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Kick-start Your On-demand Multi-delivery Services Using A Dunzo Clone

The growth of the on-demand economy has changed the way of doing businesses to a great extent over the past few years. From booking taxis, ordering medicines, getting a spa massage, on-demand apps have made everything more simple. The emergence of smartphones with high-speed internet is the major reason that attributes to this digital shift.

An on-demand app like Dunzo contributes a significant part in addressing the needs of the customer quickly, finding a permanent place in the minds of the customer.

Overview Of Dunzo Clone

Dunzo is an on-demand delivery app that partners with grocery stores, pharmacies, meat shops, pet supply stores and more. The users can place orders of items they want to purchase from any shops in the app. The Dunzo delivery partners do the shopping on behalf of the customers and deliver them at the users’ doorsteps. This business model has a superior profit margin generating more income for the owners by providing quality delivery services to its users from any part of the city.

With more people getting used to these kinds of services, they increasingly rely on on-demand apps to work for them. So if you’re planning to launch any business, establishing a delivery business using the Dunzo clone can drive more benefits. If you’re looking to initiate a Dunzo like app development, this blog may help you. 

Why Leveraging Dunzo Clone For Your Delivery Business Is A Good Idea?

When you’ve decided to start your delivery business, developing an efficient app plays a prominent role in your success. On-demand Dunzo clone app could work far better for your business than developing an app from scratch because,

  • An app like Dunzo comes integrated with GPS technology that could fetch information on the device’s location and display the nearby stores(medicals/grocery), letting users place their order. 
  • It offers hyperlocal delivery services solving the needs of the region.
  • Provides delivery services to supermarkets and small stores by partnering with them and help them deliver their essentials.
  • All the more, the delivery services are not restricted to any particular thing. It delivers anything and everything from groceries to food to medicines to courier to marijuana, and more.  

Hyperlocal delivery services are wanted by many businesses, which presents a chance for you to gain more funding for your app. 

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What Are The Services You Can Offer?

There is no limit to the type of things you can deliver to your customers. To expand your customer base and grow your business, here are some of the commonly accessed delivery services you can provide users.

  • Daily grocery
  • Restaurant orders
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Pharmacy medicine supply
  • Meat and fish
  • Send packages
  • Health and wellness
  • Pet supplies
  • Gifts
  • Sports equipment
  • Order from other stores

Tips On How To Build Your On-demand Dunzo Clone

  • You need to decide on the type of items you want to deliver to your customers, like the above-mentioned services. Then, you can make a list of delivery services that you’re going to provide in your app.
  • Check for the availability of stores in your surrounding that have the items you want to deliver. You can cover as many stores as possible and partner with them by pitching impressive revenue sharing.
  • Delivery executives play a crucial role in delivering the services to your customer. Therefore, develop an admirable delivery fee to acquire delivery person resource.  
  • Approach the professional app company to build an effective Dunzo like app solution. Anything less than the Dunzo app wouldn’t even take you close to success.

Feature Stack To Have In Your Clone App Script

Starting from payment to delivery options, a wide range of features in your Dunzo clone can keep things steady and competitive whilst ensuring customer satisfaction.

Payment Options: You can provide various payment methods for users to make payments through your app. It provides options for the customers to choose the payment gateway they want.

Integrate Social Media: Social media integration helps you gain more visibility among a large group of audience. Since most people are glued to social media sites nowadays, enabling users to share features, images in social media and receiving feedback about the service enhances your business. 

Voice Ordering: Voice commerce is still in its infant stage across the retail sector. Not many rivals are utilizing this feature, so the chances are that your brand could stand first and foremost of the customer choice if you include this feature.

Fetching Device’s Location: Providing access to the device location can help customers find nearby vendors easily and purchase things. It also empowers users to buy anything from anywhere.

Multiple Delivery Options: Modifying delivery services according to the needs and situations makes more sense to your business. For instance, in these pandemic times, numerous company offers contactless deliveries and curbside pickup options.

Deals and Discounts: Special offers and discounts can be sent as notifications to your customers that attract existing and potential customers to your app. Dunzo clone app deals and rewards are a great way of fetching a huge customer base for your business.

How To Generate Revenue?

Delivery Fee – You can charge a small fee as a delivery charge from customers for every delivery acquired through the app.

Commissions – For every order, your platform provide the stores, you can obtain a commission rate from the tie-up vendors.

Surge Pricing – When there is a spike in demand for any particular service, the price of acquiring it can be increased(although for a short time).

To Conclude,

Anyone can start a business, but the key factor in sustaining it depends on the profit it makes. A Dunzo clone offers multiple ways of generating revenue if you follow the right strategy. If you need to know more about the same, feel free to contact us anytime.  

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