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On-Demand Babysitter App: Steps For Effective App Development And Various Feature

Finding babysitters is a very crucial task and it can be agreed by everyone who has been there and looked for the right caretaker. Building an app to browse through millions of options to find the right one is such a boon and it will be welcomed by many parents. The trust of the parents can be easily gained through the app because of the transparency. That is why uber for babysitting has been a success in the USA and it is being availed by many working parents. Similarly,

“Bubble is an online nanny finding app in the UK which has about 30,000 users and 150000 caregivers listed in the app.It is an on-demand app and it has now expanded its services to 60 countries in the UK.”

Why an on-demand babysitting app development?

Nowadays, both parents are working employees and are constantly running to chase their goals which cannot spend much time around the house taking care of the children and doing the house chores. This is where the baby sitter app comes into play. In this app, parents can select the best caregiver by browsing through their profile, their work experience, preferred timings and background check done. After choosing their babysitter, one can monitor them regularly through the video calling app. The babysitter can also provide other services like making food, bathing the child, picking up from school etc., if it is requested. This enhances the trust and reliability of the app and that is generally very hard to earn when it comes to babysitters. Find out the info about Childcare in the UK – Statistics & Facts

Steps to achieve an effective babysitting app

1.  Research the requirements of this app in the area.

2.  Bring out ideas that make your app stand out from other apps.

3.  Choose a dedicated and skilled developer

4.  Discuss with the developer and install the best features in the app.

5.  Provide app updates to give more optimized and new features

Let us see the various features provided by the babysitter app development

Basic features

These are the basic app features that make it very attractive for the customers.

Easy sign up- the signup process is made very easy. Customers and babysitters can sign up by entering their mail id or by linking their Facebook account or any other social media handles with the app. After signing in, both the parents and the babysitters must create a profile by providing the details about them.

Babysitter booking- the parents, can book their favorite babysitters at the available time slots. Once the booking is done and both of them agree upon each other, the babysitter shows up for work. Once they come for caretaking, they must immediately switch on the timer in the app in order to track the number of hours worked by both the parents and the admin panel.

GPS- this app is GPS supported, which helps to find nannies at the nearby location. This feature is great to find out which babysitter is nearly available and will show up to work early.

Admin panel- a panel of members keeps governing all the activities happening in the app. It is a way of monitoring the babysitters and parents so that if there is something wrong with the behavior, then the admin panel can immediately rule out the service. It is also a way of tracking the performance of the babysitter, which helps to decide their payment.

Easy payment- the app provides multiple payment methods such as UPI, internet banking, credit or debit card, etc. it also provides an e-wallet method of payment. There are many payment gateways so the payment process is very simple

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Features for security

The following are the list of features that helps to gain the trust of the parents on this app. Let us look at a few of them that enhance the security of their child.

Video chatting

This feature helps to get in touch with the parents  no matter how far they have gone. The babysitters can also take a picture of the activity they performed and share it with their parents so that parents will not miss out on any things and stay calm that their child is doing just fine.


This feature helps to track the activities of the babysitter. The parents can track through the app where the babysitter is currently present. This ensures that the child stays safe inside the house. This eliminates the worrying about the babysitter kidnapping the baby.

Background check

The app asks the babysitters to submit essential documents as proof while creating a profile. This document is checked if its original or duplicate and it is used to track down the historical record of the babysitter and cross verify if the babysitter has committed any crimes, or has been into any law violation etc. if found out about any mischiefs in the past then the babysitter is refrained from providing service to the customers.

 More features offered by the app are

  • Rating and reviews
  • Signing in using social media accounts
  • Enhanced search and filter features
  • Notifications


Turnkeytown offers the best on-demand app development solution with providing all the aforementioned features embedded in the app. This app is an uber for babysitter clones, and it works just as perfect as the original ones. One advantage is that the clone script is 100% customizable and the finest developers can customize the app according to the clients’ needs.

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