration of any number of popular International Payment Gateways according to your business requirements.

    • Will technical support be provided post-development of the app?

      Yes, we can definitely offer you technical support if needed even after the delivery of the app as per the agreement. At Uber Like App, we ensure that everything is handled well even after the final launch. If you come across any issues, you can always report to us. We will work on it as soon as possible.

    • Post-delivery of the product, can I modify any feature of the app?

      Yes, you can modify any feature of your app even after the product delivery phase. For example, you can add the baby-sitting feature to your Gojek clone app and manage your bookings. This will widen the scope of your app.

    • Will you assist in conducting testing for my app?

      Yes. As per the agreement, we can surely assist you with the end-to-end testing of your app. The mobile app development process is carried out in accordance with all standard rules that are followed by our team members. Thus, the testing process will be rigorously performed for each stage.

    • Is it worth buying a clone Gojek like an app?

      Yes, it is worth buying a clone app like Gojek. It can deliver a solution to develop various businesses like food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps, taxi booking apps, etc. It also ensures to get the maximum number of bookings.

    • Where to buy the best Gojek clone app?

      The Turnkey town has a reliable Gojek clone app script. The Turnkey town offers a readymade solution that is white-labelled, customizable, and compatible with any platform and is the ultimate destination to buy the best Gojek clone app .

    • Does the price of the Gojek clone cost high?

      No, it does not cost high. The Gojek clone app is more affordable than developing an app from scratch and has all the feasible features that a successful app needs to have.

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