Various Fields that uses On-Demand Virtual Event Platforms like Vfairs Clone App

People in the business world want global recognition and want to cover a vast audience. Still, it is physically almost impossible or, if done, involves a lot of efforts like investing a lot of money on venues, advertising, setting up the event and a considerable lot of steps to gather people together. That is why online webinars have taken over the business where every organisation, be it small or large, can make good use of it.

Affairs is an online virtual platform to conduct webinars, virtual conferences, trade and job fairs, etc and various organisations such as schools, colleges, business and office organisations have put it to good use, and users have benefitted from it.

“During the curfew period, where all the social gathering spots have been restricted due to the covid-19 spread, this app has helped the companies to get on with event organising and have their expo/fair virtually through the app. And people also didn’t have to worry about missing out on all this during lockdown as they could attend them online.”

This app is used by all big organisations, including schools, colleges etc., to conduct their graduation ceremony. It increased their revenue by about 25 billion US dollars in 2020, surpassing the previous year revenue or 2.4 billion US dollars as reported as the fastest growing app by vfairs

Turnkeytown is passionate about giving world-class solutions to business, and it has developed a Vfairs clone app, which is excellent in features, and it helps to take the company to a top-notch. Also, the clone app can be customised and add more features to differ from the Vfair app and possibly stand better than this.

Let us look at the various uses, benefits and features of the Vfairs app. 


What are the various fields Vfairs app clone comes into use? 


Many universities conduct various virtual conferences through this app, which is beneficial for students from the university to get an insight into their field of study. Also, this app is used for first-year students and their parents to give them a virtual campus life and introduce them to their academics and other activities. 

   The advantage in using this app is:

  • It is easily accessible from any device so that maximum attendance can be expected.
  • It provides chat features that help to interact with the professors, alumni etc.
  • Have a 3D view of the campus.
  • Virtual job fairs can be conducted to recruit students.

Information technology

Virtual event networking platform is handy in the IT sector as it can have clients from anywhere in the world to attend their presentation. Hosting an IT event means investing in food, venue, technical equipment’s etc., where the hosts launch their new software or products. After introducing the Vfair clone app, all these expenses have been cut back, and the reach has been massive. The advantages include:

  • Reduced cost
  • In chat facility where professionals network with their peers.
  • Customising the platform according to the event.

Telecommunication industry

Virtual conferences can trigger more potential leads and prospects to the telecommunication industry through the Vfairs clone app. It helps advertise their products more efficiently through the enhanced graphic design, which attracts many invites and offers a business opportunity. The advantages are:

  • Connect globally.
  • Invest less for the conference and gain more leads.
  • Networking lounges and engagement features to get in touch with the audience.

Financial industry

This virtual platform enables gathering together and networking with banking and financial professionals. In this way, they can find potential professionals to work for their organisations or hire them for a specific task like handling taxes etc. also, globally, the financial industry can train their global employees by conducting seminars in this app.

Event providers

Event providers can take their business to the next level by providing their services virtually also. At times like the pandemic, this kind of platform will help the event planners work for organisations to help them host their event online. It has the following advantages:

  • Minimum usage of resources
  • Advertising is easy
  • Attract more clients through this
  • Investing in less amount of money for setting up an event

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Affairs app has dramatically helped the retail industry by providing it with a platform to launch its products online and conduct an online fair event. This is similar to the traditional fairs, but it gets global customers to our customers. It has the following advantages:

  • Helps to get global recognition.

The retailers neglect · Expenses on booking a booth at fairs.

  • Create a buzz about the product through attractive virtual presentations.


Healthcare specialists host an event yearly to launch the new medicines in the market or the new technology implemented in treating patients. Now, this can be done through virtual event management software. This event can also be used to raise donations from all over the world for medical improvements. Various health protocols can also be discussed and help it reach worldwide through the Vfairs clone app. The advantages are:

  • High impact and wide reach to the audience worldwide.
  • It boosts sales of the new equipment and medicines.
  • Offers chat facilities for the audience to interact with the healthcare specialists.


Various benefits of the Vfair clone app

  • Can save advertising banners and other printing expenses.
  • It has got calls to action facilities which directs to purchasing, presentations and other business-related queries.
  • Cloud-based webinars can be accessed from anywhere in the world through their devices.
  • Ability to e-commerce with the navigation to purchase option in the Vfairs clone app.
  • It generates automatic analyses of how much revenue the company has collected through the virtual conference.
  • No harm to the environment by renting a huge space and applying lights and air conditioners.


Features of the Vfair clone app

  • Online registration form
  • Attractive virtual rooms with enhanced graphics.
  • Easy navigation options
  • Virtual booth
  • In-app chat facility
  • Virtual briefcase for users to save anything they like.


A very advanced virtual event management software is discussed how it benefits the business professionals and the users seeking them. It also describes how environment friendly it is and saves much on available resources. Turnkeytown is a pioneer at developing clone apps and our Vfairs clone app is the best in performance and features.

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