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Venture Into The Ecommerce Industry With Our Amazon Clone App

The ecommerce business is superior in the online platform providing the small and large scale sectors to grow profoundly. The main purpose of e-commerce is to offer the customers a wide range of access to multiple stores such as clothing e-commerce platforms, furniture ecommerce platforms, cosmetics ecommerce platforms, and many others. The merchants can enlist their products and detailed information in your Amazon clone app. Therefore, the users can grow their retailing business through the online platform. 

How does an amazon clone script work?

Amazon clone script can be referred to as the ready-made solution offered by our app development company. Through this solution, you can get on board into the ecommerce industry. Creating an app from scratch can have more complexities. But with our app development firm, you get the complete code script for the on-demand amazon app development at an affordable price. 

The script comprises essential features that are required for the app’s functionality. We integrate with separate panels for each user, such as the user panel, vendor panel, delivery agent panel, and admin panel. Have a peek into the features that are available in the ecommerce app development

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Salient features provided with the Amazon clone app

User panel Features: 

To gain more users to utilize your platform, you must ensure to build the ecommerce app development with essential and unique features that are required for each panel. Have a look at the user panel features that our app developers integrate into your app. 

Multiple Registration Options 

You can allow your users to efficiently register into your e-commerce platform by linking their social media platforms into the app, such as Facebook, Google account, and Twitter, or through their phone numbers. . This will enrich the users with any social media accounts to register into the app efficiently. This allows the users to log into the app with just a tap on your app in the upcoming.  

Advanced Search And Filter 

The users can search  the products with the advanced search algorithm and filter feature. This can save time for the users and help to reach the exact products. With the filter option, the user can set the price range and customize the color and others before choosing the order. The app suggests the perfect product matching their descriptions. 

Quick View 

The users can add the products that they wish to buy in the cart option available in your app. This helps the users to view the products efficiently. 

Wish List 

The users can like the products and add them to the wishlist option. In this wishlist option, the users add the products they wish to buy later. The products saved in the wishlist can be viewed only by the customers.  

Multiple payment options

You can allow your users to make the payment for the products through multiple payment modes such as credit or debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, cash on delivery, and others. This gathers users from various spheres to utilize your app in a niche of time. 

Compare the products

As mentioned above, the users can compare the price, color, products, brands, and other factors from the wide variety of products enlisted by different companies. Thus the users have the choice to choose the best one suitable for their requirements.

Instant Notification 

You have to keep your users engaged with your on-demand app like Amazon with instant notification alerts to the user’s devices. You can send notifications regarding the latest launches, new deals, offers, and others to make your users continue utilizing your app in the future.  


It would be best to allow your users to choose their native language while using the app to buy the products. This will offer the users with comfort while using your app. 

Order Status 

Through the tracking system, the users can view the location of the package efficiently. Thus making sure not to lose track of products that they had ordered, it also shows the estimated delivery of the product. 

Return And Exchange 

If the users are not completely satisfied with the products they had purchased, they can have a replacement option. In this case, the users can return the merchandise and will be credited with the refund money. The users can also opt for an exchange option for the particular merchandise by providing the queries of the product. 

Vendor Panel feature: 

Providing the best features integrated into the panel for the merchants would benefit them to expand their business through your online platform. Take a look at the impressive features offered by our app developers. 

Vendor Store Profile  

In this feature, the vendors can set up their profile by adding the basic information like the company and the products that they are selling to customers and others. 

Vendor Verification 

All the vendors who wish to enroll their company into your app will undergo the merchant verification process and thus help them to increase their credibility. 

Product Management

Our app developers build the app in such a way that it helps the merchants to display the complete details of the products, and once the admin approves the product, it will be available on the online platform. 

Prompt Notifications

The merchants have instant notification alerts regarding the buyer’s activities, such as reviewing a product, purchasing a product, or about a message to the seller. Therefore, it helps the merchants to reply to the customer’s request quickly.  

Manage Orders

Through this order feature, the merchants can look into the orders placed by the customers and manage them efficiently for quick delivery. 


When a customer updates a review about the products or the orders, it helps the seller or the merchants improve their business and consider service-related queries. 

Coupon Code 

The merchants can add the coupon or discount code to enrich the sales of their products widely, and it has gained massive popularity among the buyers. 

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Winding Up 

In conclusion, this is an overview of the features that our app developers instantly integrate into your Amazon clone app. You can interact with our esteemed app development company TurnkeyTown to get to know more about deploying an app at an affordable price.

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