Whatsapp clone script Features

Top 15 Features In Your WhatsApp Clone Script

Using our robust WhatsApp clone script, you can quickly develop and launch an app like WhatsApp into the market at the earliest. It is pre-built with all the advanced features that ensure to produce utmost user satisfaction.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that is soaring high with a vast user base across the globe. More than 2 billion monthly active users use this platform for chatting and business purposes. The causative agent for such a wide reach is the user-friendly UI/UX of the app and the consistent updates in the features.

The Impeccable Features Of The WhatsApp Clone Script

1. Push Notifications:

This key feature keeps the netizens updated with all the activities occurring in the app even while they are offline. Thus the user can know about any incoming texts or calls easily.

2. Location sharing:

The WhatsApp app clone development comes with GPS integration. Therefore, the users can share their current location with anyone. Also, by sending the live location, the users can allow the receiver to track their movement for a pre-set time limit. After the completion of the time limit, the live-location sharing gets disabled automatically. 

3. Group Chats/Call:

The set of cybernauts can bind up together to form a group and enjoy group conversations. Not only group chatting, but the members of the group can also interact live with each other using the Group video or voice calling option. 

4. In-app Audio And Video Calling:

The users can contact each other in different ways, such as through voice or video calling. With the internet connection to the phone, the users can quickly make a call and enjoy a live interaction easily. 

5. Archived Chats:

This feature will enable the users to move a few private chats to the archived chats folder and keep them hidden. The archived chats will be muted. Therefore the notifications don’t pop up until they unarchive the chat manually. 

6. WhatsApp Payments:

Apart from being an integrated texting platform, the App Like WhatsApp can also be used for fund transfer. Upon syncing their bank account to the app, the user can quickly send or receive money through the platform. 

7. Disappearing Messages:

By switching on the disappearing messages feature, the new texts sent in the personal chat or in the group will automatically disappear after seven days. This will not affect the previous messages that have been sent or received in the chat. 

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8. Whatsapp QR Code Scanner:

Opening the keyboard and tapping on the digits to save the contact before initiating a chat is no longer in need. The Whatsapp clone app has the QR scanning feature, which enables the users to quickly scan the code to add them to the contact list directly. 

9. Dark Mode:

Enthrall your users by providing them with the option to switch to dark screen mode. The dark mode feature reduces the light emitted by the device screen. It also maintains the readability with minimum color contrast ratios needed. Thus it can aid the users in reducing eye strain. 

10. Advanced Search Bar:

The WhatsApp clone script comes with an advanced search bar that allows cybernauts to find any particular chat instantly. Apart from that, in a specific chat, searching for a text, picture, document, audio, etc., can also be achievable. 

11. One-time View Photo:

By turning on the on-time view option before sending the photo or video, it allows the user to view that only for a single time. Before sharing each photo or video in the chat, the users can limit the accessibility by turning on this feature. 

12. Multi-device Login:

This feature will allow the cybernauts to log in to their account on multiple devices without logging out from the previous device. Thus the users can log in to four different devices at a time and sync at once.

13. Playback Speeds For Voice Texts:

The users can record and send voice notes through the app. The receivers or the listeners have the option to change the playback speed while listening. The 1X is the default speed of the audio; the 1.5X and 2X will let the users listen to the same audio at different speeds. 

14. Multi-media Sharing:

This is one of the prominent features of the app. Multi-media sharing allows cybernauts to share any media content with multiple contacts at a time. The contents can be of any type, such as a photo, video, or document. Upon selecting all the files and tapping on the send now button, the files are sent in a flash. 

15. Fingerprint Authentication:

To ensure the security of the app, it is packed with the fingerprint authentication feature, which can be enabled by the user. Each time while entering the app, the user needs to verify their fingerprint.

To Wrap Up,

Integrated and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp are said to modernize the mobile commerce market soon. Therefore it is the right time to get hold of our WhatsApp clone script packed with all the outstanding features discussed in this blog. 

Without any further delay, get going with the development process right away and flourish in your business within a short span.

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