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Take your Healthcare Business Sky-High with the Practo Clone App

The good old days of visiting doctors in nearby clinics and hospitals are over now. The onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced patients to have consultations with healthcare providers through audio and video.

So who is the biggest player in the booming digital healthcare market?  Undoubtedly, it is Practo, a popular telemedicine startup based in Bengaluru. The Indian platform has grown by leaps and bounds since its launch in May 2008. 

“The global digital healthcare market will soar to a huge value of $201.24 billion in 2021 with an incredible annual growth rate of 9.79%. This will further be worth $483.75 billion in 2025 with a 24.52% yearly growth rate. Unquestionably, Practo will be an important part of this fast-growing online healthcare industry.”


Patients can directly get in touch with the leading dentists, dieticians, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, orthopaedists, pediatricians, physiotherapists, and surgeons.  

Some must-know statistics about the phenomenal success of the Practo app are 

  • Users can consult with 25,000 licensed doctors – across 25 different specialties on an attractive app like Practo. Patients can interact with healthcare experts in 15 different languages. 
  • Practo will raise additional funds of Rs 60 crore – in debt funding. Trifecta Venture Debt Fund will financially support the business operations of the online healthcare startup across 6 different phases.
  • More than 500 corporate companies have joined – Practo’s “Corporate Suraksha” Covid-19 vaccination programme. Vaccines will be provided to employees of business enterprises in more than 30 cities in India. The fast-growing healthcare startup aims to vaccine 10 million people in the long term.
  • The Practo app got 200% growth – for online pharmacy orders from customers since April 2021. It is the highest rate when compared to other digital pharmacy apps in the market like MedPlusMart, 1mg, and PharmEasy. 
  • Practo gets appointments from 16,000 pin codes now – and plans to increase it to 25,000 soon. It is looking to add 200 million new users by focusing more on Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. 
  • 5 million users have downloaded the Practo Android app – so far. It has also expanded its presence to Brazil, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Why must entrepreneurs build an on-demand Practo clone?

Progressive entrepreneurs who are aiming to dominate the online healthcare market can reach out to Turnkey Town for customized Practo clone app development. Our talented team of developers creates user-friendly Android and iOS apps for patients, doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

Patients can book lightning-fast appointments through a modern web panel. An advanced admin dashboard assists in the efficient monitoring of day-to-day business activities.

Revolutionize the healthcare industry soon!

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What are the highlights of a tailor-made Practo Clone App?

  • Practo Plus – It is available both as monthly and quarterly plans. Besides that, patients can take Practo Plus subscription either as individuals or for their whole families. It provides numerous benefits like faster connectivity than non-Plus plan users, maintenance of confidentiality, significant discounts, and 24×7 unlimited consultation options (audio, text, and video). 
  • A Lab test booking option – Users can know the status of their health by booking different lab tests on an app like Practo. It includes special checkups for bone injuries, cancer, diabetes, fever, kidney and liver diseases, and skin infections.

The names of different health checkups on the Practo like app are Active Professional (41-60 years), Working Women (21-40 years), and Youngsters (21-40 years). Patients will get the reports directly to their email address within 24 hours. Certified professionals will collect samples like blood and urine from the homes of customers. 

  • An advanced Content Management System (CMS) – Doctors can publish insightful articles and blogs related to awareness about multiple diseases and nutritional tips on the Practo clone. Hence, patients will stay fit as a fiddle by accessing the latest health information.
  • An integrated e-pharmacy – A world-class e-commerce store is present on the Practo clone script. Customers order branded medicines sold by licensed medical shops. The e-pharmacy sells baby care products, capsules, fitness goods, medical instruments, skincare items, and tablets at economical prices. Furthermore, home delivery is done by trained executives in just 1 or 2 hours. 

How the on-demand Practo Clone helps clinics and hospitals to enhance their efficiency?

Practo Prime – It is an advanced healthcare software for clinics and hospitals. Practo Prime benefits organizations by offering free follow-up with patients, reducing the waiting time, and ensuring real-time communication via a smart calling system. It also safeguards all the valuable medical data of doctors and users from unauthorized third-party access. 

Ray for Clinics – Clinics can make their business shine by approving appointments for patients automatically through SMS on the Ray software. Above all, It is filled with several features like an integrated feedback system, one-click scheduling, a modern payment gateway, and a secure backup of all healthcare records. 

Insta – It is a special software for big hospitals that handle thousands of patients every day. Insta can be deployed for usage within just a few days. It is fully compliant with the guidelines and rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

              The Insta healthcare software boosts patient retention rate, eliminates paperwork. It also shares real-time data through easily understandable charts and graphs. It takes care of many aspects like doctor scheduling, bill payment, inventory control, prescription management, scanning of documents and reports, and sharing of instant notifications. 

Qikwell – It is a state-of-the-art patient management software for hospitals. Qikwell consists of numerous facets like an Intelligent queue manager, an OPD management system, and a Qikwell Pulse practice management app for doctors.  

What is the cost of Practo Clone App Development?

Turnkey Town divides the budget for creating an app like Practo into multiple phases. Separate expenses are incurred for business analysis, conducting a market study, designing the UI/UX, adding the needed functionalities in the front-end and back-end, testing, launching the solution, and conducting large-scale digital marketing campaigns. 

The costs will increase for the entrepreneurs when they require services like bug-fixing, maintenance, software upgrades, technical support, and third-party API integration. 

Wrapping Up

Despite heavy competition, the Practo app has performed brightly in the market. It started offering Software as a Service (SaaS) apps for doctors. However, it has become an all-in-one healthcare app benefiting all important stakeholders. More than 20 million patients every month use its online platform. 

Hence, get set for the digital future by collaborating with Turnkey Town now for pulsating practo clone app development soon. 


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