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Healthifyme Clone: Jump Into The Bandwagon By Launching A Thriving Fitness App

Health and Fitness market has seen a sudden spike since the pandemic situation arose, leading to the increase in its revenue and market value.

“The global market size of fitness apps is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 21.6% from 2021 to 2028 and will reach $950 million with over 42.6 million app users by 2022. Such an astonishing and fast-growing industry is the health and fitness industry.”

Though the sudden surge in the market size is because of the on-demand apps and increase in the usage of smartphones, just like any other sector, this market is not something that is unconfined from the impact.

One of the Health and Fitness on-demand apps that have seen an addendum in popularity is HealthifyMe. In this blog, we’ll canvas an overview of the different sorts of fitness apps and about HealthifyMe app and how to develop such an app. Let’s delve in.

Different types of fitness app

Diet and nutrition tracker

These apps help users track the daily calorie intake of users. They can add their calorie intake and food intake into the app by entering the name of the food and the consuming amount or by scanning the package. The application will automatically convert it into calories.

Workout tracker

These apps will help the user in tracking their daily workout and help with video instructions. Some apps provide trainers or coaches on-demand.

Activity tracker

These activity tracking apps work as an affiliate with fitness bands. They gather data that is collected by the fitness bands and shows the users details like how much they have walked, the steps they have taken and heart rate, resting, sleeping, running and exercising.

Meditation and yoga app

Since meditation and yoga is trending today, these apps are encountering good growth. These apps will help users via daily meditation using video books and audiobooks.

Hybrid fitness app

The hybrid fitness apps are a combo of the best feature from all types of apps. The app connects with a fitness band to provide all the activity details, and users can track their everyday calorie intake. Apart from that, some apps also give the users workout videos, meditation audio guide, trainer and tracker for maintaining the routine.

The HealthifyMe app that the blog is about to revolve around belongs to this type. So, without further ado, let’s get started to learn about the HealthifyMe app.

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HealthifyMe- A shining example in the fitness market

HealthifyMe is a free digital health and wellness platform from India that provides services like one-on-one nutrition and fitness coaching, calorie tracking, diet and workout plans etc. It was founded by Tushar Vashisht and co-founder Mathew Cherian in 2012. In just a three years span, the company earned the “Top Developer” badge and got listed among “Best Apps of 2015”. Such quality is the app’s services.

Even before machine learning and AI’s popularity is known by the world, this company introduced an AI into the app by the year 2017. The company used AI as a nutritionist, and it was named “Ria”. Because of this new addition to the app, the number of monthly active users grew over one million. Ria was announced as the world’s first AI-powered virtual nutritionist.

In 2019, there was the second version of Ria launched, which will identify the dish and log the calories. Tagging along, there was also the launch of “Smart plans”, where users will get customized diet plan recommendations from the virtual nutritionist.

Looking at this triumph, Ria was integrated for Amazon Echo speakers like Alexa.
For a startup that first started off by working on data and an excel sheet, to reach this height is never an easier way, but it still proved its worth by becoming the most popular fitness app in the health and fitness app market.

With the same motivation, let’s move on looking at the steps to develop a HealthifyMe Clone.

Crucial aspects to attend before the development

Choose the business model

We earlier saw that there are different types of fitness apps available in the market. It is your choice whether to follow the same model as HealthifyMe or to pick out any one model of the different types.

Choose a revenue stream

Similar to how important choosing a business model is, selecting a revenue stream is as important. You must select a model that will best fit your app. Let’s look at the different types of models.

  • Paid app: You can offer a paid model of your app depending on the model and functionality of the app.
  • In-app purchases: To twine the freemium model, but if you still want to earn from the app, you can encourage your users to make use of some advanced features if they pay for it.
  • Ads: For high returns of your investments in the app, displaying ads is the best option. You can collaborate with businesses that offer fitness-related services or accessories and allow them to run the ads so that the conversion rate may increase, and it will turn out to be a win-win situation for your business.

Once you have decided on both these options after going through the market research and analysis, you won’t have to wait for the development process.

Just turn to our TurnkeyTown team and get your hands on our HealthifyMe Clone script. Our clone scripts are a white-label solution that will help you customize the solution as per your requirements.

On a final note,

Since people are becoming more of a fitness freak kind, there is not the best time than right now to develop an on-demand app like HealthifyMe. So, make a unique idea and give us a call. We will be at your service.

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