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It is ironic that the sick people have to travel to the hospital and wait for long hours in the jam-packed waiting rooms. To eliminate all these hassles, the advancements in technology extended their arm to make it easy for sick people to easily connect with expert doctors from anywhere. 

An overview about Practo

Practo is a telemedicine app that allows users to consult or book an appointment with a doctor on the go. It is a secure and integrated platform that enables users to connect with the doctor online. The number of users joining the platform is increasing each day, and with the global pandemic, the user count has almost doubled. 

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How to develop an app like Practo?

You can easily develop an on-demand telehealth app using the clone script of Practo. Our Practo clone app is pre-built with all the key features and performs just like that of the parent app. As we offer 100% customizable solutions, you can customize your app to a vast extent and deploy a robust solution that meets all your expectations or even surpasses them. The scalability of our app is vast. Therefore you can expand your app in the future when your business gains vast popularity among the audience. 

Vital Features of on-demand telehealth app

The features of the app determine user retention. Therefore it is vital to include all the key features in your app for enabling a smooth user experience. Some of the highlighting features of the Practo clone app are as follows,

User app features

Quick Login: Allow your users to sign-up to your app easily using the multiple login methods available in the app. This can gain you a fair first impression from the user. 

User profile: The users can add their basic details such as name, location, contact details, etc. The data entered on the profile page is completely private. Therefore no one can see these details. 

Advanced filter and search option: Using the advanced filters, the users can find the desired doctor instantly. This is a vital feature to include in your platform for enhancing the search experience of the user.

Book an appointment: Upon finding the right doctor, the user can send an appointment request and wait for confirmation. Once the request is accepted, they can schedule a booking. 

Push Notifications: It is important to consistently notify the user of all the activities happening in the app. Thus this feature helps in sending push notifications regarding any discounts, updates about bookings, etc.

Multiple payment methods: Integrate your app with multiple payment gateways. This can help the users to choose their convenient payment method and make instant transactions. 

Virtual prescription: Upon virtual consultation and diagnosis, the doctors share the prescribed medicines in the app. The user can download the prescription from the app at any time they want. 

Doctor app features

Registration: The doctors undergo a stringent registration process where they need to enter all the required details. The admin panel verifies the details and confirms the account. 

Doctor profile: Upon confirmation, the doctors can share their details such as name, contact details, location, the field of expertise, years of experience, etc., on their profile page for the users to view. 

Availability toggle: The doctors can exhibit their service in their own leisure time. Thus they can show their presence using the availability toggle.

Accept/ reject appointments: The app instantly notifies the health experts if there are any booking requests. Based on their convenience, the doctors get the right to accept or reject the appointment request. 

Benefits of launching a Practo app clone

People who are stuck up in remote places can easily connect with expert doctors and avail of virtual consultations with just smartphones in hand. Thus consulting a doctor is made accessible for everyone now.

The on-demand industry is booming, and there is no downfall expected in the future. This is because of the on-the-go culture that the people have adopted these days. 

The Revenue model of the Practo clone app

Telemedicine apps like Practo can potentially generate colossal money. It is vital to choose the right revenue model and implement it in your app. Some of the effective monetization methods are discussed below,

Commission-based model:

Upon every successful doctor consultation, the users can pay the doctor’s fee through the platform. A fixed percentage of the fee goes to the app as a commission. Thus consistent revenue flows into the app owner’s pocket. 

Featured Listings

There are a number of doctors available to exhibit their service on your platform. To list their name on the platform, they pay a certain listing fee while onboarding. Apart from that, if the doctor needs to display their name on the top of the list, they will need to subscribe to featured listings either on a monthly or yearly basis. 


The Practo clone app comes with a banner space that you can utilize to display the advertisements of third-party companies. There are different types of advertisements, out of which you can choose several types and display them in your app. Each time the users click on the ad, money is generated to the app. 

What makes TurnkeyTown the best place to develop an on-demand telehealth app?

We at TurnkeyTown have our dedicated team of designers and developers all set to build a robust on-demand doctor consultation app that has the potential to allure a vast number of users to join your platform. 

We offer complete support right from the development to the deployment of your app. Thus you can gain a seamless app development experience in your entrepreneurial journey. 

Get succeeded by launching a Practo clone app

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To put it all together,

The telehealth apps offer the utmost convenience to the users. Considering this, the people are stuck to virtual doctor consultation rather than visiting a clinic or hospital. Go with the trend and launch a Practo clone to create a buzz in the market. If you are already an entrepreneur who is in the healthcare industry, then it is an added advantage for you to magnify your business right away. Cut the wait and get going with the development process at once.

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