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Take Possession Of The Multi-Services Business By Launching The Gojek Clone

Many apps in the market make human life more straightforward, more accessible, and better. Smartphone users tend to download all the apps that are essential to them. But as advantageous the smartphone serves for the user, certain hindrances stops one from availing the complete services in the market. It is the storage space constraint for mobile phones.

So people are looking for a more confined, on-demand multi-services app . The solution to it is the advent of super apps. Super apps are the one that has embedded multiple services into a single app. There are many super apps in the market like WeChat, Gojek etc.

Gojek is an Indonesian app that started as a taxi-hailing app. After the launch of their e-wallet system, the company expanded hugely, and now the app provides about 53+ services to the users.

What Is The List Of Services Provided By The Gojek Clone App?

Let us look at some of the services under various categories a Gojek app offers with a single app.

Logistics And Transportation

  • Guide
  • Gear
  • God
  • Gobox
  • Gobluebird
  • Go transit

Food And Shopping

  • Gofood
  • Gomall
  • Gomart
  • Gomed


  • Gopal
  • Gobills
  • Gopoints
  • Pay later
  • Gopulsa
  • Gosure
  • Give
  • Goinvestasi

Daily Needs

  • Gofitness


  • Gobiz

News And Entertainment

  • Gotix
  • Go play
  • Gogames
  • Gonews

It’s a wonder how they have incorporated all the necessary services into a single app. Those who wanted to create a super like Gojek can take them as a leading example and follow their paths to achieve success equal to them.
Turnkeytown provides white-labelled clone app like Gojek, which can be of service for all the user’s essential needs.

How Super Apps Create More Value For Business?

Drives Growth

The more the features, the more the growth of the product. The High number of features gets more customers and thereby more profit. Super app is the approach to draw more users into our market. Providing all-in-one solutions is the key to enticing more users. Super apps offer ease and hustle free operation so it is opted by most of the population for better reach and growth the customer’s needs and requirements must be analysed and a suitable solution must be provided accordingly.

More Ways To Engage With Existing Customers

Super app helps to retain existing customers it allows the customers to look up to this app for any sort of requirements. When everything a user wants is available in a single app, why take the burden of searching for new apps and registering to use them. It promotes better connection with the customers by offering more features and becoming reliable.

New Customers Through Partnership

Super apps like Paytm have created a business with other apps like dominos, decathlon, etc. the customers of the business are also customers of the app directly or indirectly. Paytm has about 300 plus business collaborations and so the number of customers is huge.

Attracting More Investors

When the market expands, more and more investors would like to invest in your app, and many would want to partner with your app to gain popularity. The super app is a huge platform, so partnering with this app will help the small scale business to get its recognition. So, for this reason, many investors are expected to reach out to a super app.

Reducing Re-Acquisition Cost

The sales and marketing cost is significantly reduced, which is done for acquiring new customers. It helps in generating revenue. If the same company launches a new app which serves a different purpose then it has to invest in a lot for digital marketing etc. before the launch. But if the same app has upgraded to serve more than one service then there is no need for big marketing strategies.Because a new service-based app is launched in an already renowned app, there is no need to advertise the new launch.

More Revenue

More and more customers sign up for the Gojek clone app to avail of one service or the other. Because it is a one-stop shop and all services can be utilized with just a single login, many people tend to come into this app. This boosts the revenue of the company.

Easy To Manage

The admin panel can monitor all the activities of the app. Since it is integrated with so many applications, all the transactions and bookings and orders etc. is tracked by a single admin panel, and they can bring down analytics reports based on the usage of each application from which one can determine the most used and the least used feature of the app.

Easy To Maintain

Since a single system is responsible for all the actions in the app, it is easy to maintain them. Scheduled maintenance is done to look out for bugs of any sort and clear them out to give a smooth, hassle-free operation to the users.

Features Of Gojek Clone App

User App Features

  • Social media integration
  • Search for drivers or serviced personnel
  • Book now or book later
  • Tracking options
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Push notifications
  • In-app chat/call options
  • History details
  • Reviews and ratings

Service Provider App Features

  • Login/signup
  • Manage profile
  • Toggle on/off
  • Accept/reject requests
  • Earning details
  • Service history

Admin Panel Features

  • Powerful dashboard
  • Manage users
  • Manage service providers
  • Manage store
  • Offers and discounts
  • Generate analytics report

Summing Up

Gojek is the leading super app which many leading apps follow their paths to attain the success as them. Even famous apps like uber are trying to take the footsteps of Gojek to become a super app. Investing in the Gojek clone app now will surpass the revenue of uber as super apps are more demanded than any other apps.

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