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Launch An On-Demand Multi-Service App Like Gojek
For A Successful Business Venture


Nowadays, users seek convenience in every aspect of life. It thereby increases the demand for multi-service apps that can provide different services in a single place, eliminating the need to download multiple apps. Gojek already sees a towering success in providing one solution for multi-services. Thus, we don't have to go around breaking our heads to establish a multi-service business.

Simply by planning the development of the Gojek clone, you can make become an affluent multi-service provider in the market. And we at Turnkey Town are outstanding in creating advanced Gojek clones to make your business an absolute success in less than no time.

All the more, our white-label Gojek app clone is well adaptable to all your business requirements giving your brand a headstart to flourish in your niche.

What Do We Offer In An On-Demand Gojek Clone Script Package?

Profile information

Allow users or service providers to update their detailed profiles and add/ remove their information from the app whenever required. Store information with prior knowledge and approval of the users in a secure way.

Saved Address

Make using the app a seamless process by saving frequently visited addresses. Eliminate the need for the frequent entry of a location each time users travel. For instance, Users just have to add their address once and then they can automatically choose their home or office address instead of typing it every time.

Schedule Bookings

By enabling your users to schedule bookings, give them an option to commute hassle-free daily at a routine time.

Booking Records

Keep a record of the user’s trip destinations and manage the price of the trips along with other crucial information. Assist users through booking records so that they can access information on their past journies.

Multiple Payment Methods

Enable users to pay through multiple payment modes including cash, card or any other e-commerce payment apps, thus, making it convenient for users to pay.

Rate Card

Provide a nominal rate according to the distance traveled via a rate card. In accordance with the distance travelled, update the rate card even during situations when the users are not sure of a proper destination.


Let your users have a cost-effective ride experience. From those who travel alone to those who wish to save money, enable them to share rides with other users, and split the cost.

Live Vehicle Tracking

Allow your customers to know the exact location of their food order in real-time through this feature. It also helps drivers to locate the customer place easily, thereby quickening the process of food deliveries.

Reviewing and Rating

Maintain the quality standards with this feature. Based on the application-based feedback received from both sides of service providers and customers, analyze the performance.

Estimated Travel Time

Calculate the estimated travel time right from the place of pick-up to the destination location. Make the riding experience smooth for both drivers and riders.

Trip Rate Estimator

Calculate the approximate amount of trip fare based on the distance to be traveled. Let your users have knowledge of the trip prior to confirmation of booking.

SMS/Email Notifications

Make it possible for the service provider to send notifications or alerts to their customers through SMS or Emails.

Instant notification

Alert or notify your users about any information regarding the rides from booking status, route change/cancellation to payment notifications.

Call features

Let your app users communicate with the inbuilt call service provided, so that they can contact the delivery executives or drivers seamlessly.

Promo codes

Enable your users to enjoy various kinds of discounts and offers through attractive promo codes, thereby drawing in more customers.


With geo-fencing, allow your drivers or delivery agents to locate their customers easily. Increase the efficiency of the service you provide through this feature by securing your users from unsafe areas too.


Verifying the authenticity of service providers in your Gojek like app earns customer loyalty and trust in your brand, setting up a standard for your business.

Availability Options

Availability toggle tells the status of the service provider whether or not they can take up the service. Helps customers to make bookings based on their availability.

Flexible Vehicle Option

Provide multiple vehicle options to your customers such as mini, micro, luxury, and so on, which gives them the freedom to choose their desired service.

Analytics Tracking

Collect all the data based on the user’s needs and behavior for further analysis and improve the quality of services provided.

List Of Services Offered In Our Gojek Clone App

Taxi Services
  • Cab ride

  • Bike ride

  • Rental car or bike

  • Airline

Delivery Services
  • Food

  • Grocery

  • Medicine

  • Alcohol

  • Water

  • Bouquet

  • Common Items

Additional Services Of Our Gojek App Clone

  • Baby Day Care

  • Fitness Coach

  • Car or Bike Mechanic

  • Car Detailing

  • Plumber Technician

  • Electrician

  • Garden Maintenance

  • Pet Care

  • Tutors

  • Pet Walkers

  • Security Guard

  • Pest technician

  • Truck Service

  • Doctors

  • Salon

  • Beautician

  • Carpenter service

  • Tourist guide

  • House Maids

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Tow Trucks

  • Veterinary

  • Computer & Mobile Technician

  • Fire Station

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Interior Designers

  • TV technician

  • Spa & Massage Service

  • Advocates

  • Physiotherapy Service

  • Pest Assistance

  • Insurance Assistance

  • DJ

Build An Efficient & Powerful Multi-Service Gojek Clone Software


The Gojek clone app business has made the industry grow instantly and took the technology to a whole new level in recent years. The multi-service app like gojek lured many customers by giving instant solutions for their day-to-day problems like transportation, household services, delivery, etc. It’s high time that entrepreneurs can invest in this business to generate more revenue for their business. If you want to own this white-labeled solution with all the latest features at an affordable price, reach out to the Turnkey Town team.

Gojek Clone Software

What Is A Gojek App Clone?


Gojek Clone is an on-demand multi-service app that integrates different services under one roof. It can cater to any customer's needs, which includes food delivery, household services, transportation services, mechanic services, and a lot more. Whatever may be your requirements, our Gojek clone script ensures to fulfill them all. Get to our experts today and become the giant multi-service provider in a matter of days.

Gojek Clone Solution

Benefits Of Our Gojek Like App Development Solution

Alternate solutions to expensive google maps

Our white-labeled multi-service solution app is mainly created to give an efficient and cost-effective model to our entrepreneurs and business owners. Initiating google maps APIs in apps is expensive for clients to pay, so we have an alternate solution for considering other map companies into our apps, which is good as google maps.

Booking services through apps

A few years ago, website’s usage was high for ordering an item or booking service. In today's fast-growing world, everything is customized for users in a single app with all features. Booking a service is made easy with a few taps for experiencing doorstep service or delivery. Consider the feedback of users and give the requirement on time using this app.

50+ Service offered

Instead of creating a separate app for each service, build an app that consists of multiple services to offer for the users to make bookings. Allow users to update their profile in one single app to have access to all on-demand services.

Provide your customers with secure shopping experience

The world is moving towards a technology-driven platform where they expect everything to be hygienic, safe, and secure for shopping. Hence, ensure to provide an app with contactless delivery to contactless payment options integrated with all the latest features. Also, get feedback from users and deliver them a hassle free option to shop their products for boosting your business.

Gojek Like App Development

Launch A Multi-Service Platform With A Remarkable Gojek Clone Solution


Everyone needs a one-stop solution for all their problems. So why not give them exactly that? With the Gojek Clone app, you can offer a power-packed app that contains all the on-demand apps that anyone could need. Bailout the ordeal of installing multiple apps for the services from transportation to grocery delivery.

How Does An App Like Gojek Work?


Simple signup & profile updating process.


Book the ride by entering the pick up & drop location.


Fare estimate appears on display.


Nearest driver accepts the request.


Pay the fare after reaching the destination.


Give feedback for the drivers experience.

What Does Our Gojek Clone App Suite Offer?



  • Taxi
  • Motorbikes

  • Pack and Send
  • Pack and Send

  • Car
  • Two-Wheeler vehicle

  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Wine Delivery
  • Other Deliveries
  • Other On Demand Services

  • View Gojek Clone Demo


    If you are in search of a demo for developing your Gojek clone, you can get a feel of how your app will look and function with our interactive demos. Get in touch with us for getting a clear picture of our demos.

    Web Panel Gojek Clone Demo

    Admin Demo

    Username: [email protected]
    Password: 123456

    Dispatcher Demo

    Username: [email protected]
    Password: 123456

    Fleet Demo

    Username: [email protected]
    Password: 123456

    Account Manager Demo

    Username: [email protected]
    Password: 123456

    Dispute Demo

    Username: [email protected]
    Password: 123456

    User Demo

    Username: [email protected]
    Password: 123456

    Provider Demo

    Username: [email protected]
    Password: 123456

    Shop Demo

    Username: [email protected]
    Password: 123456



    Premium Installation


    One Time

    • Create/Edit profile
    • Book Using GPS
    • Select Car Type
    • Live Navigation
    • Pay using Credit/Debit Card, Cash or Wallet Balance
    • Promo Codes
    • Detailed Driver and Car info
    • View Booking History
    • Admin Dashboard to control everything
    • Completely Whitelabel
    • iOS native app for Customers
    • iOS native app for Providers
    • Android native app for Customers
    • Web App for Customers
    • Web App for Drivers
    • End to End Installation of the entire working code
    • Server, Dashboard and Website Installation
    • iOS and Android apps recompilation with your brand
    • Launching of all 4 mobile apps in YOUR developer account
    • Mindblowing Premium Theme for Website
    • Premium iOS and Android theme to make YOUR brand stand ou
    • Initial Handholding support to get your business kickstarted!

    Gojek Clone App Screens

    • User
    • Provider
    Gojek Clone Script

    Cost And Pricing Of Gojek App Clone :


    The Gojek clone app is built and developed with all the latest features based on entrepreneurs requirements. This multi-service app will cost you more if you make it on your own or bought from outside. Instead, if you are willing to own this app with all efficient features at an affordable price, reach out to the Turnkey Team.

    Why choose our Gojek clone script?

    More Dispatcher
    Technical support offered round the clock
    Authentic multi-service clone app
    Safe & secure payment mode
    Simple installation process
    Professional skilled developers
    Catchy UI/UX design
    Up-to-date technology blend

    Server requirement and technologies used.

    We use the following technology and server for your app


    Objective C









    Detailed Server Requirements

    We recommend

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    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    • Will it be possible for incorporating new ideas into my app?

      Yes, you can add new ideas to your app at any stage of the app development process. We, at Uber Like App, provide a flexible Gojek clone script that can accommodate your requirements easily. As a matter of fact, we assure you that the final product will certainly be worthy of your time and investment.

    • Can I add multiple payment gateways?

      Yes, Definitely! Our solutions are 100% customizable, allowing easy integration of different payment methods as per your requirements.

    • Will technical support be provided post-development of the app?

      As assured, we provide you technical support post the app launch on the agreed terms and conditions. Our developer team will be there for help if you come across any issues anytime in the future.

    • Post-delivery of the product, can I modify any feature of the app?

      Yes, you can modify any feature of your app even after the product delivery phase. For example, you can add the baby-sitting feature to your Gojek clone app and manage your bookings. This will widen the scope of your app.

    • Will you assist in conducting testing for my app?

      Yes. As per the agreement, we can surely assist you with the end-to-end testing of your app. The mobile app development process is carried out in accordance with all standard rules that are followed by our team members. Thus, the testing process will be rigorously performed for each stage.

    • Is it worth buying a clone Gojek like an app?

      Yes, it is worth buying a clone app like Gojek. It can deliver a solution to develop various businesses like food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps, taxi booking apps, etc. It also ensures to get the maximum number of bookings.

    • Where to buy the best Gojek clone app?

      The Turnkey town has a reliable Gojek clone app script. The Turnkey town offers a readymade solution that is white-labelled, customizable, and compatible with any platform and is the ultimate destination to buy the best Gojek clone app .

    • Does the price of the Gojek clone cost high?

      No, it does not cost high. The Gojek clone app is more affordable than developing an app from scratch and has all the feasible features that a successful app needs to have.

    App Like Gojek