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7 Significant Features To Include In Your App Like Onlyfans

Are you the one who is looking forward to stepping into the money-spinning entertainment industry? Then you are in the right place. Get your hands on the best OnlyFans clone script in the market that can aid you in potentially gaining a vast user base in no time and elevate your business to reach unexpected heights. 

OnlyFans – Content For Every Mood:

OnlyFans is an adult-subscription-based platform based in London. It was mainly built keeping the sex workers in mind. Apart from that, various types of content creators, such as fitness experts, musicians, etc., are now using this platform to exhibit their talents and earn money directly from their fans. 

“Entertainment is an imperishable art, and the artists are the heart throbbers.”

OnlyFans has more than 150 million users. Recently there was a talk spreading across the social media that OnlyFans is about to come up with new guidelines as there were charges imposed on the app by the banking partners and other payment providers. The guidelines which were against the sexually explicit content shook up the sex workers as it would affect their livelihood. After this, the app witnessed a sharp fall in the number of users. Thus OnlyFans has now clearly stated that henceforth the content creators can post any content as they wish without any restrictions. 

An Effective Way To Develop An App Like OnlyFans?

The Onlyfans clone script is packed with all the key features and performs just like that of the parent app. As it is 100% customizable, you can customize and launch an adult fan club platform that meets your expectations. The scalability of the app is vast; therefore, you can expand your app in the near future when your business grows. 

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Salient Features To Include In Your OnlyFans Clone App:


The soulful fans are keen on interacting with their favorite celebrities. Celebrities can get connected to their fans with the Go Live feature. This helps the celebrities to improve the bond with their fans. The whole live streaming gets recorded so that it can be viewed later. During the streaming, the fans can share their opinions or messages through the comment feature. Apart from that, the fans can also join the session upon requesting the celebrity.

Social Media Sharing:

Increase your user base swiftly by enabling the users and creators to share their content on other social media platforms. This not only increases the fanbase of the creator or influencer but also helps you to gain more traction within your app. Users on other social media platforms will know about your platform and try to visit it. Thus you can increase your user base right away.


The content creators can post any content as they wish. For the most entertaining content, they can get appreciation in the form of tipping. As a token of encouragement, the fans can pay a pre-fixed tip amount by clicking on the tips icon, which is placed on multiple places of the screen. This can keep the creators encouraged to post many videos and entertain their fans consistently. 

Fundraising Campaigns:

Calamities and famines are nature’s wrath. Humanity is all we need to make this earth a better place to live. You can spread awareness and raise funds through your app to help needy people. The vast user base and the celebrities present in your app can donate a certain amount to the app to help others. By implementing such a fundraising campaign, you can enhance the social responsibility of your users.

Subscription Bundles:

The adult Fanclub subscription app platform like OnlyFans runs on the subscription of the users to their favorite content creators. Therefore provide different types of subscription plans for the users to choose the right plan for them. Based on the type of the plans, the feature accessibility and user benefits vary, such as the resolution of the video, premium features, multiple device login, etc. 

In-app Messaging:

Enthrall your users by allowing them to send personalized messages and customized content requests to their favorite celebrities. The content creators can fix their prices for the content they post in the app. The users can either pick up a subscription plan or else pay for the particular content and watch it. This way, the creators get money directly from their fans. 

Top Fans Badge:

The users who are constantly using the platform and show more enthusiasm can gain top fans’ badges. This can encourage the users to show more interest in the app and attract more users to join the app. The users with top fans badges can enjoy several additional benefits from the content creators, such as coupons and other rewards. This can help you to retain the existing users and attract more.

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Methods To Monetize Your OnlyFans Clone App:

OnlyFans clone app is so flexible to integrate a variety of monetizing tools and generate vast revenue right away. 

Commission Model:

As the app itself is an adult subscription-based platform, the users have to subscribe to their favorite content creators to watch their content. The users make the payment via the app. A fixed percentage of the subscription fee goes to the app owner as a commission. By implementing this revenue model to your app, you can gain a steady stream of revenue.

Premium Messaging:

The users can pay a certain fee to send personalized messages and content requests to their favorite content creators and receive replies. As the fans are so desperate to chat with their favorite creators, you can generate income for your app.

E-commerce Sales:

Apart from being an entertainment assuring site, OnlyFans also utilizes the platform to sell various OnlyFans branded merchandise through its online store. Similarly, you can bind e-commerce with entertainment in your OnlyFans clone app and attract more users globally to enjoy the content as well as purchase goods from your app.

To Wrap Up,

The entertainment industry can never bite the dust while people are in need to relieve their stress and have fun. Thus app like OnlyFans can attract a wide range of audiences that allows them to enjoy their favorite content regularly. 

Without having any second thoughts, get going with OnlyFans clone app development right away and attract a vast fan base in no time. We at TurnkeyTown offer complete support throughout your White label onlyfans clone process.

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