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Nextdoor Clone:Let users get to know their neighbours better

People form into groups similar in tastes in music or books or sports teams, or people who belong to the same profession find their peers and create a community. Creating a community on a digital platform has become a thing after the evolution of the digital world. Facebook is a shared medium, and the first thing to come to mind is about creating a community of people. But has anyone imagined joining up with the neighbours in a community and getting to know each other? Now there is an app that connects people in near proximity.

“According to a survey in America, only 28% of the population knows who’s living beside their house. It is always fun to know who lives in our neighbourhood. Only after interacting or introducing ourselves, we get to know the number of good and talented ones living around us, making us have a healthy and friendly living atmosphere. The Nextdoor app helps with the same.”

What is next door?

Nextdoor is a digital hub that links people in the near vicinity, aka the neighbourhood. It helps to get introduced to the neighbours efficiently without knocking on one’s door and doing a proper greeting. This is claimed to be healthy as this does not involve in-person interaction, leading to awkwardness or discomfort.

At Nextdoor, one gets to sign up and enter their personal and professional details and find the neighbours. We can interact with exiciting neighbours in the app through in-chat app facility. This app can also be beneficial for the business personnel. They get to enter their business details in the app, and the neighbourhood can spot them easily. And if they feel the business is of any use to them, people can make use of it.

Salient features of the Nextdoor clone app

User-friendly app

The Nextdoor clone app comes in both Android and iOS versions which is very user friendly for the users. This has effortless features for users to post things like ‘for sale’ or ‘free’ or looking for a nanny or a dog walker.

Find your service providers.

This technologically advanced app helps find the perfect babysitters or dog walkers or even a suitable handyperson to provide a service. There is a classified ads section in the app which lets the users find the nearest pet grooming shop or handy person available.

Notification on occasions

Say if there is an event being hosted on the occasion of any holiday festival such as Halloween and New Year’s Eve. One can post the happening of the event on the page of their app. The other neighbours connected via the app will get the notification promptly. This eliminates the need to go to everybody’s house and give a personal invite.

app like Nextdoor


User can give ratings and reviews of nearby coffee shops, salons etc. This helps the neighbours pick up the suitable shops based on their ratings. This app also helps to identify the business person in the neighbourhood.If anyone in need of help through their business can get connected easily through the app itself, they can also refer their contact for those in need. This builds up the business prospects in many aspects of it.


Many alerts, such as theft alert, fire alert etc., can be given in the Nextdoor clone app. Even the app gives alert about natural calamities. This makes the neighbourhood watch more alert, and each individual is careful and has an eye on any mishaps happening around.

This increases the neighbourhood’s safety, and the response is also quick that if a situation like a burglar entry can be intimated and all the neighbours get alert and come over for help.

Help maps and groups

This feature came in handy, especially in situations like the coronavirus outbreak. People who wish to help others will form a group for those who need help. Those who need help who are in home isolation just post their requirements as groceries needed or medical help needed in the app, and immediate help will be served by the group of people offering to help.

What are the factors that affect the budget to create an app like Nextdoor?

The cost of an app depends on many factors. The operating platform such as android, iOS or web application, the number of features, the number of resources it demands to implements a feature, the number of hours it takes for development, the number of developers for developing, the type of app development company is the factors to watch out for when estimating the budget for developing an app like Nextdoor.


Developing an app like Nextdoor for neighbours offers so many advantages to the users. turnkeytown develops such an app, whose clone app is very reliable and robust and helps to take the business up a notch and is very trustworthy.

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