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A Step-By-Step Guide To Build An On-Demand Courier Delivery Application

Many users have the most preferred On-demand service provider platform. Many leading app companies have come forward to turn into a multiservice app. One such prominent app is the Uber app that initially started as a taxi-hailing app and then brought forth food delivery through Ubereats, a multi-service provider through Uber for X. Now, it has launched Uber courier service.

Turnkey Town offers on-demand courier app development, which allows users to avail of courier delivery service through the app. The user has to raise a request to get their package delivered to the destination. The delivery person accepts the request, arrives at the location to get the package and then delivers it to the destined location.

How To Develop An Uber For Courier App?

Before developing into a fully functional app, it has to go through a series of steps to eliminate the possible errors and the chance of not missing any detailing. The following are the steps in the development of an Uber for courier app.

Step 1: Draft Your Ideas

Before getting into app development, the first and foremost step is to frame a straightforward cut approach to the final product. Why a courier app? What is the scope of the app? And how to develop? Questions need to have an answer at the end of this step. It is better to draft a flowchart for better understanding and to visualize the flow of the process.

Step 2: Choose A Business Model

When it comes to courier services, there are many key business models available from which anyone can be implemented based on the budget, resources available, and demand etc. let us discuss a few of them

  • Aggregator Model: in this model, the exact position of the customer’s courier is tracked with the tag ID, and the same information is communicated to the customer via the app with the help of push notification.
  • Postal And Courier Service: example of postal and courier service is FedEx. This is supported with robust courier service software, which gets the user updated on the various stages of the parcel like the packaging process, shipment process, dispatch process and finally, the delivery process. This helps to build the credibility of the customer.
  • Uber-Like Parcel Delivery Service Providers: this is the best option for a courier delivery at a nearby location. This helps to help drivers more profit by allowing them to provide an additional service of delivering the customers package at the destined location. This provides an easy and hassle-free delivery service to the customers, and it is no more challenging to send packages to nearby localities.

Step 3: Finalize The Business Model

Uber for the courier service model requires two apps. One for the user and one for the delivery person.

  • User App: it should be given good importance while developing as it is the primary app. The user requests for delivery service in the app, and after the payment is made, delivery personnel are arranged for them to provide service. The app should be optimized such that the delivery personnel in nearby proximity is instantly available. After that, the user must be able to track the live location of the package.
  • Delivery Person App: the delivery person uses this app, and it is majorly used as a navigation source to the customer’s location and the destination location. So the GPS feature must be well optimized. Also, the delivery person’s availability must be visible, and there should be no latency such that when a customer avails of service, the request gets immediately notified in this app. An admin panel is also present, which monitors the entire activities of the system like the customer’s activities and the money transactions. The admin panel can also track the delivery persons location and activities.

Step 4: Decide On The Features

The various features that are to be included in various apps have to be decided based on the ease of development, budget etc. the following are the features of the apps.

1. Customer App Panel

  • Sign up via mobile number or social media
  • Courier tracking
  • Customer profile
  • Rating & review
  • Parcel cancellation
  • Payment options

2. Driver App Panel

  • Registration
  • Parcel details
  • Location/Navigation
  • Pickup & Parcel drop status
  • Earning details
  • Customer feedback

3. Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • Customer management
  • Driver management
  • Order tracking
  • Feedbacks

Step 5: Choose The Right Developer

When developing, there are two options for executing it. One is to develop by oneself if the person is good at coding and has prior experience in app development. Or a better option is to hire a professional from a renowned app development company who provides all sorts of app-related services in a package. The following are the things to look for in a developer to be hired

  • Years of expertise
  • Know their reputation
  • Know their bases
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ability to understand the requirements

Step 6: Development Process

The development process involves two steps.

  • Backend development
  • Frontend development

The backend development is giving life to all the buttons and features available in the display. Various tech stuff is incorporated for navigation, payment, registration etc., for it to work well.

The front end is focused on UX, and it should be in such a way that it is neatly organized and not clumsy such that all the essential buttons and features are visible.

Step 7: Launch The App

After the app is developed, executing all the ideas and features without leaving out any, the app is made to test-run multiple times to check for errors etc. If the app is certified as good, then it is time to launch the app. Before launching, it is essential to do some marketing work on the app to increase the anticipation of the customers. Then it is launched in the app market for users to install and avail of the service.


Courier service will have a promising future in the market industry as it is one service that can be availed from regular people to small scale entrepreneurs. Now is the right time to invest in courier service app development at Turnkeytown to provide a secure and safe delivery service amidst the pandemic.

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