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Why Should You Consider Opting Uber Clone App For Ride-Hailing Business?

Bid goodbye to the days of hailing cabs from the streets with your forthcoming Uber clone app . You might wonder how this ride-hailing business can benefit the users? How much does it cost? Does it have a seamless workflow? The questions will not have an end, but our app development company has a one-stop solution. At the end of this blog, you will be a master in developing a robust taxi app and be a pioneer in the ride-hailing industry.

What Is Intriguing About The Uber Clone App?

The fast growth in the on-demand services and the quest for launching new platforms for travelers have never stopped. Our esteemed app developers provide a ready-made solution of an Uber clone app to get on-board into the ride-hailing business.

The Uber clone app contains features and functionalities similar to Uber. Our state-of-the-art script saves time when compared to development from scratch.

Quick Peek Into The History Of On-Demand Taxi Services

The world experienced a new way of traveling to a destination without any hustle. Yes, in March 2009,, the first ride-sharing app emerged in the world. It was none other than the world’s largest ride-sharing company Uber. The San Francisco-based platform was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. The main aim was to serve e users with the best experience while booking rides through mobile apps. To date, Uber has been flourishing and gained a prominent place in the on-demand transport industry.

A recent statistical report stated that in the second quarter of 2021, Uber had a net income of $1.1 billion and generated revenue of $3.9 billion. The California-based travel giant has successfully completed around 1.5 billion trips. The constant involvement in disruptive technologies and explosive business growth has helped the American platform immensely. In general, Uber came into existence with a single idea “What if you could request a ride from your phone?”

Therefore, many entrepreneurs are thriving by following in the footsteps of Uber. Check out the various benefits that you will provide for your users with Uber clone app development.

How Does Uber Like App Development Benefit The Users?

If you have an idea for Uber like app development, then you should get on board without further delay as it includes vital benefits for users, transport service providers, and freelance drivers.

Firstly, an app like Uber is quick, affordable, and safe for passengers to travel to the places they desire without having to wait long in peak hours.

Secondly, this ride-sharing platform has helped job seekers with numerous freelancing jobs as drivers, and it was a gateway for cabbies s to earn a profitable income.

Thirdly, you can include multiple features for the passengers and drivers in an Uber clone app development which helps to generate revenue and gain fame in the competitive market.

Moreover, an Uber app clone development company will integrate the cab booking solution with three separate modules, Passenger app, Driver app, and an Admin panel. This helps the app to have a seamless user interface.

Alluring Features Offered By Uber App Clone Development Company

Real-Time Ride Tracking

Once the passengers book the taxi, they will receive a tracking link. This can be shared with the user’s family members and friends for their safety. The inbuilt GPS tracking system provides the fastest and shortest route for both the drivers and passengers, allowing them to navigate to their location without any glitches.

Automatic Fare Estimation

Fare estimation features will make your taxi business flourish in the competitive market. We in-built your app like Uber with UI, which helps passengers to know the cost for the ride beforehand. Moreover, it is calculated based on various factors such as peak hours, special occasions, traffic conditions, time of the ride, type of cab, weather conditions and so on. Giving an estimation of the fare will lead to clarity for both taxi drivers and travelers.

Trip History

At the end of the ride, app will store the data of the rides in both user’s and driver’s panels, such as the trip details, cost, and other information anytime. This helps the drivers to look into their overall taxi rides, working hours, and income over a period. This will make them move ahead in the taxi business.

Flexible Payment Options

The usage of cash has reduced significantly with the emergence of digital payment modes. Our app developers integrate your app with numerous transaction processing options such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking, Unified Payments Interface (UPI), , PayPal, and many more.

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Scheduled Booking

Booking a cab in the neck of the moment can be hard for the passengers. With the scheduled feature, users can efficiently book the ride beforehand by updating the required details like the date and time along with route. This will also be helpful during peak hours, where hailing for a cab is tough due to heavy traffic. Users can also book a taxi in the early morning to reach their destinations without any delay.


You can also offer ride-sharing options for your customers where they can hop into the cab readily available on every popular route.

In-App Wallets

The in-app wallets will ensure a glitch-free transaction processing experience for passengers at the end of the ride. The users can add the money to the mobile wallet in the app and can avail of it for the ride. The users do not need to carry cash or credit cards along with them. The in-app wallets will deduct the cost for the ride automatically.

Panic Button

Providing safety for the passengers plays a vital role when you consider building a ride-hailing app. By integrating an app with this safety feature, passengers can use the panic button to resolve safety concerns.

Why Choose Us?

Our app development firm has well-experienced developers to build an Uber-like app with the latest technologies and features. Our company offers solutions like

  • White-label solution
  • Customization
  • Mobile apps
  • Web applications
  • Technology stack
  • Custom front-end

Winding Up

In conclusion, what else is better than satisfying the users with the fastest and safest ride-sharing app? We at Turnkey Town offer entrepreneurs an Uber clone app at an affordable price. If you are ready with your idea, seek our experts right now to achieve your business objectives.

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