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Unveil The Benefits Of Topping The On-demand Market With The Uber For Tow Truck App

No matter how many ever plans you might have regarding your business. If you don’t embrace the latest innovations in technologies, then it is a high alert that you might not survive in any industry for a long time. Because of the emergence of the smartphone, it evolved ease and convenience.

To satisfy the demands, ground-breaking on-demand services came into existence. People have started to get so used to it that they expect every sector to adopt it, and entrepreneurs are obliged to the same. So if you are a business owner, who wants to achieve grand success in your logistic business, then here’s your significant time to start venturing into the roadside assistance business.

Rise of a new expedition- Roadside assistance service

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” With the rise of a massive number of vehicles in our world now, there may be many unfortunate situations on the road that might be happening at the most unexpected times, like when they are stuck at desolate places. This business is total to assist the customers who are in dire need of assistance to get them out of the situation. To start this situation, you won’t need too much man force, and neither do you have to invest millions in the business. You can manage your overall business with just one or two vehicles, and a few staff are enough.

The market seems to be growing as well, with the statistics that say automobile towing in the US market size is expected to reach $ 9,000 million by 2024.

Though you might not need to invest much, and you may follow the business, there cannot be a better solution than to keep a roadside assistance app for your business. In this on-demand world, following just a traditional business and a conventional marketing strategy is a gone-story, with the technology and ‘in a snap’ services.

That’s why you will need an Uber for tow truck app. And having an app that is fully functional should be available on any platform like Android or iOS to provide a service for everyone since the app will have an admin panel that could help you manage your fleet swiftly and to help you increase your efficiency multiple times because of around-the-clock service.

How can TurnKeyTown help you?

TurnKeyTown is a team of highly skilled developers who are the key player in the app development field for years. We provide you with top-notch on-demand solutions that help you soar high in your business and in the on-demand market as well. As a team that has developed numerous on-demand apps, you can rely on us for on-demand tow truck app development. You can bring into being the exemplary app with our Uber for towing service app solution.

So, followed by this content, we are going to lay out all the details of the app that might be lingering in your mind.

Let’s look at them now.

Vested interests of the app

It will have three stakeholders, as it is a roadside assistance business.

  • Customers- who will need roadside assistance.
  • Service provider or truck driver- who will provide the assistance
  • Business admin/ app owner- One who manages the entire service

The streamlined workflow of the Uber for roadside assistance app


The app will contain the registration process where the user registers their profile using email, phone number, or social media login. This is just a one-time registration, which they may skip if needed. As the app will be used in emergencies, keeping it optional is the best choice.

Service selection-

Users have to choose the service that contains all the available options like towing, dead battery replacement, accidental help, tire repair, etc.

Share location-

After choosing the service, the customer shares his site with the service provider.

Share vehicle info-

User shares information about vehicles like their make, model, and registration number for quick identification and gets the service for assistance.

Service fulfillment-

The assigned truck or mechanic reaches the customer in a short span of time and takes the car to the nearby garage or will try to fix the vehicle on the spot.

Features that string along with our app solution

SMS/Phone Booking:

We know that everyone doesn’t own a smartphone, and that’s why our solution contains this feature, where users can book service through phone or SMS.


The feature lets the service provider reach the users on time and help them to the nearest garage

Service list:

Users can open the app to find a list of services from which they could choose a towing service. However, this depends on which service your company or start-up offers.


Like for calling a cab, the user can share his vehicle’s place with the service provider.

Add vehicles:

The user can add all the cars to the profile, like two cars and a bike, with essential information like model, registration number, and make. It helps significantly to the service provider, as he can assist the customer and make solutions further.

Cost information:

Users can get information about the service charge by tapping on the button for every service.

Real-time notifications:

The prominent feature of an on-demand app. It helps users in knowing about the confirmation of status, right from request confirmation to payment update.

Online payments:

The app contains multiple payment methods, thus making all the transactions easier and swifter.

Ratings and reviews:

The feature enables users to share their feedback on the service provided to them. It might also help you improve the quality of the complete service.

By looking at this, you can see that the solution is completely capable of your business needs.

On a final note,

The Uber for roadside assistance app from TurnkeyTown contains all the outstanding features and excellent functionalities that will help you to gain a handsome revenue without much effort from your side. You can launch the app in just a few days after the addition of unique features to the solution. So plan with us and get ready!

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