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Is there anything common between all the people in this world? We surely would have heard and used WhatsApp. Facebook, a popular instant messaging app, has become a permanent part of our daily lives. 

“The highly-used application is cross-platform compatible and free to use. The Android app of WhatsApp has a whopping 5 billion downloads indicating its rapid growth since its launch in January 2009. More than 180 countries currently using it.”

Why must you go for WhatsApp Clone app development?

Entrepreneurs can witness a huge spike in downloads for an instant messaging app like WhatsApp. People want to communicate quickly and securely. Tech-savvy entrepreneurs can partner with Turnkey Town for creating a customized WhatsApp clone app.

Our highly skilled developers create Android and iOS apps and WhatsApp Web for smooth interaction between users. An advanced admin panel helps to control the day-to-day business operations efficiently.

What are the key features of our WhatsApp clone script?

 Starred Messages –

A user can receive thousands of messages on a WhatsApp clone app. People can label the important ones as “Starred Messages” to avoid missing out on crucial information. Members of the WhatsApp clone script need to double-tap a message and click the “Star” option to mark it as important. “Starred messages” will be available inBoth individual and group chats .

Video and Voice calling options –

Is there any feature better than this one? Users stay in touch with their near and dear ones through video and voice calls. They can communicate anytime and also rate their experience on a scale of 1-5. Group video calls are also available on an attractive app like WhatsApp to ensure world-class communication facilities. 

A Block mechanism –

Members of the WhatsApp app clone can block people who sent abusive, homophobic, misogynist, and racist content. They can also report the harmful user, and steps are taken to remove the concerned person’s account permanently. This ensures a safe and trustworthy experience for all. 

Message Quoting –

It is available in group and individual chats for users. Amidst a flurry of incoming messages, they can select a specific message and share their reply to it. This ensures crystal clear communication without any chances of misunderstanding. 

WhatsApp Status –

Have you clicked an eye-catching photo or shot an engaging video? It is time to share it with the whole world. Upload the media content as your WhatsApp Status and get appreciation from all your family members and friends. Users can also use the Mute option to avoid seeing the Statuses of other people. In WhatsApp Clone we can also share GIFs and Texts.

Leap ahead of others by launching a WhatsApp Clone App!

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Delete Message facility –

The WhatsApp clone has two types of Delete Message options. “1.Delete for Me” is utilized to remove unnecessary chats clogging up the app. “2.Delete for Everyone” is used to eliminate those messages sent by mistake to another person. The  option is valid only for 1 hour after the message is sent by a user. 

Easy creation of Groups –

Are you crazy about films or sports and want to chat with a like-minded community about it? Head over to a WhatsApp Group and have interesting discussions about any topic anytime. The admin of the group will have powers to add or remove members and moderate the conversations. 

Forwarded Multiple Times –

An app like WhatsApp fights a war against fake news and rumours by using the “Forwarded Multiple Times” feature. Users will receive a small line above certain Forwarded messages that have been frequently shared on the platform. This helps people to avoid becoming a victim of frauds or scams. 

Live location sharing –

Want to get a product delivered to your home or wish to meet someone? Share your location immediately with that specific person on the WhatsApp clone app. 

WhatsApp Business –

Enterprises can directly interact with their customers by creating a lucrative WhatsApp Business account. It contains features like an advanced search and filter option, a Business Profile, creation of Short links, easy implementation of promotional campaigns, more flexibility through integration with both landline and phone number, quick replies, seamless support for Facebook Shops, and sharing of detailed message statistics. Businesses of any size can boost their brand value in the long run through this fabulous feature.

WhatsApp Pay –

Both sending and receiving money can be done in a flash through WhatsApp Pay. Our WhatsApp clone script offers features like free split payments, seamless syncing with bank accounts, and UPI ID. We follow the regulations issued by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) for storing debit and credit card data of users. 

What is the budget allocated for WhatsApp like app development?

Turnkey Town does not charge a fixed cost for creating the high-end WhatsApp clone script. The total development cost depends on factors like features, hourly rates charged by the front-end and back-end developers, level of customization, multi-platform compatibility, tech stack, third-party API integration, and time allotted. 

Entrepreneurs have to spend a bit more on availing extra services like bug-fixing, maintenance, software updates, and technical support. 

Wrapping Up

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the number one instant messaging app in the whole world. It has achieved this stupendous feat despite heavy competition from Facebook Messenger, Line, Signal, Telegram, Viber, and WeChat. Hence, become a terrific techpreneur in no time by collaborating with Turnkey Town for wonderful WhatsApp like app development.

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