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Launch the Novel NBA Top Shot Clone and Rise Up the Revenue using the Moments Tokens

Basketball is the most loved game worldwide, and everybody watches and enjoys it irrespective of the age group. After the game became famous among the population, the national basketball association launched many trade games to get the basketball fans to interact more with the game. The trade games include buying trump cards of their favourite players, shooting a shot at the hoops to win a lump sum amount of money etc. This idea increased the popularity among the people, thereby increasing the number of investors and viewers.

According to USAtoday

“In this order, the NBA launched the non-fungible tokens for the fans to use and own the game’s moments. In just six months of the launch of this scheme, the company raised 305 million US dollars with 800,000 accounts and 338,000 holding a token ”

For all the basketball fans out there, wouldn’t it be nice if one could own the NBA season game moments?”

So What Exactly Is The NBA Top Shot Clone?

The NBA top shot is a trading game where fans, investors or interested candidates can buy trump cards or their favourite players, debut players or even their favourite moments. To revolutionize the trading business and find new ways for fans to interact, the national basketball association joined hands with dapper labs to launch NFT(non-fungible tokens). It is a virtual card that holds the finest moments in the game. It gets displayed on the NBA website, and interested fans and others can own it by buying the tokens.

It is a kind of bidding. It is to be noted that the one who buys the tokens doesn’t own the digital product. A person can have the token and receive a badge for buying the token but doesn’t have any ownership. 

What Is NFT?

As mentioned above, the NBA top shot script uses NFT for owning the tokens. NFT is non-fungible tokens, and non-fungible means non-exchangeable. Even if you exchange it for another token, one will get a different token that might not be similar.

NFT is part of the ethereum blockchain, it is like bitcoin, but when bitcoins are obtained in exchange for bitcoins, NFT does not support exchanges.

NFT are designed to buy anything from the digital supermarket like art, a video, a token from the NBA top shot. It offers a unique feature that whatever bought with NFT provides ownership for the product digitally, and it cannot be copied. Although the creator is the original owner of the original content, people buying with NFT can just have a badge of ownership of the digital item. Still, they cannot actually claim it belongs to them.

Working Of NBA Top Shot Clone

The NBA chose the most highlighted part of the exciting game and applauded and would grab the fans’ eyes. It is then cut and trimmed into small video highlights and sent to dapper labs after it is chosen.

The dapper labs zip several videos into video packets and assign them a token. Each token might have any number of videos, and each pack will have videos associated with one another. For instance, it might be the video of a particular players’ best shot, or it might be the combination of the match’s best shots.

After the videos are made as packets and tokens, it is published in the NBA official site, and those who are interested can buy the digital item from the website using NFT. Each token’s value depends on the quality of the highlight, the fame the player has earned, and the card’s exclusiveness. The price range can be from 9 dollars to 230 dollars.

Once it is purchased, it is moved to a secured, encrypted e-wallet system in the user’s account. Once the purchase is made, it cannot be sold or exchanged with another token.

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Why Is The NBA Top Shot Hyped, And Is It Worth It?

The NBA top shot got people wondering why to own a video (also known as moments) by investing a lot of money when it can be viewed on television where it gets telecasted over and over again.

The NBA top shot got its value by launching NFT into the system. NFT is a traditional cryptocurrency like bitcoins. It is a blockchain technology that makes them exclusive and exceptional. Similar to bitcoins, NFT is also a collection of valuables. When NFT has collaborated with the NBA, then it is like collecting limited edition valuables digitally.

 Also, all the inputs obtained from NBA top shot clone is pure revenue. If one spends 100 dollars on buying a moment, then 95 dollars goes in as profit, and the remaining 5 dollars goes to the dapper labs and other partners.

Is The Marketplace As Exciting As It Sounds?

People have spent 230 million dollars buying tokens from apps like NBA Top Shot for the NFT marketplace. This shows the height of the craze, people have for this game. The idea of owning a little moment of their favourite game and their favourite person is like a tremendous asset to them. This causes more and more users to invest in the app, and currently, there are about 800000 users on the NBA top shot site.

This digital era and bringing new solutions that are much inclined towards digitization will attract more people and more fans.


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