Launch A DoorDash Clone App To Uplift Your Food-Delivery Business Promptly

Ordering food online is the new normal that almost one in every ten millennials are adopting these days. Gone are the days where the kitchen was the place that people entered while hungry. But these days, when hunger hits, people immediately look for the smartphone to place a food order using the on-demand food delivery applications. Go with the trend by launching a DoorDash clone app.

Summary of DoorDash:

DoorDash is a leading online food delivery app with vast popularity. It is one of the top 10 food delivery apps in the world and is the largest online food ordering platform in the United States. It holds a market share of 56% in the U.S. DoorDash is servicing more than 4000 cities across the U.S, Canada, and Australia. So far, it offers more than 310000 menus as per the record.

Upon gaining vast popularity, DoorDash has been stepping into grocery delivery options along with food-delivery services. This new update came into effect in 2020, and from then on, many new users are joining the platform each day.

DoorDash Clone App- A Perfect Food-Delivery Solution:

The DoorDash clone is a pre-built application that comes with all the vital features and performs just like that of the parent app. The features of the app play a major role in retaining the user’s interest in your app. The solution that we offer is overflowing with advanced features that promise to provide the utmost convenience.

How Does A DoorDash Clone App Work?

Before getting your hands on on-demand food-delivery app development, it is vital to understand how the app works. Our DoorDash clone app development comes with a complete package of separate panels for each stakeholder. Let’s understand the working mechanism of the app from the customer’s and delivery executive’s perspective.

Customer App:

  • The users can install the app from various app distribution platforms and sign up for the app. The user can log in using multiple methods such as using email id, mobile number, and other social media credentials.
  • Upon successful login, the users can surf through the app, which has a variety of restaurant options to choose from.
  • Using the advanced filter and search option, the user can search for a particular restaurant or cuisine.
  • The users can browse through the food menu of the restaurant and pick a dish to add to the cart.
  • Upon reviewing the cart for the last time, the user can click on the place order icon.
  • The app will direct the user to a payment page where multiple payment options are available for the user to choose their convenient mode of payment.
  • Once the order has been successfully placed, the user can track the food-delivery process in real-time.
  • Upon successful delivery of the food, the users can share their ratings and reviews with the app.

Delivery Executive App:

  • The delivery partners are not permanent employees. Therefore, they can work in their flexible hours and earn additional income.
  • They can showcase their presence using the availability toggle by turning it on or off.
  • The app notifies the delivery executives of every customer’s order in close proximity.
  • Based on their choice, they get the right to either accept or reject a delivery request.
  • Upon accepting the request, the in-app navigation directs them to the restaurant and then to the customer’s location. The app navigates through
  • optimized routes for enabling the fastest delivery possible.
  • Thus the delivery executive picks up and delivers each food order safely and promptly.

Launch An Extraordinary Doordash Clone App To Enjoy Unexpected Perks In Your Business Journey

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Methods To Monetize A DoorDash Clone App:

There are infinite ways to monetize an on-demand food delivery app. It is vital for you to choose the right revenue model and implement it in your app. This way, you can generate vast revenue and flourish in no time. Some of the effective monetization methods include,

Commission-based Model:

Which is one of the most common monetization strategies used by many on-demand food delivery apps. The customers place their orders in a particular restaurant by paying the cart value through the app. A fixed percentage of the restaurant’s earnings goes to the app as a commission. This ensures a steady revenue stream to the platform.


The DoorDash clone app comes with a banner space that you can use to display the adverts of third-party companies. There are different types of ads that you can select and display in your app. Each time the user enters the app and clicks on the advertisement, money goes to the app. Thus it serves to be an effortless way of generating revenue.

Featured Listings:

There are a number of different restaurants exhibiting their service on your platform. In order to display the name of a restaurant on the top of the list, they can subscribe to the featured listings. The top names tend to catch the attention of the customers easily. The restaurants can subscribe to feature listings on a monthly or yearly basis.

What Makes TurnkeyTown The Best Place For DoorDash Like App Development?

TurnkeyTown is a pioneer app development company that has years of experience in developing clone apps. We offer a fully-fledged DoorDash clone script that comes with all the key features that you can think of. Therefore you can run a smooth food-delivery business and reach new heights right away.

As we offer 100% customizable solutions, you are free to customize your app to a vast extent until it meets your expectations. Our hard-core designers and developers are zealous to build your on-demand food-delivery app that surpasses your expectations. The scalability of our app is high. Hence you can expand your app in the future when your business grows exponentially.

To Make A Long Story Short,

The craving for food is imperishable. Though there are multiple food-delivery apps in the market, the app that provides utmost benefits to its users can soar high quickly. By providing additional offers and discounts, you can catch the attention of millions of hungry tums within a short span. Therefore without thinking much, deploy a Doordash clone App Development and elevate your business to a brand new level.

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