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White-label DoorDash Clone For Food Delivery

Connect with our experts at TurnkeyTown to build an efficient food delivery app that is technologically advanced and commercially viable with our DoorDash clone app development services. Our complete package of fully operational solutions can ensure you to manage your business efficiently and reign supreme in a flash.

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DoorDash Clone App Development
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Doordash Clone Script

Enter The Competitive Food Delivery Space With A Sustainable DoorDash Clone Solution

Launching a reliable and responsive food delivery application has become effortless with our on-demand food delivery solution. Our solution is adaptive to ever-changing market trends and quickly aligns with customer demands to give you a competitive edge. Suitable for single food establishments, restaurant chains, or food delivery startups. It offers space for future enhancements seamlessly, owing to its highly scalable nature.
If you are looking for a robust food delivery solution to establish your online presence, our DoorDash clone is your best bet. Packed with all crucial ingredients - top-notch features, high-end functionality, and more. We assist you in customizing the ready-made app entirely to suit your business needs in a matter of days. Reach out to us to discuss further and get started on your incredible business journey!
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Significant Features Included In The DoorDash Clone

Explore restaurants

The food establishments offering appealing food varieties are listed, allowing users to browse and order from the restaurants they like.


Enhance the user experience by providing your users with the add-ons feature that enables them with the ability to customize their meal according to their likes each time they order.

Live order tracking

Allow users to track their food orders in real-time once they are handed over to delivery executives for doorstep delivery.

Convenient payments

The app is integrated with multiple payment gateways that allow users to choose their convenient mode to make secure payments instantly.

Go online/ offline

Enable delivery partners to go online or offline based on their availability, using the toggle mode feature.

Contactless delivery

Extend contactless food deliveries where delivery partners will drop off the food near users’ locations without getting in touch with them.

Ratings & Reviews

Upon every successful food order delivery, the users can share their ratings and reviews about the food and the delivery experience. An excellent option to keep service quality in check!

Benefits Of Our DoorDash Clone For Food Delivery App Development

White-label solution

Our DoorDash clone is a white-label solution that allows you to customize the app and launch it in your niche instantly.

Powerful admin dashboard

Improve your operational efficiency by managing and streamlining all business processes with an advanced admin dashboard.

High scalability

All future enhancements can be effortlessly made due to the app’s highly scalable nature. An application at its best!

Robust solution

The futuristic features integrated with our DoorDash clone app make it robust and invincible.

Flexible payment methods

The app is versatile to incorporate a number of payment modes for the users to choose their preferred payment method.


The tailor-made food delivery app solution we offer is brimming with all the crucial features that can provide a seamless user experience.

How Does Our Food Delivery App Like Doordash Work?

Our user-friendly DoorDash clone app offers the users a seamless food ordering experience and get their desired food delivered smoothly.
The entire process is simple and efficient, offering maximum convenience.

Users register
log in with the app.
Browse for restaurants near their locations.
Go through the menu and add their favorite food items to the cart.
Review the cart and place the food orders.
View the order status and track the orders once they’re out for delivery.
Receive the orders and rate and review the service.

Our DoorDash Clone App Package

We offer a full-scale DoorDash clone app development solution that includes separate panels for each stakeholder involved in the equation. The solutions we create are compatible with a variety of devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and similar devices.

  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • Restaurant Android App
  • Restaurant iOS App
  • Delivery Driver Android App
  • Delivery Driver iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Billing Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel
Doordash Like App Development

Exceptional Features Of Our DoorDash Clone App

Register/ Sign in

Email addresses or mobile numbers are the key options to register or sign in to the app. Social media credentials can be added to the list for extra convenience.

Browse and search

The restaurants present near the users’ locations are listed here. Users can browse through the given list or discover a specific restaurant using the search option.

Add to cart & Checkout

The food items that users love can be added to the cart. Once all food items are added, users can instantly check out their orders from the cart.

Order tracking

Users can readily view their order status and track the orders once delivery executives pick them up from restaurants for doorstep delivery.

Push alerts

It is vital to keep users informed of every status of their orders. For this very purpose, the app is integrated with in-app push alerts to send out instant notifications.

Order history

All past and current orders placed on the app are present here, along with their delivery and invoice details, for future reference.

Manage profile

Restaurant owners can manage their store profiles by providing or updating details, including restaurant name, business hours, location, etc

Manage menu

The list of food items available in the restaurant, their details, and prices are added to the menu, so users can view and order hassle-free. Restaurant owners can update the menu as needed.

Mark bestsellers

Restaurant owners can set a few items on the menu as bestsellers to promote them and captivate users’ attention.

Instant order alerts

Restaurant owners will be notified of the order requests from users instantly without any delay. Only then, they can process the orders within the stipulated time.

Manage feedback

Restaurant owners can view the reviews shared by customers and take them constructively to improve or maintain their service quality.


The earnings generated via the food delivery platform to date are displayed here, with their complete details.

Verify profile

Delivery drivers can extend their delivery service by registering with the app. Before starting delivery, they have to verify their profits by submitting the required documents.

Accept/ reject requests

Delivery drivers are given the liberty to accept or reject delivery requests as per their feasibility. They can also go online or offline using the toggle availability mode.

Link bank details

Delivery drivers can add their bank account details to their profiles, making it easy for business owners to forward their delivery earnings to their accounts.

Route navigation

Navigate delivery drivers with the best-optimized route to reach the delivery locations on time via the GPS-enabled navigation system.

My earnings

Delivery drivers can view all the earrings they have made to date here on a weekly/ monthly/ yearly basis.

In-app call

Delivery drivers can promptly connect with users upon reaching their locations or check with them in case of any query.

Manage deliveries

The admin can manage all deliveries, invoice details, delivery status, and reviews seamlessly from the admin dashboard.

Approve profiles

The admin can review the requests of delivery drivers and their documents. They can be approved to join the platform upon complying with the platform’s regulations.

Manage payment modes

Allow users to process payments swiftly via multiple payment options as per their convenience. Add or remove any option if need be.

Manage delivery rate

The admin can fix the delivery rate based on parameters like location and timings. They can add surge pricing for deliveries processed during peak business hours.

Forward payments

After receiving payments from users, the admin can deduct the commission and forward the rest to restaurants and delivery drivers.

Manage app features

The admin can add or remove any app feature at any time as needed. They can also update the features and functionality for enhanced performance.

Take away

Allow users to place their food orders on your app and collect them from the restaurants themselves once they are processed.


Let users quickly repeat their past orders by integrating the reorder feature into your food delivery system. An excellent way to help users order efficiently!

Manual dispatch

Apart from automatic dispatching of orders, the admin can manually assign orders to delivery executives during peak hours.

Order scheduling

Allow users to schedule their food orders in advance by providing the scheduled date and time. An added convenience earns you extra points!

Our Process Of DoorDash Like App Development

Requirement gathering

  • TUnderstanding your business model
  • Scrutinizing your business requirements
  • Deriving the cost and time estimation
  • Finalizing the features and technology stack

Front-end personalization

  • Intuitive, user-friendly UI
  • Customizing the user interface completely
  • White-label the app by personalizing the branding elements
  • Ensuring an enhanced user experience

Back-end set up

  • Deploying the latest technology stack
  • Ensuring the app’s reliability and robustness
  • Assuring the app is highly responsive
  • Checking its storage and security capabilities

Quality checks

Several layers of quality checks are undergone by the DoorDash clone app. Checking whether the app is bug-free Fixing all technical issues. Testing ensures the app’s seamless functionality.


  • App launch on all major app platforms
  • Free app launch support
  • Free app rejection support if needed
  • App extending its hassle-free performance

Why Choose Turnkeytown?

Native mobile apps

We build native mobile and web apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms with the latest tools and technologies.

Cost-effective solutions

The cost involved in developing a food delivery app like DoorDash is relatively low, compared to other businesses in the market

Quick TAT

Your success depends on how fast your business emerges into your niche. Hence, we ensure your app is launched in the shortest turnaround time (TAT) possible.

Global reach

We can handle app development projects from every nook and corner of the world. The distance is never a barrier.

24x7 Support

Being a business scaling globally, our team is on standby to connect with our clients and attend to their queries at any time of the day.

App launch and rejection support

Apart from developing, we assist you in launching the app on the marketplace. We also support you if your submitted app gets rejected.

On-demand Doordash App

Hire Our Professional Food Delivery Mobile App Developers

At TurnkeyTown, we employ Android and iOS app developers who have been working in the field for several years. We have collaborated with startups to conglomerates, building 50+ on-demand apps successfully during our course of operation. Our seasoned team has never missed out on the committed deadline, delivering robust and scalable solutions on time and budget. We use the latest technologies to build your food delivery application that ensures the enhanced functionality of your platform. Hire our expert developers and launch your DoorDash clone app right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

There are no limits for the order requests as our DoorDash clone script is a robust and scalable solution. It can accommodate any number of requests at a time, helping you extend your services seamlessly.
We are glad to assist you every step of the way. We offer post-launch maintenance support free of charge for a specified time period.
The development cost of building a food delivery app depends on factors like feature set integrated, technology stack deployed, development team size, and similar attributes. We offer development packages at different price points. Refer to our packages with their pricings listed above.
Definitely. Our team includes business analysts who specialize in understanding your requirements, clarifying your queries, and providing you with the assistance you need. You can contact them anytime to get started on your project.
Reach out to us over email - [email protected] or phone - +1 718 521 4600 right away. We will clarify all your questions.