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Social networks have helped people from far away lands connect with each other. Amidst busy lives, people forgot to connect with their neighbours. Join us to launch a neighbourhood social network app that connects users with their neighbours.

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Nextdoor Clone
Launch A Neighborhood Social Network App Like Nextdoor

The days of community living are long gone. People are no more aware of their neighbours and have no connection with them. This has occurred as a result of busy living and people getting preoccupied with work. But humanity is supposed to live in a community, interact with people, and support each other in their bad times. The human that can step into your door first and save you from crisis situations is the one living next door. This gap of connection between people in the neighbourhood has lead to the rise of community apps like Nextdoor. In Turnkeytown, we assist you in building a community app, Nextdoor clone instantly. Join us and be the bridge between your users and their neighbours.
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What Is a Nextdoor Clone?

Nextdoor clone is a community app connecting people in a neighbourhood to chat and help each other at the time of needs. It also allows shop owners to connect with their customers effortlessly and insight them with the new arrivals and latest offers. Nextdoor clone is a ready-to-launch solution awaiting the customizations to be made for your business and launch on the Android and iOS platforms and kick-start your revenue.
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Imperative Features Of Nextdoor Clone

The Nextdoor clone app is built based on a few basic features.

Locality Knowledge

Nextdoor clone offers extensive knowledge on the locality your user resides in. The user gets to know about the local businesses, service providers, and their neighbours.


With the Nextdoor clone, the user is notified of various events taking place in their locality. It includes any kind of community events, auctions, property sales, and more.

On-Demand Services

The user can connect with the on-demand service providers in their locality: electricians, plumbers, nannies, or even pet sitters.

Alerts On Nearby Crimes

If at all crimes are held in the locality of the user, they are alerted immediately with push notifications.

Business Recommendations And Reviews

The neighbourhood community can post their reviews on the stores, restaurants, theatres in their locality. This helps the user to be aware of their nearby businesses and their quality.

Voluntary Help To Neighbours

In case any of the neighbours are in need of any amenity or are in a crisis situation, they can mention it, and any user can volunteer to support them.

How Nextdoor Clone Supports Businesses?

Nextdoor clone for business is a platform where businesses can enlist the type of business they hold. They can also provide offers to their neighbourhood people on their products and also insight with their new additions.

The on-demand service providers can keep their neighbourhood aware of all the service they can offer and the discounts they offer currently. The users can also write reviews on the businesses, so that other users would be aware of the quality of the service they provide. With a good service, they can turn into their neighbourhood’s unbeatable option.

The Impeccable Features Of Nextdoor Clone Exclusively For Businesses

Business Page

A page that displays all the details of the business like the business hours, location, type of business, offers, and more.

Local Deals

A feed to post ads and discounts the business owners offer to their locality. The business owners can set the radius of the location they want their offers to be applicable.


This is for the user; if a user in your locality likes your service, they can like and also write a good review on the business recommending others to opt you.

The Favourite Of The Neighbourhood

Polls will be conducted to the users asking for their favourite business in the locality. And the business with the highest business is declared the neighbourhood’s favourite. This can help the business earn the trust of their neighbourhood.


Our Diverse Social Network App Development Solutions

We offer numerous app development solutions when it comes to community building and social networking. Have a glance at some.

  • Social Networking app development
  • Content Sharing Platforms
  • Instant Messaging app development
  • Dating app solutions
  • Career-specific app development solutions
  • Community Networking app development solutions

WorkFlow Of Our Nextdoor Clone

Step 1:


Get your users on board in your app effortlessly by using their social credentials, email address, or contact number.

Step 2:

Locate Neighbourhood

The user now locates their neighbourhood and sets it for future recommendations and notifications.

Step 3:

Create a User Profile

A profile with the user’s address, picture, name, and contact information is created.

Step 4:

Verification of User Data

The information entered by the user is verified to have an authenticated user base. This is done by verifying any of their government IDs.

Step 5:

Neighbourhood Feed

The neighbourhood feed is enlisted with the latest updates, offers provided by businesses, events, and more.

Step 6:


The user gets to recommend their favourite restaurants, shops, on-demand service provider, or any business to their neighbourhood by liking them and sharing a review.

Benefits Of Nextdoor Clone App For Users

The Nextdoor clone app comes along with numerous benefits for your users. Keep yourself updated with some of them.


People who are new to a locality can easily get introduced to their neighbours using the Nextdoor clone app.

Crime Prevention

Any crime issues in the locality will be updated by any of the users in the app. This allows other users to be safe from being victimized by the same kind of crimes.

Petitions To Government Officials

The users can reach out to their local government body officials regarding the issues they face via the app.

Community Living

The users can organize community events for their neighbourhood and coordinate them using the app.

What do we offer in Nextdoor Clone Script?

The Nextdoor clone script is a collective of

  • User Android/iOS App

  • Admin Panel

Salient Features Of Our Nextdoor Clone App

Sign Up

The user is registered with the app using the signup feature. The user can register by using any of their social credentials, email address, or contact number.

Manage User Profile

A profile that showcases the details of the user like name, address, contact details, picture, and more are managed by the user using this feature.

Search Option

The search option allows the user to look out for shops, restaurants, or any on-demand service they require in their locality.

Neighbourhood Feed

A feature similar to the news feed that showcases all the events, discounts and offers provided by business owners, new arrival of neighbours, real estate auctions, and more.

Chat Option

The users can chat with their neighbours and business owners of their locality by using the chat option.

Add Posts

The user can post any news regarding their locality. It can be related to any crime issues, any events, or a social issue.


Recommendations can be made by the users on the neighbourhood businesses that provide excellent quality services or products.

Push Notifications

The users are sent push notifications regarding the events and offer availed by the businesses in their neighbourhood.

User Management

The admin can verify and manage all user data using the admin panel. The user’s government IDs are verified to ensure the authenticity of them.

Business Management

The businesses in the locality are verified and managed by the admin using the admin panel.

Advertisement Management

The advertisements posted in the app by the business owners to target their neighbourhood customers is managed by the admin using the admin panel.

Payment Management

The businesses are supposed to pay to post advertisements; these payments are managed by the admin using the admin panel.

Analytic Dashboard

The admin panel comes along with the analytic dashboard that provides analytic reports on the business, and predictions on future performance, and more.

AR Filters

To make chats between neighbours more interesting, you can embed them with exciting features like AR filters, stickers, GIFs, and more.

Image Editing

Offer users options to edit their images with numerous filters and other basic features like crop, rotate, and more to post as their profile picture.

Event Management

Allow users to host and manage events for their neighbourhood often as a step to build community living.

Privacy Features

Provide users with options to not disclose their address and location to other users. This is availed as a notion of security.

Kick-Start Your Revenue Generation Process
With Our White-Label Nextdoor Clone

For any business, revenue generation is a key aspect. Inform yourself of a few ways to make a fortune by launching a neighbourhood social networking app.

Business Promotions

The businesses can post ads of the offers and discounts their business provides to their local people. For this, they are charged an advertisement fee.

On-Demand Businesses

The on-demand businesses can be availed of a commission on every lead they get through the app.

In-App Advertising

Third parties can be allowed to post ads in the app by paying a fee for it, considering the number of users in the app and the opportunity to target the audience by their location.

The Route To Success With A Neighbourhood Social Networking Solution

You don’t get successful in your business just by launching an app. Although it puts you in front of your competitors, you will need to check on some other factors.

Local Knowledge
Only by understanding the locality you will be able to offer your users what they exactly require. Ensure that you are well-equipped in it.
Share Relevant Content
The Nextdoor clone app business is a hyper-local business. So be sure that the user does not find your content irrelevant.
Instant Support
Be available for your users round the clock. Assist them with any kind of queries they come up with.
Let all your proceedings be transparent to your users. This allows them to build trust in your app, thereby leading to user retention.
Stay Up-To-Date
Keep updating your app and the services it provides to stay up-to-date. Keep checking on user requirements and offer it to them from time to time.

Breakdown Of Our Nextdoor Clone App Development Process


Sharing Your Purpose

Share why you want to develop this app with us so that we can understand your requirements and the type of app to be built.


Requirement Analysis

Now that we are aware of your business, we work on the requirements to build an app that is best suitable for your business needs.



An intense plan is made to deliver a seamless Nextdoor clone app on time. The work is partitioned between teams to make it more efficient.


Sound Design

Our innovative design team comes up with a design that acts as a branding tool for your business as well as attractive for your customers.


Back-End Development

We are equipped with a team of immensely experienced developers who work to develop a robust app that ensures user engagement and user retention.


Testing and QA

Numerous tests are run on the app to ensure it is free of bugs or glitches. It is then presented to you for your final approval.


Launch The App

On your nod, we launch it on Android and iOS platforms.

Why Should You Choose TurnkeyTown
For Nextdoor Like App Development?

  • Community App Specialists

    We are gifted with a team of technology freaks who have turned into experts by their considerable experience in developing networking apps.

  • Mobile Optimized Apps

    We offer customized neighbourhood app development solutions focused on mobile screens to target the millennial crowd, who are active users of community apps.

  • Superlative Design

    We work on designs keeping your customers in mind. A design that would captivate your target audience and resonate with your business idea.

  • Round The Clock Support

    We are always available to resolve your queries irrespective of the time and date. We put you in front of all these factors.

  • Scalability Factor

    Our Nextdoor clone app comes with numerous scalable options so that you need not worry about the functionality of the app while scaling up your business.

Our Unbeatable Pricing To Develop A White-Label Nextdoor Clone

Professional $XXXX (USD)

Accessible to use in multiple domain/server of the Android platform.

Enterprise $XXXX (USD)

Accessible to use in multiple domain/server of both Android and iOS platforms.

Technology Stack

Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology Technology

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Nextdoor clone app is a white-label solution of a neighbourhood community networking app like Nextdoor customized with respect to your business requirements.
Give us a call, share us your business and customization requirements and get a quote in a short time.
Yes, we provide a 100% customization facility. You name them, and we get them done for you.
Yes, of course, we provide free support even after the launch of the app for a specific period of time and later for a nominal price.
We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to ensure that your idea is safe with us.