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How To Launch An Uber For Massage App And Grab The Attention Of Millions Of People?

Are you looking ahead to launching an app that relieves the stress of millions of people in this hectic lifestyle? Then get going with Uber for massage app development right away.

In this tiring fast-paced lifestyle, getting a relaxing massage can be a cure for all the blues. But traveling to a spa center and waiting for the appointment vanishes the thought of getting a massage. But with the advent of technology, almost everything is made available at the doorstep with just a few taps on the smartphone.

What Is Happening In The Spa Market?

The spa service took over the top place in the on-demand industry and brought in the largest revenue share in 2020. This is due to the rise in global wellness tourism. The value of the global spa market was at 47.5 billion dollars in 2020, and a huge rise is expected at a Compound annual growth rate of 12.1% from 2021 to 2028.

What Is Uber For The ‘X’ App Concept?

Uber is the trailblazer of the on-demand service industry initiating mobile apps for ride-hailing services. Upon gaining a quick reach among smartphone users, Uber has extended its arms to accomplish various other services. The clone script of Uber is so versatile to develop multiple on-demand service apps.

Launch An Extraordinary Uber For Massage App To Enjoy Unexpected Perks In Your Business Journey

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Vital features of an on-demand massage app:

The features of the app determine the retention of the existing users and attract many new users to join your app. Our Uber for massage app development comes with all the key features for the smooth functioning of the app. You can further boost the user experience by adding additional features to your app. To gain a clear picture of the features and the functionality of our solution, continue reading.

The Uber for massage app comes with a complete package of different panels, each one for the users, masseurs, and the admin panel. Let’s discuss the key features of the customer and massage therapist app in the upcoming passage.

Customer App Features:

  • Easy login: The users can sign up to the app using multiple login methods integrated into the app, such as using email id, mobile number, and other such social media credentials.
  • Service request: Upon successful login, the users can browse through the profiles of the massage therapists available in the app and send service requests to the right one.
  • Schedule an appointment: Once the therapist accepts the request, they can schedule a massage appointment at their own convenient time.
  • In-app chat/call: The customers and the masseur can contact each other using the in-app chat/call feature for any clarifications.
  • Cost calculator: Using this feature, the users can get the estimation of service cost before sending service requests.
  • Multiple payment options: The app comes with various payment gateways integrated into it. Thus the users can choose their own convenient method to make payments.
  • Ratings and reviews: After the completion of each service, the users can share their ratings and reviews with the app. This can help the upcoming users to view and decide.

Masseur app features:

  • Registration: The massage therapists have to register to exhibit their service through the app. In order to sign up on the platform, they need to enter all the required details.
  • Profile page: Each masseur gets their own profile page where they can display their information such as name, contact details, location, profile picture, types of services, etc.
  • Availability toggle: The massage therapists can show their availability to the app using the availability toggle. They can work in their own flexible hours.
  • Accept/reject request: Based on their availability, the massage therapists get the right to either accept or reject the service request.
  • GPS navigation: The in-app navigation directs the masseur to the customer’s location through optimized routes.
  • Total earnings: The service providers can keep track of their earnings through the app. Thus the total earning feature allows them to manage their expenses wisely.

The Business Model Of Uber For Massage App:

Making income is indispensable to uplift your business to another level. Therefore it is vital to decide the right revenue model and implement it in the app. There are several ways to monetize an on-demand massage app. Some of the effective modes of revenue generation are as follows,

  • Commission-based model:

Many on-demand service apps earn their revenue using the commission-based model. Upon availing of the essential service, the clients pay the service fee by the platform. A fixed percentage of the masseur’s income through the platform goes to the app as a commission.

  • Advertisements:

Uber for massage app comes with a banner space that can be utilized to present the adverts of any third-party company. The advertisements are of various types, and accordingly, you can choose and execute them on your platform. Every time the user clicks on the ad, income is generated for the app.

  • Featured listings:

There are a number of massage therapists ready to exhibit their service through your platform. In order to list their name on the app, they ought to pay a small fee, which is a one-time listing fee. Whereas if they wish to display their name on the top of the list, the masseurs can subscribe to the featured listings by paying a certain fee on a monthly or yearly basis.

Why Is TurnkeyTown The Best Destination For Uber For Massage App Development?

TurnkeyTown is a prominent app development company that offers the best Uber for ‘X’ app development. We offer a 100% customizable solution; therefore, you can customize and launch your app exactly as you want. The scalability of our solution is very vast. And so you can easily expand your app in the future when your business expands. Our expert developers and designers constantly upgrade themselves to all the latest technologies. Thus we ensure to build your app using the latest software.

To Make A Long Story Short,

The spa market is witnessing steady growth. People who don’t feel like going to a spa center can now avail their massage service done in their own convenient location. It is the right time to get into On-demand Massage App Development and create a buzz in the market. We are here to help you successfully step into the competitive on-demand industry and flourish in no time.

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