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Top 10 Home Services List you should keep handy before building Uber for X clone App

At the beginning of a new decade in 2021,on-demand home service app development has become the trend for both entrepreneurs and users. The home service mobile app is a platform for both service providers and customers. This app serves as the meeting point for the customers and the service providers. The service providers project their list of services provided by them, and the customers come in to avail their services. If a company provides quality service to the users, then they acquire the credibility of the customer and thereby the chance of high revenue. 

“The Source from Statista has calculated a forecast that home service mobile apps revenue is expected to project 693 billion dollars in 2021. More entrepreneurs and small-scale business owners are starting to invest in on-demand apps. According to Statista, 57.6 billion US dollars are spent by business owners to cater to 22.4 million users annually.”

Many on-demand home service app development companies like Turnkeytown develop uber for X clone, which replicates Uber’s X app specifications and features. Better performance is guaranteed, and the app’s popularity will be gained overnight as more and more business owners are looking for such apps to invest in. 

Several services can be brought under an umbrella by apps like Uber for X clone: let us see some of them can be provided 


It was scary and challenging to step out of the house during the lockdown, even for the basic requirements. And people turned hesitant to go to the hospitals as all the hospitals handled corona cases. In such situations, everyone hoped to get their consultation and diagnosis in a secured environment like their home, where they feel safest. The healthcare providers can use the app to provide their healthcare services such as veterinary service, availing a nurse, old age healthcare, medicine delivery, etc. 

2.Packers and movers

Post pandemic, people have started to move back from their hometown to their workplace to resume everyday life. The packers and movers have been showing steady growth throughout the year, and this year especially, it has been offering a blooming profit. Using the Uber for X app, the users can reach out more efficiently, and there is a chance to get more customers through the app.  


Home painting is something that everybody needs help with because some people are allergic to paint smell, and some do not know how to paint. For all these reasons, the home service mobile app comes to the save where it provides professional and quality rich painting services to the users and gives their home a brand new finish.


Handyman services include plumbing, electricians, cleaners and third hand helping people get their household/office works done. The users can find all the experts in the same app and filter out the services according to the requirement.  


Uber for x offers the service of picking up the purchased item from a shop and delivering it to you in person. It serves the other way around too. The pickup person can pick up the package and deliver it to any location. This app feature is designed for the uber app’s efficiency: location mapping, tracking, cloud-based system, and electronic payment system. So this app can be guaranteed effective performance since the app already has a name for good performance.  

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Thinking about relaxing can be stressful at times when it comes to booking a masseuse. With the minimum option of massage centers and spas, it gets more challenging to get a service. In the Uber for x app, users get to schedule a massage session to enjoy it at the comfort of their home. The masseuse comes to the doorstep with all the equipment, including the folding table and offers the user a nice relaxing massage. More masseuses are recruited such that getting an appointment for a session will be easy. 

7.Grooming service

The recruited professionals give even grooming services. Services from haircut to facial and waxing are provided. Just like the masseuse, these professionals will also carry their kits and follow all the safety protocols carefully. 

8.House cleaning service

The app focuses on giving quality services to its customers. So uber has recruited its employees to deliver the best cleaning services to its customers. It offers a variety of cleaning services like air conditioner cleaning, bathroom cleaning and house cleaning. The user gets to review their cleaning performance, so the employees work their best to deliver a clean and neat service.

9.Dry cleaning

Nowadays there is a huge demand for dry cleaning services as there are very few stores for a locality. When the entire population of that locality uses them, it gets too crowded, and the possibility of getting our clothes on time is significantly less. The home service list has included a dry cleaning service for the users where a person collects the clothes for dry cleaning services and returns them to the user within a few hours from the pickup. 

10.Babysitting service

It is the most common on-demand service, especially among people who are working. Searching and getting a reliable babysitter is a very tedious job, and it is real hard to gain parents’ trust. Uber for X offers babysitting services that are very trusted as the babysitters belong to an organization and are constantly monitored and governed. If anything seems wrong, it can be immediately reported to the admin, and necessary actions will be taken.  

11.Pest control

The pest problem is one thing that should be given the most attention. It gives a sense of safety and peace if the house is made pest-free and has pest preventive measures from reliable and trustworthy pest control service providers. Home service app allows users to schedule pest control service for home or office etc.

Summing up

On-demand Home service app development is the booming technology in the year 2021, and it has been showing an escalated profit since 2019. Turnkeytown offers white label uber for x clone with features and specifications replicating the uber for x app, and it outperforms the original app.

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