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Launch Your Multi Business Model - Uber for X App Solutions

An On-Demand Apps like Uber for X to Any Service. From Food Delivery to On-Demand Doctors, We proffer you with Cloud-based Speciality Solutions that’s based on the lucrative business model of Uber. Now at an Unbeatable Price!

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Uber for X clone app
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Uber for X Script

Uber for X Script - Launch Uber-like app for any On-Demand Services!

The conventional customs and traditional nuances of business operations were wrecked by Uber-like apps' ascendance as they plunged into the market with specific apps for specific applications, i.e., a Uber for Food Delivery app, Uber for Transportation app, Uber for Household work apps, etc.
Tipped to exceed the $2 trillion mark in 2020-25, the on-demand app-based industry is arguably the most remunerative business silos available for entrepreneurs to capitalize on. Turnkeytown is pivoted to the mission of proffering you with riveting Uber for X apps that's phenomenal in every sense of the word.
Enriched with an immersive overtone of robustness and superimposed with futuristic features like in-app chat, navigation, multiple payment integrations, and multiplatform compatibility, it's your ideal launchpad to propel your entrepreneurial efforts.
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Highlighted Features Of Uber For X App

In-App Map

Confer your users with the capacity to view the complete list of service providers around their geographic location through the map integration into the app.

Advanced Search Bar

Sorting out hordes of available service providers based on specific attributes like ratings, distance from your location, etc., is now a possibility with the filters-laden search bar.

Repeat & Schedule Services

In order to facilitate unwavering consistency, users are entitled to schedule the services at their convenience and repeat previous services on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis.

Multiple Payment Options

Flood your users with an extensive range of payment options such as credit/ debit cards, net banking, UPI, etc., and also an in-built intrinsic electronic wallet that could be recharged.

Live Tracking

Empower your users to receive to track and receive real-time updates about their booking through the GPS integration service into their Uber for X application.

In-App Chat

Eliminate the probability of dissatisfaction as users can instantly connect with their designated service providers through the app's secure communication channel.

Ratings & Reviews

Accredit your users to express their genuine opinions on the particular services or the overall ease of usage of your app by providing reviews and ratings

How is the Uber for X app revolutionizing the on-demand industry?

The arrival of Uber, the global mobility giant, has revolutionized how we had perceived businesses and allied operations. Disrupting the Taxi-hailing industry at its wholesomeness, Uber transcended traditional constraints to crown itself as the marvel of the 21st Century. This fanatically storied emergence of Uber also provides an entirely new legion of On-demand business opportunities, based on the Uber app.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to make a monumental splash, the Uber for X app might well be your missing link. At Turnkeytown, we develop uber-like apps for any on-demand service that falls under any industry silo such as ride-based apps, delivery-based apps, services-based apps, etc.

uber like apps for order management service
Benefits of using Uber X clone apps

The Chief differentiating Features of our Uber for X on-demand service App are the following:

  • Simplified SignUp at a Tap through Social Media Accounts
  • Schedule Rides/ Book Now options
  • Google Maps Integration.
  • Multiple Booking and Payment Options
  • Live Tracking and Location Updates
  • Cost Estimation and ETA
  • Invoice and Transaction Management
  • Customer Feedback

How does Uber for X Script works

User Registration

Users storm into the Uber for X app through their smart login credentials.

Book a Ride/ Service

Users can readily book a service or ride available in the app.

Update Location

Users can enter their current location through the ‘pin my location’ option in the app.

Update Destination/ Delivery Address

Employing the pin location feature, users confirm the destination or delivery location.

Find Driver/ Service Provider

Users are conferred with a list of drivers/ service providers available around their location

Confirm Ride/ Service

As the ETA information is displayed to the users, they can promptly confirm/ cancel their service request.

Enjoy Ride/ Service

Users then avail the ride/ service and track the live status of their service request through an in-app map.

Reviews and Ratings

Users assign ratings and reviews to the service based on their experience.


Benefits Of Our White Label Uber For X On-Demand Apps

100% Customizable

Arm yourself with a stellar application that spectacularly resonates with your business sensibilities and market trends through our divine app customization levels.

Robust Backend

You need not be a techie to handle an application's attributes as the unassailable back-end functionality can be effortlessly configured by an all-encompassing dashboard.

Sleek Design

Infusing an undercurrent of ease, our Uber for X apps flaunt an arresting user interface destined to keep your users glued into your business offering.

Latest Technology

Harnessing the ingenuity of groundbreaking technological advancements, we have diligently constructed the app to impart a seamless user experience.

Advanced Analytics

Keeping track of your business's proceedings and progress is made fast-tracked with deliberate insights from analytical reports based on crucial metrics.

Uber for X clone Script Package

Turnkeytown's ultimate suite of tools is devised to supersize your business operations instantly.

  • Customer Android App
  • Customer iOS App
  • Service Provider Android App
  • Service Provider iOS App
  • Admin Panel
  • Service Provider Panel
  • Web Landing Page Panel
  • API Integrations
  • Free Support for 1 Year
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Swift Registration

Empower users to foray into the Uber for X app through email address/ phone number or social media credentials.

Browse Service Providers

The whole spectrum of the list of available service providers based on their location can be momentarily accessed and browsed by the users via GPS integration.

Book/ Schedule Service

Instantaneous booking of service can be made by users in conjunction with the ability to repeat and schedule the service effortlessly later.

Booking History

Critical booking attributes, along with their detailed information on previous booking orders, can be retrieved from the History of Booking field by the users.

Estimated Time of Arrival

Authorize users to receive a full-fledged report on the estimated time of arrival even before booking the particular service provider and the fare estimation.

Multiple Payment Options

A multitude of payment methods, such as net banking, cash-on-delivery, credit cards, debit cards, UPI, etc., are exploitable by the users.

Multilingual Support

Leverage a global user base by proffering the services of your business offering in the major languages of the world without any hassle.

Referral Bonus

Pamper your users with guaranteed gifts, redeemable points, and price cuts for every successful referral of their friends and acquaintances into the uber like apps for x.

Reviews and Ratings

Users can opine on the services through ratings and reviews once the service request is fulfilled. This way, fellow users are encouraged to make reasoned decisions.

Prompt Onboarding

Facilitate superfast onboarding of service providers that are devoid of lengthy and unwanted question fields using smart login credentials.

Accept/ Reject Service Requests

Suffuse the freedom to instantly accept or reject the service requests at a single click based on the service providers' schedules and preferences.

Smart Routes

Capitalizing the innate dexterity of Google Maps, the most optimized route sans traffic and blockades are accorded to the app's service providers.

In-App Chat/ Call

Service providers can irrefutably connect with the customers through text messages or place a direct call to impart a seamless customer experience.

Availability Toggle

The status of their availability can be expressed to the customers in less than no time by tapping on the availability toggle present in the app.

Earning History

The consolidated reports of the daily/ monthly/ yearly earning details, along with the information about specific service requests, are available to the service providers.

Sync Bank Account

To facilitate the direct deposit of their earnings, service providers can link any of their bank accounts with their profiles without a twitch.

Live Tracking

Service providers can exactly locate the address of the customers precisely by the feature of geo-fencing. This way, the service request can be fulfilled at a faster rate.

In-App Alerts

The crucial updates about the booking of their services and their status can be notified to the service providers through text-message-based alerts.

Reviews and Ratings

Service Providers can also express their share of their feedback and ratings of the customers through the exclusive ratings and reviews field.

Centralized Dashboard

Bestowing the admins with a wall-to-wall view over the app's entire business proceedings, trouble-free management is assured through a dashboard.

Manage Drivers/ Service Providers

Admins can spontaneously access the entire details of the drivers and service providers of the app. They can verify and accept/ reject them based on business regulations.

Manage Customers

The all-inclusive, sweeping retrieval, and exporting of customer data is possible for admins for the purpose of site audit and connected purposes.

Manage Fares

Admins can deliberately reframe the fare setup and configure them based on market demands and geographical nuances.


In order to constructively increase the business traction, admins can design and devise targeted promotional and referral campaigns exclusively for the Uber for X app.

Track Bookings

Admins can relentlessly track the service providers' real-time location and scrutinize the status of the service requests rapidly.

Manage Commissions

Based on market trends and demand, admins are authorized to alter the commission rate for a specified location if need be.


Climacteric financial metrics, such as total commissions earned, total profit, profit percentage, growth percentage, etc., are yielded to the admin's discretion.

Manage PayRoll

Armed with an intelligent payroll system, admins can monitor the direct deposit of earnings of the service providers in their bank accounts along with the complete transaction details.

Analytical Reports

On the strength of customer and service provider review and ratings, admins are provided with all important insights that could aid in devising a better business strategy.

Launch Uber like Apps for Ride-Hailing, Transportation, and Logistics

Get on-demand Uber-like app for Home Services

Uber for Home Cleaning

Looking to start a commercial and residential house cleaning service startup? Our Uber for Home Cleaning app arms you with a unified solution that enables your users to request home services at the convenience of their home.

Uber for Locksmiths

Launch a multifunctional locksmith service rendering business through our Uber for Locksmiths app and entitle your user base to avail of any type of locksmith service based on the needs and professional requirements.

Uber for Snow Removal

Freeze out the conventional uncertainties in snow plowing by introducing an Uber for Snow removal app, which accredits your users to request your snow clearing service at the touch of a button instantly.

Uber for Dry Cleaning

Provide the best of dry cleaning and laundry services with an inventive approach through the Uber for Dry Cleaning app. This way, users can book your laundry services in real-time and track their service requests' status.

Uber for Plumbers

Plumbing being an indisputable silo of home services generates massive demand, and all you need to capitalize on the buzz is our Uber for Plumbers app that empowers users to book, schedule, and repeat plumbing service requests.

Uber for Pest Control

An on-demand application for in-demand services like pest control and gardening is sure to hit the bull's eye when nurtured with features like live tracking, scheduling, and other customized services, all through our Uber for Pest Control app.

Uber for Lawn Mowing

Enthrall a loyal customer base by proffering them with professional lawn care services by experts through our Uber for Lawn Mowing app. A holistic solution rendering services for households, commercial spaces, and corporate offices.

Uber for Home Painting

At a few taps, your users could refurnish their walls with stunning paintwork by master painters. This is made possible by the ultra-responsive Uber for home painting app that operates in a niche that incurs an enhanced demand surge.

Create Uber for Food & Beverage Delivery

Uber for Food Delivery

Wish to incubate a food delivery business that channelizes revenue from multiple streams besides providing stellar value to the customers? We brainstorm, ideate, design, and develop best-in-class Uber for food delivery apps.

Uber for Alcohol

Rejuvenate your customers with around-the-clock delivery of a legion of alcoholic beverages at their home's comfort through our Uber for alcohol. With features like store pickup and real-time tracking, it's our best bet to keep the bank accounts ringing.

Uber for Pizza Delivery

Quench the skyrocketing demand for pizza delivery with an ultra-rooted Uber for Pizza delivery app that makes the entire process of ordering those salivating pizzas a gratifying experience. A sure shot hit!

Uber for Grocery

Supersizing your business operations in the Grocery delivery industry is a commonality if you possess our Uber for Grocery app. This way, customers can order the groceries available in the app or request groceries from their own curated list.

Uber for Home Cooking

Delivering home-cooked meals and healthy foods all around the city and allied areas through our Uber for Home cooking app is the best thing an aspiring entrepreneur operating in the healthy food silo can do. Your staircase towards glory!

Uber like app for Doctors and pharmacists

We provide an Uber-like solution for Health & Medical Services

Uber for Doctors

The market for on-demand doctor services has never been this intense, and its inherent universal appeal makes it an extremely attractive proposition for young entrepreneurs. Our Uber for Doctors app does the job well and good for you!

Uber for Pharmacy

Entrust your users with the ability to browse through a whole spectrum of medications at their fingertips and get them delivered at their doorsteps through our specially designed Uber for Pharmacy app.

Uber for Ambulance

Catenate the legion of ambulances with users through our Uber for Ambulance app that infuses a much-needed sense of ease with its ability to request ambulances in a flash. Long, unproductive waiting hours are non-existent!

Uber for Weed or Marijuana

The global trend of legalization of medical marijuana flaunts a potentially unexplored market for entrepreneurs looking to make a splash in the medical service industry. Equip yourself with our latest iteration of Uber for Weed app.

Startup Uber for Beauty and Wellness On-Demand Services

Uber for Beauty

What's more awesome than availing the services of a cosmetician at the comfort of your home? The Uber for Beauty app is jam-packed with the right sensibilities and functionality to light up and ascend your beauty services business.

Uber for Fitness

With the significant chunk of the working population preferring virtual mediums for their workouts, a brand-new Uber for Fitness mobile application that allows users to receive fitness advice and track their performance is a guaranteed hit.

Uber for Massage

If you're someone into the massage service industry, it's high time you start cashing in the online opportunities through our Uber for Massage application that licenses users to book services from their home, office, etc.

Uber for Salon

Essential services like haircuts, trimming, beard trims, and hairstyling have a perennial demand; tap it comprehensively by launching an Uber for Salon app that enables users to enjoy these services at their personal space/ office/ outdoor sports, etc.

Uber for Travel & Tourism On-Demand Services

Uber for Travel Agents

Digitize the entire process of devising and scheduling travel plans of your users with our Uber for Travel agents app. From flight booking to hotel reservations, confer your solution as the one-stop-shop for every traveling needs.

Uber for Tour Guides

Besides hospitality, an exclusive Uber-like app for hiring tour guides might be the missing link for skyrocketing success, especially if you're handling a tour guide services startup. Waste no time and take massive action by connecting with us right now!

Our Uber-like Services for X Development Process

A development process that's as streamlined and stellar as the Uber for X clone app itself.

Requirement Analysis

Once you have confirmed our collaboration, our graceful team of customer relationship executives hangs out with you to wrench out the exact notions of requirements, needs, and app expectations for your authentic Uber for X app.

Full-Fledged Planning

Multiple iterations of superlative strategies, tactics, and propositions fly out as our innately competent crew of master developers, and designers work in tandem with your niche's experts to churn out a precise working plan with concisely defined milestones.


Fueling the intrinsic dexterity with their creative artistry, our designers diligently reconstruct the user interface of your Uber for X app in order to impart an immersive user experience.


Our expert developers employ an ingrained approach to app development to code out the Uber for X app at its entirety and embed it with world-class features and a wide range of superimpositions that are profusely backed by a robust backend functionality.


We subject your Uber-like app under some of the most stringent quality standards and testing to ensure that the app is devoid of any nuances of threats, vulnerabilities, weak links, bugs, and glitches. In short, a perfect app in every sense of the word!


The holistically developed Uber for X app is now submitted to the major app platforms to establish its availability for user downloads in the shortest turnaround time possible. Our partnership doesn't end with deployment as we are anytime available at your fingertips!

Uber like Readymade Apps

Ready To Launch Our Uber-like services for X -
Custom Solutions For Every Business Needs!

Custom Development
  • Time Consuming, need to build from scratch
  • Requires a lot of research
  • Economically Demanding
  • Ingrained and Unique
  • Suited to launch Authentic Business Ideas
Ready to Launch Custom Solution
  • Faster than Custom Development
  • Readily Available Resources
  • Affordable than Custom Development
  • Specifically Unique and Original
  • Suited for entrepreneurs looking for Higher ROI and profitability
Ready-Made Solutions
  • Instant Launch is possible
  • Faster Planning and Development
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Suited for a more general industry silo
  • Compatible with nascent businesses and college projects.
Why Choose Us As Your Uber For X Clone App Development Company?

100% Customization

We are experts in customizing and recreating the Uber for X app with an indelible sense of your rooted business sensibilities that's in coherence with the market trends.

Cutting-edge Technology

Harnessing the power of gilt-edge technological advancements, we craft the app to be responsive and resilient at any execution scenario.

Gorgeous UI/UX

By suffusing an intense blend of meticulous creativity and meritorious expediency, we bestow the app with an arresting user interface that captivates users into the screen.

Top-notch Quality

We compromise on anything but quality, ensuring the final iteration of the Uber for X clone to be staggeringly agile and superiorly sturdy.


Branding and rebranding the Uber for X clone app with your business elements like logo and brand name is made simpler.

Best Value for money

We highly doubt if there is any other company that proffers scintillating technological solutions at an exponentially affordable price like us. Turnkeytown is your Go-To solution!

Hire Turnkeytown's On-Demand App Developers

App Developers are those who build apps that express robustness, whereas creators forge never-seen-before feature-filled apps. What if we say our experts have finally found a perfect balance between agility and creativity? A solution that's imposing yet inventive? Yes, our innovative developers at Turnkeytown, with an experience exceeding a decade, are proficient at every possible silo of the app development process- right from conceptualization to deployment. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and it inspires us to provide you with only the best ever solution every single time. Hire our On-demand app developers now!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Our Uber for X clone App development team includes a project manager, business analysts, UI/UX designers, Android and iOS developers, and QA engineers.
The development of a Uber for X clone App takes a few days if you choose to customize a ready-made solution. If you opt for developing it from scratch, it will take up to a few months.
We offer source codes while handing over the Uber for X clone App if you opt for our premium app development package. The basic package does not include source codes.
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is an integral part, and it will be signed at the start of the project. So, you can be assured that your business idea and other related information will be safe.
Feel free to contact us over a call -+91 63692 50989, email - [email protected], or our website's chat option.