WhatsAppClone App Development

Instant messaging has helped connect people globally onto a single platform. The success lies solely on the availability and reliability of the app among the masses. With Whatsapp clone, users can perform a wide range of actions from sending messages, pictures, and documents to making voice & video calls, irrespective of the receiver's location. Get started on developing the next-gen Instant Messaging WhatsApp like app and witness seamless performance on both Android and iOS platforms.

Where do we stand out?

A range of unique offerings that makes your WhatsApp like app stand out from the competition.

File Upload

Users can upload and share pictures, document or file with friends or family without any hassles.

Voice/Video Call

The app is integrated with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that allows placing a voice or video call to users within the app.

Chat Lock

The Chat lock option secures personal chats or group with the password provided by users to avoid unauthorized access to the conversation.


A range of emojis to make the conversation more fun and share the user’s expression along with the context and tone of the message.


Features of WhatsApp Clone App

An all-inclusive feature list integrated into the WhatsApp clone app

Profile Management

Users can manage their profile with settings such as picture, status, etc. through the WhatsApp clone app.

Push Notifications

This feature enables the user to get a push-notification on every incoming message. Available for personal and group chats.

Blocked Contacts

The user can block or unblock any contact via the instant messaging app. Users can also bar spam or unwanted conversations.

Privacy Settings

This feature allows users to control privacy settings individually for profile picture, status, last seen on app and others.

Instant Search

Search for users, chats, and messages through the powerful search option integrated into the app.

Direct Reply

Users can directly reply to messages in a conversation and quote it for replying easily.

Broadcast Message

Users can send/broadcast messages to all the people in the contact list with this feature.

Group Chat

Users can create a group, be it for friends, family or colleagues at work and chat with each other hassle-free.

Share Files

This feature lets users attach & share files such as video, audio, photos, location, contact, and docs with friends, family, and colleagues.

Sync Contact

The WhatsApp clone app automatically syncs the contacts in the user’s phone. The user can commence chatting with the contacts who are available on the app.

Mute Chat

Users can mute certain groups or contacts when they are busy with a task at hand. The users will not be notified of the message post activating the feature.

Document Sharing

With this feature, users can share documents of popular formats like PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, and TXT in both individual and group chat.

Data Usage

This feature allows the user to control the data usage of the app by enabling/disabling options like media auto-download over mobile data or WiFi.


The feature allows users to bookmark essential messages from different chats by tapping the star icon.


Users can tweak the notification settings like personal and group conversation tone, notifications tone, etc.

What we Offer



Easy to use interface coupled with intelligent features that boasts seamless performance on android platform.


The dedicated instant messaging app built on the avant-garde platform with highly functioning features for iOS users.



All-in-one powerful dashboard with boundless features to oversee the app activities.

Check out our fully-functional demo of the User app and admin panel before initiating the development of your WhatsApp Clone app.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Yes, the WhatsApp Clone Apps are highly customizable to meet your business specifications.

Yes, we provide post development support for the stipulated time period as per the guidelines mentioned in the agreement.

We complete the installation procedure along with all the services in a short period of time.

Our WhatsApp clone app is equipped to support multiple languages and can be changed to any language as per the entrepreneur's needs.

You can chat with us, and talk to our support team or you could send us a mail at info@turnkeytown.com

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