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Amazon Clone
Launch an E-commerce App Like Amazon!

The trend of online shopping is flourishing at a faster pace like never before. Are you eager to get hold of the eCommerce market and make some fortune? Wait no more! We at Turnkey Town incorporate top-notch techniques and state-of-the-art functionalities to develop a highly advanced Amazon clone. Unite with us, and we give you a hand to soon join the bandwagon of successful entrepreneurs.

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Ecommerce App Solution

Launch An Ecommerce Platform That Stands In Par With Amazon Clone Script

Shopping is something people go crazy about irrespective of their ages. In this digital era, it has been made effortless with the launch of ecommerce marketplaces. Shopping no more means just purchasing a product. It is entertainment now. People spend most of their time window shopping on their phones. The ecommerce platforms have also understood this and built their apps in a more user-engaging way. So the users stay long in the app, similar to social media apps. The ecommerce platforms also post ads, offers, or promo codes to convert these users to customers.

The alluring UI and enticing features, along with the vast number of products, have made ecommerce platforms an undeniable choice of entertainment and a one-stop destination for all their products. It is very explicit and blatant that launching an ecommerce platform added with a tinge of marketing would do wonders. Join us to launch a custom ecommerce app similar to Amazon today.
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What Is An Amazon Clone App?

Amazon clone is an ecommerce platform where businesses place their products for display, and users can shop from over a million products. It comes with user retention and user engaging features similar to the Amazon app.
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Key Features Of Our Amazon Like App Development

A user-preferred ecommerce marketplace is based on certain key features. Have a glance at them.

Product Navigation

Ensure no customers leave your platform unsatisfied. With the product navigation feature, users can browse through the sea of products and find the desired one with as much ease.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Update your customers and keep them well-informed on the arrival of the orders. The tracking option allows your customers to track the status of their order in real-time with all the related details.

Integration Of Payment Gateways

When you build an ecommerce app, ensure that your customer gets everything they want in the app itself. This applies to payment too. Our Amazon clone comes embedded with payment gateways. The user simply has to link their debit/credit card, bank account details, or P2P payment gateway.

Wish List

The customers may not be able to buy everything they wish for immediately. In these scenarios, the customer can add those products to their wish list and purchase them later. This saves them from browsing for the exact product again and again.

Instant Chat Support

The customers are availed of instant chat support with the support team to raise any queries regarding the product, order, or payment.

Push Notifications

Keep your customers notified of the status of their order, trending offers, discount deals, the products they would like to buy, and more.

Integration of Social Media

The users can share the products they are looking forward to purchasing or the products they have purchased recently. This can help increase user engagement.

Review and Rating

The customer can write reviews about the products and also rate the products. The sellers can also reply to these reviews.

Our Divergent Ecommerce App Development Solutions

Our ecommerce development solutions are not confined to a vast marketplace similar to Amazon. Instead, we develop ecommerce solutions for variant businesses to scale up into the online market. Have a look at some of them,

Online Grocery Store

Are you a grocery store owner and urges to get your business online by showcasing all the groceries in your store? So, your customers can purchase groceries from you from the comfort of their homes. We can help you do this with an ecommerce platform whose performance is on par with Amazon.

Online Furniture Store

The elegant furniture in your store deserves to be reached to a vast audience rather than just people around your town. Launch an online store that displays the elegance of your furniture with detailed descriptions of their making and dimensions. Let people order furniture online in a few taps.

Online Electronic Products Store

Scale-up your business by exhibiting all your electronic supplies in an online ecommerce store. This avails your customers with the comfort of making their purchase in just a few taps and from anywhere. The admin panel can assist you to keep track of your inventory, making inventory management effortless for you.

Online Pharmacy Store

As a pharmacy store owner, you help people take care of their health by supplying health care products. Now, take your service to the next level by allowing them to stay on their couch while you get the medicines and other health care products they require. You can keep track of the usage of medicines of your customers and deliver them accordingly even before they order. This builds more authenticity.

Online Product Store

So you have stocked some products in your inventory already and want to sell them now. Launch an online ecommerce store with us and list your products, and start selling them instantly. It gives you a better reach and is also cost-effective.

Tailor-Made Ecommerce App Like Amazon For Variant Business Types

Our White-label Amazon Clone can be customized for diverse business types. Insight yourself with some of the business types we have been working for a while.

White-Label Amazon Clone
  • Entrepreneurs

    The people who are looking out to change this world with unique and futuristic business ideas. You are always welcome to connect with us if you are looking to launch an ecommerce store for your products or even if you are looking to revolutionize the ecommerce industry itself.

  • Traditional Business Owners

    You may well know that all your customers are online geeks who don’t stop using their mobile devices even while shopping in your store. Well, add your online ecommerce app on their mobile devices so they can shop from wherever they are doing whatever they like.

  • Joint Ventures

    So you are running a business as a joint venture and eyeing out for scaling up? Join us and launch an ecommerce app as the first step towards your journey to success.

Breakdown On How Our white-label Amazon Cone Works

Any online eCommerce app solution should have an easy-to-understand workflow forboth the business owner and the customers as it is aimed to aggregate the business. Our Amazon clone is one such app.

Step 1:

Vendor Onboarding

As a first step of setting up an ecommerce store, the vendors are onboarded in the app by uploading their business details and the type of products they would be listed in the app.

Step 2:

Admin Approval

The details of the vendor are verified, and the documents are uploaded to the admin panel. Now, the vendor is recognised as an authentic business. They are allowed to list their products in the app.

Step 3:

Product Listing

The vendors list all their products in the app with a detailed description and upload pictures of the product following the guidelines to be followed.

Step 4:

User Registration

After setting up the products in the app, the users are brought on board with an effortless process. The users can simply register themself by using any of their social credentials or contact number.

Step 5:

Surf For Products

After getting on board, the user can browse for the products they would like to purchase whenever they like.

Step 6:

Place Orders

Once convinced to make a purchase by themself the user places an order of the products they are required at the moment.

Step 7:


The user is allowed to make payments for their purchases in the app itself using the wallet or their credit/debit card, any P2P transaction app, or net banking. This payment is received by the admin.

Step 8:

Payout To Vendors

The admin deducts the commission for the order placed by the user and payouts the remaining amount to the vendor.

Step 9:

Shipping Of Product

The product is set out to be delivered to the customer by the delivery partner.

How Launching An Ecommerce App Solution Supports Your Business?

Launching an ecommerce platform like our Amazon clone can support your business in many ways. Check some of them.

Wider Reach

By setting up an online store, you get to reach yourself to new customers apart from your locality.

Customer Data And Analysis

As a business owner, having access to customer data can help you market your products to your customers in different ways. By launching our Amazon clone, you not only get access to user data but also analytic data on your sales.


In today’s world, your online presence commences strong branding and authenticity, putting you on the front line of customers' choice.

Round The Clock Availability

By launching an ecommerce app, you keep your business open to customers even when you sleep.

User Retention

Once your customers start using your ecommerce app and get their products delivered on time, they are not going anywhere.

Customer Service

With in-app chat support, the users can voice out their queries through chat, and you can reply to them instantly. The customers can also make calls this avoids any confusion on orders.

What Do We Offer In Amazon Clone Script?

We offer your ecommerce business a three-way solution.

  • User App

    This app is exclusively for users. The users can make their orders and payments through this app.

  • Admin Panel

    The admin can manage the ecommerce business seamlessly using the admin panel.

  • Seller App

    The sellers can enlist their products, manage their orders and initiate shipments through this app.

App Like Amazon

Features Of Our Amazon Clone App

Our Amazon clone script comes with various user-engaging and business-friendly features.

Easy Onboarding

The Amazon clone app comes with a hassle-free onboarding process to facilitate a quick registration of users.

Categorization of Products

The range of products available in an ecommerce platform can be vast and wide. Therefore to make browsing easy, the products are categorized as grocery, fashion, electronic goods, and more.

Search Bar

The user can simply type for the product they are looking for in the search box. This makes product navigation effortless.

Add To Cart

The add to cart feature allows the user to add the products they wish to buy but cannot order them right away to the cart. They do not have to browse for the product again; instead, simply place the order from the cart.

Filter Option

When searching for a product, the user is showcased with a wide range of products. To narrow down the search, the filter option can be used by the user. The user can add the budget range they are looking for, the colour they prefer, and more.

Multilingual Support

Your users may be from any part of the world, so providing them with support in their language makes your ecommerce app more user friendly.

Coupon Codes

Offer the users attractive coupon codes and discounts to encourage them to shop often using the app.

Order History

The user can keep track of all the orders placed by them and the payment made. This allows the user to be informed of their expenses.

Manage Product Listing

The merchants can enlist their products with pictures of them and a detailed description of the product in such a way that the customers can understand. They can manage all their listings using this feature.

Manage Orders

The sellers can monitor and manage their orders effectively to ensure the timely delivery of the products.

Inventory Management

The inventory and stocks of the products can be tracked by the seller using the merchant panel app.

Manage Categories

The merchants can target a single category of products in order to increase the number of products enlisted by the same seller, increasing their probability to make sales.

Discounts And Offers

The seller can offer discounts on their products to encourage customers to buy them. The sellers can revert back the discounts whenever they wish.

Manage Pricing Of Products

The price of products can be changed whenever the seller feels to consider the changes in the market.

Manage Promos

The products of the sellers can be promoted to the top on the search lists either by the number of sales or by paid promotions.


An interactive dashboard that presents the admin with key data metrics to analyze the performance of the sales made via the app.

Manage Ads

The admin manages the ads posted by third parties in the app using the admin panel. If any ad seems to be irrelevant, the admin can remove them.

Seller Management

The admin keeps track of the sellers and the kind of products they deliver. On continuous bad reviews, the seller can be removed from the ecommerce marketplace as it may affect the ecommerce brand.

Manage The Payouts

The payouts to be made to the sellers are managed by the admin using the admin panel.

Order History

The data on every order is recorded in the admin panel, and it can be used for future reference.

User Data

The user data like address, name, and location can be managed by the admin using the admin panel.

Track Orders

On input of the order ID, the admin panel displays the live status and location of the product to the admin.

Employee Management

The admin panel also assists the admin to manage their employees in a more efficient manner as all data of work is explicitly available in the employee management section.

Premium Add-ons To Make Your E-Commerce App Unique

Upload all your product images with a watermark of your business. This ensures that your images cannot be copied and also creates brand awareness.
AWS S3 Bucket Integration
Integration of AWS S3 in the Amazon clone app allows users to store and retrieve huge amounts of data. This feature also provides high security for the data from unauthorized access.
OTP Verification
The users can log in to the app by entering their contact number, and an OTP is sent to them only on entering the OTP the user is allowed to log in. This ensures security to the user’s account.
Google Recaptcha
Keep your ecommerce platform spam-free by embedding Google ReCaptcha technology. It restricts unnecessary traffic to the app and enhances the performance of the app.
Informative Videos
Allow your merchants to post videos of their products. This increases user engagement and also product sales.

Build Your Fortune By Launching Our Amazon Clone

Amazon like App development solution opens the door to generate revenue extensively.

Amazon Clone Script
Seller Commission

For every sale made by a seller, you earn a commission from it. This commission is charged as an aggregator fee. The payment made to the customer is transferred to you first, after which you deduct your commission from it and pay out the remaining amount to the seller.

In-App Advertisements

As an ecommerce app, the number of user visits can be high. Leverage this by allowing third parties to post ads and charge them.

Paid Promotions

The sellers can pay a fee for their products to be listed on the top of the searches. In this way, the sellers can make more sales whereas you generate some revenue.

Keep Yourself Informed On Our Effective Development Process

We follow a stringent development process to ensure on-time delivery of a seamless Amazon clone app.


Client Meet

A core team of developers and designers have a meeting with you to get a deep understanding of your business goals and the audience you wish to target.


Requirement Analysis

Now that we have a clear understanding of your goals, we discuss within our team to develop unique ideas that can make you stand out of the crowd and all the requirements to launch a seamless ecommerce app.


Demo App

We come up with a demo app that would match your requirements and showcase it to you. Once you are satisfied with the app, we move on with further proceedings.


Stringent Planning

After jotting down all the requirements to launch the app, we devise a plan to ensure on-time delivery.


Alluring Design

Our design team heads to create an alluring design aiming to please your target audience. Also, the design will be based on your business logo, focusing on your brand awareness.


Back-End Development

All our developers are conveyed of your business goals to ensure that everyone sails on the same boat. Our expert team of ecommerce app developers get their hands on to create a unique and robust ecommerce app for your business.


QA and Testing

The testing runs numerous tests on the fully-developed ecommerce app to resolve all bugs, if any.


Going Live

Once we are confident that the app is bug-free, we present it to you. You can use it and report to us if you want any changes, or else if you are fully satisfied with the app, we launch the app on Android and iOS platforms.

Why Should You Opt TurnkeyTown For Your Ecommerce App Development?

TurnkeyTown is an app development firm that functions on a client’s support and trust.

  • On-Time Delivery

    We plan ahead and stick to it throughout the process. This trait of ours has always helped us deliver on time.

  • Round The Clock Support

    If you have any queries or any technical issues, we are there to assist you anytime and ensure to resolve them at the quickest.

  • Agile Development Approach

    A seamless app development process with uninterrupted customer support and solid documentation along with on-time delivery.

  • Scalability Factor

    We plan futuristically developing your app with highly scalable options. Once your business takes a leap, you could count on us to support you in scaling it up.

  • Tailor-Made App

    We avail of a 100% customization option for you. You can add, remove or design the app the way you dreamt with no compromise.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    When it comes to technology, there is no compromise. We work using the robust and the latest technology in town.

Our Lucrative Pricing Plan For Your Amazon Clone App

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Permits to use it in multiple domains/servers with the Android application.

Enterprise $XXXX (USD)

You are granted access to use it in multiple domain/server with an Android/iOS application.

A Team That Intends To Present A New Life To Your Business

We are gifted with an extremely passionate and experienced team of ecommerce app developers, designers, and testers. You can be an already existing business owner looking to scale up your business or an entrepreneur with fresh ideas. We got you covered with the best ecommerce solution in town at a nominal price. Hire us and take care of your other works while we come up with an app exceeding your expectations.

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Technology Stack

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Amazon clone app is a customizable ecommerce solution showcasing numerous products from different sellers for the users to shop.
We would say the ecommerce industry is the future that is the kind of impact it has been creating. The user retention rate is humongous, and the rate of the addition of new users is also skyrocketing.
We provide support as long as you need it. The support comes free for a specific period of time, and later we charge a nominal price.
In TurnkeyTown, your ideas are always safe. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you, assuring the safety of your idea.
Our Amazon clone is a ready-to-launch solution meaning it can be launched anytime. But the time taken to launch solely depends on the customizations you require. Once we understand your requirements, we can help you get a clear picture of it.