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Is it true that developing an NFT platform is easier with an app development company? How long does it take? Is it affordable? Likewise, there would be many questions that arise in your mind when you decide to hire an app development firm. In simple ways, it’s absolutely cost-effective and also includes high benefits for the enterprise to startup with their NFT business. In this blog, entrepreneurs like you will get to know the insights of developing an NFT marketplace like OpenSea in a fraction of the time. 

The app development company offers entrepreneurs a wide range of solutions, enhancing them to get into the crypto world abruptly. Therefore entrepreneurs can venture with any specific collectibles providing crypto enthusiasts with numerous features. Let us look at how the NFT platforms are popular in the industry.    

Detailed Explanation Of NFTs 

”In general, non-fungible tokens, shortly known as NFTs, are the new trend in the crypto world. The crypto maniacs can sell or buy rare collectibles as non-fungible tokens. Each collectible is different and has a unique value, and yet another success of the NFTs platform is recognition for each artist or the content creators.

Like it has been said before, the non-fungible tokens cannot be fabricated and give ownership to the creators, therefore, making the platform more authentic. This is widely different from the fungible tokens, and it has grabbed the attention of crypto enthusiasts to enroll themselves in these platforms. Being an entrepreneur, it is nothing hard to make profits with non-fungible tokens.”

How Do Entrepreneurs Profit With Non-fungible Tokens? 

Who would not love to get hold of a rare, unique art piece? In this case, creating a non-fungible token platform would highly benefit the upcoming entrepreneurs and gain recognizable fame in the online industry. 

The unique collectibles listed on the platform range through different sectors such as games, art, photography, domain names, music, metaverses, and others. These collectibles are highly valuable, just like the properties placed at the museums. Whereas in this NFT marketplace, a crypto admirer can buy the collectibles by bidding and can also sell the collectibles according to the high demand. 

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Interesting Statistical Overview 

Did you know that the sales are between 15,000 to 50,000 per week?

  • According to a report, in the year 2021, the collectibles in the NFT marketplace were sold out, ranging from 15,000 to 50,000 per week. 
  • There are 30,000 buyers in the NFT marketplaces as of the record shown for the month of April. 
  • Beeple’s “Everydays: the First 5000 Days” is the most expensive piece ever sold out in the NFT marketplace, and it holds around $69 million.  

Ways To Start NFT Marketplace Like Opensea 

To start up with the crypto business, you must start to create the NFT marketplace from scratch. But no worries, our blockchain app development company offers entrepreneurs ready-made solutions that can be deployed with certain tweaks as per your business model. 

Enterprises like you can avail the ready-made solution at an affordable price making you a less spendthrift. Although we integrate with essential features the customization solution allows you to add your innovative ideas and unique customization of the app. Thus we aim to provide complete satisfaction for our clients.   

The ready-made solution is built with essential features and the latest technologies for the users to have seamless functionalities. Apart from these few steps to create a robust NFT marketplace are

  • Alluring Storefront 
  • Adding Ample Filters 
  • Tagging Features 
  • Category Management 
  • Adequate Listings 
  • Detailed Listings Of Collectibles 
  • Buy And Bid Feature
  • Wallet Integration 

The prominent features provided by our blockchain company are listed below for you to have a clear understanding. Our team also offers complete customization to share your innovative ideas with us to deploy without any complexities. 

Paramount Features Of OpenSea Platform

Our blockchain development team incorporates an app like OpenSea with ample features to catch the users’ eyes and make you flourish in the NFT marketplace. Check out the features offered by our blockchain development company. 


This is the core feature of the app like OpenSea, where the users will be able to trade the rare collectibles in the live auction conducted in the NFT marketplace, and all the items will be sold out based on the bids placed by investors.  

Top Collections 

Few popular NFTs which had been sold for a huge price will be placed in the top collection category. The complete details of the collectible will be mentioned, such as the name of the creator, name of the token, seller, previously sold price, and other valid information that will be portrayed on the screens of the potential investors. The full information regarding the collection will be mailed to the investors, and thus these things will impress the crypto freaks to buy the non-fungible tokens. 

Multiple Payment Methods

The users can complete the process of the money transaction using different payment methods. The app will be integrated with multiple payment options such as digital wallets, card payment, and others to provide your users with hassle-free transactions. 

Customer support 

Through this customer support, the users can interact with the admin regarding any queries on the digital tokens and others. This builds a robust bridge between the admin and the users and makes the non-fungible platform reach great heights. This also widely enhances the performances of the development team to have a successful lead in the marketplace.  

Instant Notifications 

Providing crypto clients with instant information about the trade and other NFT details will profitably boost the NFT crypto business. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate with the push notification in the OpenSea clone development. 

Winding Up

In conclusion, our blockchain app developers have excellent technical knowledge helping you to build an app that fits the latest technologies. Our team has a solid experience in deploying a digital asset platform for the crypto enthusiast and provides a round the clock customer care solution. 

Our blockchain app development firm, TurnkeyTown, offers entrepreneurs a white-label OpenSea NFT Marketplace solution, which helps your brand name be popularised in the industry. Get in contact with us to strike right away into the non-fungible marketplace. 

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