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Gab Clone: Build a platform to voice out the happenings

A place to voice out about the social happenings that sound unjust and unfair and disturb our peace is considered true freedom and liberty. Nowadays, in the new world, people use social media like Facebook and Twitter to pin their opinions on the country’s current scenarios or the world. But Facebook and Twitter have many restrictions and policy issues that specific sensitive topics cannot be posted online for others to see. This way, all the cruelty has been hidden and delayed justice.

Gab is a social networking platform that lets the user post about anything they wish to speak without restricting or getting reported as inappropriate. Although it allows many sensitive topics, specific contents like pornography, violence threats, illegal activity, child exploitation etc., are not encouraged, thereby maintaining healthy social networking.

It started in 2016, and it has gained 10,000 new users every day since then. This describes the popularity and demand of the app, and hence it is a wise choice to invest in this app right away. Turnkeytown offers the best solution for gab clone app development, which helps users post contents online similar to Facebook and Twitter with more liberty.

Steps to create a gab clone app

Step1: know your audience and purpose

First, one needs the purpose of the app and how it will be projected to society. The gab clone script is a social media app solution with no constraints on posting sensitive contents such as social happenings in the country. The audience to whom this app is going to reach must also be determined and take the necessary actions to reach them by adding attractive features.

Step2: features and function

Various features and functions are added that will attract many customers. Make sure to add in the features that are most famous in the market. Also, try to add new and novel features that give special recognition to the app. Also, one thing to consider while deciding the elements for the app is the cost. The more complex the feature, the more it will cost to create one. Include the essential features first and later include the new and advanced ones if the budget permits.

Step 3: design and development

Once all the parameters are decided, then it is time for designing the structure of the app. Hiring skilled and passionate developers will be helpful to describe how you want the app to look and be. They can understand it clearly and create a rough script to make the necessary changes to it. Once the design is confirmed, then it is developed into an app. One must decide on what platform the app must like, android or iOS or both.

Step 4: marketing

Once the app is ready, it is time to launch the product in the market. Marketing strategy must be implied to ensure the app reaches a wide range of population and the target audience precisely. Various analysis tools can be used to scale the reach and the number of users of the app to determine the success.

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Various attributes to pay attention to when building a gab clone app

Filters and effects

Nowadays, social media is not all about getting connected and posting images or videos. It must have an improved camera feature which can be used while taking pictures or videos. Snapchat and Instagram are examples of apps that hold a wide range of filters and effects, which is pretty famous among the youngsters.

Implementing AI

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and it plays a role in social media platforms as well. It is used to create an algorithm for knowing the user’s likes and suggesting media contents.
Also, it has a feature called chatbot, a computer-generated response system according to the user’s reply.

Going live

Going live is a trend that many celebrities and social activists do on social media. Nowadays, it has been a trend that all events and occasions are screened live to friends on the social media platform. Similarly, any happenings are also streamed live for the world to know the current scenario and comment on it.

Video content

Nowadays, video content is preferred to reading a paragraph about some information or current happenings. So quality video making must be enabled in the app. Also, the time duration for the video to be uploaded should not be limited to just a few minutes. It can be as long as possible.


Stories are contents that stay on your page for just 24 hours and it disappears automatically, meaning the friends cannot watch it anymore. Again young generation welcomes the social media app like Snapchat and Instagram.

Posting own contents

Social media is not all about creating a video or taking a picture and posting it online. One must be able to publish contents that are taken from other sites like YouTube or any news sites.


Observing the new generation and asking their preference is the best advice for creating a social media app because they are our target audience. Older generations don’t actually use the latest features. Turnkeytown provides gab clone app development solutions cost-effectively with built-in enhanced features and optimized specifications.

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