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Digitization is not limited to conglomerates. Small businesses need to be digitized, but they find it a strenuous leap for their financial strength and find them far behind in tech knowledge. Meesho clone can help you eliminate these shortcomings and act as a platform for small businesses and housekeepers to plunge into the digital business world instantly. Join us and launch one today!

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Meesho Clone App

Meesho Clone
Launch a Reseller Ecommerce App Like Meesho!

Today, businesses do better online than in real-time due to a drastic shift in people’s behaviour. With the rise of on-demand apps, people are conditioned to be in the comfort of their homes and get all they want at their doorsteps. Now, with the pandemic in-store, people are shut indoors and started working indoors. This remote work practice has given rise to homemakers and real-time businesses to yearn for a platform to earn from their homes.

Meesho clone is one such platform that allows sellers to enlist their products and resellers to share the products on social media to make a sale for a price of their own. This is a win-win situation for both the sellers as they get to make more sales and the resellers who get to make an earning from the comfort of their homes. If there is any timeline to launch a reseller ecommerce app, then it is now. So join us to launch one for the best price in town.
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What is a Meesho clone?

Meesho clone is a platform for small businesses to create an online shop and showcase their products and resellers to share the products to their customers and make a passive income out of it. It allows them to reach their customers in a more elegant and friendly manner rather than spamming them with pictures of products in Whatsapp groups. Our reseller ecommerce solution can be customized with respect to your business needs and your target audience.
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Must-Have Features Of A Reseller Ecommerce App Like Meesho


One of the must-have features in any app is user registration. The user is onboarded in the app by registering any of their social credentials, email address, or contact number.

Product Feed

Like any ecommerce app, Meesho clone also has a product feed that exhibits numerous products for the user to scroll through and find their favourite one.

Product Page

A page describing the features of a product, its price, seller details, and more for the user's information.

Product Categorization

Avail your users to shop categorically than simply scrolling around the app searching for a specific type of product in a marketplace with all kinds of products.

Payment Integration

Offer more than one payment option to your users like credit/debit card, net banking, P2P transaction app, eWallets, or cash.

Delivery Tracking

Keep your users updated with the delivery status of their products. This makes the app more trustworthy.

Push Notifications

Keep reminding your users of new offers, newly added products, app updates, and more. You can also send targeted alerts to the users.

Reviews and Ratings

Allow your users to write a review and also rate the products they have purchased. This allows other users to be informed more about the product quality, packing, and more.

The Need For an App like Meesho

The work from home culture has been growing immensely post-pandemic. This has given an opportunity for everyone to work from their homes. As an extension of work from home, business from home is now on cards. Yes, people no longer visit stores frequently as they did in the earlier days. This has led to a drop in business for the stores. However, the online stores have been doing well.

Not all small businesses can afford to create an ecommerce store for themselves that too in such a period of a financial crisis. The reseller ecommerce stores can act as an escape route from this crisis the small businesses undergo today. It can allow small businesses to enlist their products in the app, create a catalogue of their products, and start targeting their audience in a more efficient manner. As an entrepreneur, this is the right time for you to launch a Meesho clone and support the small businesses aggravating their business.

Our Diverse Reseller Ecommerce App Development Solutions

Our Meesho clone app is open to more divergent business models. It can be customized for diverse businesses. Have a glance at some of them

Furniture Store

Are you an existing furniture store business owner looking out to scale up your business into the online world. Join us and launch a reseller ecommerce app enlisting all your furniture products today. Let the resellers make that extra sale for your business.

Grocery Store

Launch a reseller ecommerce app for your grocery store and elevate your business and your customer base today.

Electronic Products

Allow your resellers to take care of the sales while you deliver the electronic products for the sales made by them using your app.

Healthcare Products

Take care of your customers, keep an account of the medicines to be supplied to them using an app on a regular basis and deliver it to them. Let your resellers do the same as an add-on revenue to your business.

Online Ecommerce App

Are you an entrepreneur planning to build a reseller ecommerce app and enlist numerous products of diverse categories in it? Give us a ring and get it launched in a wink.

Other Options

Our reseller ecommerce development solutions are not confined to the above-mentioned businesses. We have a variant of more than 60+ reseller ecommerce development solutions. So feel free to ask what your business needs, and we will offer it to you.

A Breakdown On The WorkFlow Of Our Meesho Clone Application

Inform yourself on the easy-to-understand workflow of a reseller ecommerce platform like Meesho.

Step 1:
Sign-Up/ Registration

The user gets on board with the Meesho clone app as a reseller by using their social credentials, email address, or contact number.

Step 2:
Profile Setup

The user sets up a profile for themself by adding details of their own and also their bank account details to get their earnings transferred to it.

Step 3:
Explore Products

Once the user sets up their profile, they can begin surfing for the products their customers would like to buy.

Step 4:
Share Product Catalogues

The product catalogues posted by the sellers that the users believe their customers would buy are shared by them to their customers in Whatsapp, Facebook, and other messaging apps with a margin for themselves.

Step 5:
Place An Order

Once the customer places an order through the link shared by the user, the user is notified, and the delivery of the product is initiated to their customer’s address.

Step 6:

The order placed by the customer of the reseller is delivered to them with an invoice stating the price quoted by the user.

Step 7:

The marginal profit earned by the user is transferred to their respective bank accounts.

Benefits Of Launching an App like Meesho Clone

Meesho Clone Application
Drive Authentic Engagement

Users share product catalogues in social media and instant messaging apps. This way, resellers can interact with their customers in terms of liking, commenting, and direct messaging instead of just selling. This drives an authentic engagement.

Buying Made Easy

The customer no longer has to text the reseller back asking for a price or bank account details. They can place their order directly through the link shared by the user.

Elevated Sales

The sellers get more sellers by posting their products in the Meesho clone app as resellers share and bring in more sales for them than they could generate in an organic way.

Reach Diverse Audience

The resellers in the platform can be from different parts of the globe. And as they share and sell your product, they get your products to reach diverse customers.

What Do We Offer In Meesho Clone App?

  • User Android/iOS app

  • Seller Android/iOS app

  • Admin Panel

Meesho Clone Dashboard

Meesho Clone App Features

Get your users on board in the app with an effortless onboarding process by letting them sign up using their social credentials, contact number, or email address.
The explore page allows the reseller to surf for the products their customers would purchase from them.
Profile Setup
The user sets up a profile that showcases the user's details like their name, picture, contact information and more.
Bank Account Integration
The reseller is supposed to integrate their bank account details with the Meesho clone app to transfer their profit margins directly to their bank account.
Share Product Catalogue
The resellers share the product catalogue posted by the sellers to their customers on other social media platforms.
Invoice Generation
An invoice is generated with the price the reseller has quoted to their customers. This allows them to acquire profits of their interest.
Sale History
The reseller can keep track of the total sales made by them using this feature. This allows them to be informed of all the sales they have made by sharing links to products.
Payment History
The Meesho clone script allows you to keep a record of all the payouts made by you to the resellers.
Seller Registration
For a reseller to register with the platform, they have to submit documents that act as proof to their business.
Inventory Management
The sellers can manage their inventory and be informed of their stocks so that the resellers don’t place orders out of stock products.
Product Catalogue Creation
Products of similar attributes can be altogether added and created as a product catalogue. This allows the reseller to share product catalogue with their customers instead of sharing each product individually.
Product Categorization
A seller can have products of different categories like apparels and footwears. In this case, they can categorize their products for a better reach.
Order Management
Once an order is placed, the seller is notified, so they keep the particular product ready for dispatch.
Product Page Management
Each product has a product page where the seller describes the product, its features, and the price in detail.
Reseller Management
The admin keeps track of all the resellers and the sales they make. The admin can add or remove a reseller at any time using the admin panel.
Seller Management
The seller authenticity and product quality are integral for a business. The admin keeps an eye on this, and they even charge a heavy fine on sellers for the return of products due to low-quality.
Product Management
The seller uploads the details of the product on the product page. The admin verifies these details and makes it live only if it is authentic.
Analytic Dashboard
The analytic dashboard provides the admin with the data on their business and the strategies to adapt to experience a hike in their sales.
Payout Management
The admin deducts the commission for each order from the margin the reseller has quoted and initiates the payout.
Earnings History
This feature allows the admin/business owner to be informed about their earnings so far through the various revenue streams.
Price Negotiation With Sellers
The sellers post a nominal price, but the resellers can be allowed to negotiate on the price if they feel it can be reduced further.
In addition to the earnings made by the sales, the resellers can be motivated by paying an incentive for achieving targets.
Refer and Earn
The reseller can be availed with a referral commission for every user they onboard into the app.
Geo Tagging
Go local by allowing the users to tag their location and check on the products that are exclusive and unique to their locality.
Delivery Tracking
Avail the reseller, seller, and the end-user to be informed on their products' delivery status.
Personal Style Boards
Offer your resellers the privilege to create their own style board with products from different sellers and share it with their customers.

Earn A Fortune By Launching A White-Label Meesho Clone Solution

Our Meesho app clone offers you various methods to generate revenue. Insight yourself with some ways to fill your pocket.

Premium Subscription Fees
The resellers can sign-up for free, but in order to get access to certain alluring features that can increase sales, they will have to pay.
Onboarding Fee
The seller is charged an amount to get on board with the app and enlist their products in the app.
Paid Promos
The sellers will have to pay additional fees to promote their products and showcase them at the top of the listings.
Two-Way Commission
On every sale made, a small commission will be charged from both the seller and the reseller.
Transaction Fees
You can charge a transaction fee for every transaction made through your app to the payment gateway.
In-App Advertisement
Leverage your traffic by allowing third-party businesses to post ads in your app and charge them a fee for it.

Be Informed Of Our Meesho Like Reseller App Development Process


In-Depth Analysis

We partner up with you and conduct a deep analysis of your business requirements and your target audience to create an app that appeals to your audience.


Extensive Planning

An extensive plan is made to develop a seamless app like Meesho that attracts your target audience and deliver it on time.


Alluring Design

Our front-end developers and designers work on a design that resonates with your business ideology and also pleases your target audience.


Back-End Development

Our highly experienced social ecommerce app developers work to develop a robust app with features that would support your users to make more sales and thereby more commission to you.


QA & Testing

The Meesho clone app is extensively tested at every stage of development to ensure it is free from bugs or any errors.


Going Live

The app is launched on Android and iOS platforms on your confirmation after using the app for yourself.

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Why Is TurnkeyTown
Your Undebatable Choice To Develop A Reseller Ecommerce App?

  • White-Label Solution

    We provide you with tailor-made solutions for your business with 100% customization facilities. The app is a white-label solution meaning it never resembles any other app but looks like an app built from scratch for your business.

  • Contemporary UI/UX

    Our designers and developers are well aware of the latest trends and create an app that is up-to-date both in design and back-end.

  • A Quality Product

    Our quality and testing team runs numerous tests on every stage of the development of the app, ensuring it is of top-notch quality.

  • Future Maintenance & Support

    A reseller ecommerce app is a business plan that long-lasts. We are always open to support and maintenance of the app with no constraints.

  • Latest Technology Stack

    Our developers are crazy at developing apps that they can’t resist working on the newest technologies. We are always up to date when it comes to the technology stack.

  • Nominal Price & On-Time Delivery

    Our ecommerce re-selling app development solutions come for a nominal price and on time.

Our Attractive Pricing Plan For Our Social Ecommerce App Development

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Accessible on multiple domain/server in the Android platform.

Premium $XXXX (USD)

Accessible on multiple domain/server in both Android and iOS platforms.

Technology Stack

Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Meesho clone is a white-label solution to launch a social ecommerce platform in a short span of time. It allows users to resell products of sellers with a margin of their own to their customers.
Once we are set on a journey with you, then it's forever. Our support extends for free after the deployment of the app for an extended period of time, and then we charge a nominal fee.
You get to launch a social ecommerce app for the best price with us. So just connect with us and convey to us your business requirements and refresh the inbox of your mail; your quote is there at the top.
Once you are with us, you are always safe. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you, and your business idea is not leaving our doors.
Be relieved that you are at the right place. Our team comes along with you as far as you want to create the best solution for your business. 100% customization is our offer to you.