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Top 10 Features Of Our Meesho Clone App To Attract Many Users

People these days prefer online shopping over physical shopping as the e-commerce apps and websites serve to be a hub for all kinds of products in one place. In addition to connecting vendors with the customers, the new trend is the resellers can easily stay connected with the wholesalers through apps like Meesho.

An overview about Meesho:

Meesho is an Indian-based social e-commerce platform that has served to be a motivating factor for many small reselling businesses to emerge. It allows many people to initiate a reselling business without any investment. This was the major factor for such a tremendous reach among the audience.

What is a Meesho clone app?

The Meesho clone app is a pre-built application with all the key features and performs just like the parent app. Our solution is packed with advanced features that ensures a seamless user experience. We at TurnkeyTown are well-known for making tailor-made products that fulfill all the expectations of our clients.

Salient features of our Meesho clone app:

The features of the app determine the user’s interest. Therefore it is important to fill your app with highlighting features. Our solution comes with

  • Quick sign up:

The users can install the app from various app distribution platforms. The foremost step to enter into the app is the sign-up process. The quick sign-up process allows the users to login in multiple ways, such as using email id, mobile number, and other social media credentials.

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  • Profile Page:

The wholesalers can create a profile page and display their information such as the name of the company, types of products, etc. This information is available for the customers to view and decide before placing an order. Also, they can display the products catalog, which can be updated on a regular basis.

  • Product listings:

The merchants can list their products in the app. Initially, they have to pay a certain fee to list their products. Then in case of priority display, they can pay an additional fee. The listed products are available for the customers to view and buy.

  • Advanced filter and search option:

There are a vast number of products available on the platform. It makes it tiring for the users to find their desired product through manual searching. Thus you can comfort your users by providing them with an advanced filter and search option. Using a set of parameters, the user can gain a seamless search experience.

  • Social sharing:

The customers and the resellers can easily share the products listed in the app with their friends and family. The social media integration allows the user to share the product details instantly. The social media sharing feature makes your app more popular among the audience and helps you in gaining many new customers.

  • Add to cart:

Upon spotting the desired product, the buyer or the reseller can add the product to the cart. Here is where the buyers can redeem coupons and discounts based on the cart value. Upon reviewing the product, the user can successfully place the order by entering the details such as a delivery address, contact number, etc.

  • Multiple Payment Methods:

These days with the advancements in technology, a number of p2p payment apps are the most commonly used method by online shoppers. There are multiple payment gateways integrated into the Meesho clone app. This allows the users to choose their convenient mode of payment and make instant fund transfers securely to place an order.

  • Live-tracking:

The users can keep track of the arrival of the product through the live-tracking feature. Right from placing the order to the delivery of the product, the users can stay updated with every movement of the delivery process.

  • Push Notifications:

In order to retain the existing users and attract new customers, it is necessary to keep the users engaged with your app. You can achieve this by sending consistent push notifications about every activity happening in the app. Notifications like offers and discounts can catch the eye of the user easily. Further updates about the order delivery can also be sent via push notifications.

  • In-app chat:

The resellers and the customers can stay connected with each other through the app itself. It has a community feature where the wholesalers and the resellers can share their posts and announcements. This keeps the users more engaged and stimulates the interest to stay in your app.

The Revenue model of the Meesho clone app:

  • Commission-based model:

This is one of the most effective revenue models. Here the reseller app ties up with various wholesalers to display their products through the platform. A fixed percentage of the seller’s revenue goes to the app for each successful order as a commission. Thus it ensures steady money generation to the app.

  • Shipping fee:

You can utilize the help of private logistic firms for delivery solutions and implement delivery charges for the buyers. The customers can pay the delivery fee along with the cart value while placing the orders.

  • Featured listings:

There are a number of wholesalers exhibiting their products through your platform. In order to display the names on the top, the shop owners have to subscribe to the featured listings. They can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. Thus the name of the sellers is displayed on the top of the search results. The top names likely catch the eye of the customers easily.

  • Advertisements:

The Meesho clone app has a banner space where you can display the advertisements of third-party products. There are different types of adverts out of which you can choose several types and implement them in your app. Each time the user clicks on the app, money goes to the app owner. This method serves to generate money effortlessly.

To make a long story short,

The e-commerce market is soaring high, with a vast number of users across the globe. It is the right time to launch a social e-commerce platform that is packed with advanced features. So without any further delay, get going with the Reseller Ecommerce App Like Meesho process right away!

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