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8 Must-Have Features In Your Taxi Booking App Like Uber

Are you seeking ways to expand your taxi business or trying to step into the on-demand service industry? Then you are in the right place. In this blog, let’s discuss everything about a taxi booking app like Uber that can swiftly elevate your business.

Waiting for public transport is a difficult way to commute. On the other hand, maintaining your own car is on the expensive side. That is why ride-hailing apps are more desirable among users. People can easily book a cab instantly and travel comfortably at an affordable price. This is the major cause for the spike in the number of people shifting to use ride-hailing apps instead of buying a car. 

The traffic in the urban cities is so massive that according to a report of the Texas Transportation Institute’s Urban Mobility Scorecard, almost 42 hours of an average American is spent in traffic. 

Uber-pioneer Of Ride-hailing Apps:

Uber is the pioneer ride-hailing company founded by Travis Kalanick and Garett Camp in 2009. Now Uber services are available in more than 70 countries across the globe with more than 3.5 million drivers. 

How To Develop An Uber Like App For Taxi?

Initially do thorough market research to find the requirements of your target niche. This can aid you in deciding on what features to add to your app. 

Then find out who you are competing with. Knowing your competitors and the strategies followed by them can help you to surpass the difficulties faced by them. 

Then you can get into the taxi booking app development company. You can customize your app to a vast extent and launch it into the market in just a matter of a few days. Deploying a scalable solution will help you to expand your app in the future when your business grows. 

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Salient Features Of Taxi Booking App Like Uber:

The features of the app play an important role in retaining the users. Therefore make sure that your app is packed with all the significant features listed in the upcoming passages. 

  • Easy Sign-up/Registration:

Users can sign-up to the app easily through various login methods such as using email ID, contact number, and other social media credentials. This allows you to gain a positive first impression from the users. Whereas the cab drivers can register to the app by submitting the necessary documents. The admin panel verifies those documents and confirms the activation of the account. 

  • Instant Cab Booking:

Gone are the days where waving the hand is needed to stop a taxi. With the evolution of taxi booking app like Uber, users can book a cab instantly with just a few taps and swipes on their smartphones. All the users have to do is to enter the destination and wait a few seconds to get connected with the cabs available in close proximity. 

  • In-app Chat/Call Option:

The cab drivers and the users can contact each other through the app using the in-app chat/call feature. Upon successful booking of the cab, the contact details of the cab driver are sent to the users. This way they can contact each other for further clarification about the location or ride. 

  • Vehicle Types:

May it be a single passenger or multiple passengers, allow your users to choose their preferred vehicle based on their preference. Uber offers various options such as UberX, UberXL, Uber select, etc. The ride fare differs for each vehicle type. Thus the users can pick a ride that suits their budget and their needs.

  • Scheduled Rides:

Apart from booking a cab on the go, the users can also schedule a ride in prior. This way last-minute hassle can be avoided. The users have to enter the pickup and drop location and set a pickup time. In case of change in mind, the users can reschedule or cancel the booking before the given time limit. 

  • GPS Navigation/Tracking:

The app allows the users to track the arrival of the cab in real-time. Also, the app directs the cab drivers through optimized routes for quick reach by avoiding traffic-prone routes. Throughout the entire trip, real-time navigation is available for both the drivers and the users. This ensures the safety of the passengers.

  • Multiple Payment Methods:

Comfort your users by providing multiple payment methods for them to choose their convenient method to transact the trip fare securely. Various options such as mobile payment wallets, credit or debit cards, in-app wallets, etc, are integrated with the app. Thus the users can instantly transfer funds securely. 

  • Ratings And Reviews:

Upon every successful ride, the users can share their reviews to the app about the service. The users can rate the service of the cab drivers which increases the credit points of the drivers. This feature helps you to spot the drawbacks of your app and allows you to fix them at the earliest. 

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To Put It All Together,

If you are already owning a taxi business, it is the right choice for you to develop an on-demand taxi app development and expand your business to reach new heights. Without any further delay, drop us a line and launch your dream app into the market right away.

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