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Essential Factors To Succeed In The Social Media Industry With A TikTok Clone App

When people think about sharing and watching short videos, there is one app that automatically comes to their mind. It is none other than TikTok, which is controlled and managed by a Chinese tech company, ByteDance. The TikTok video content platform is a perfect mix of cultural collaboration, education, and entertainment. ByteDance has an enormous market valuation of $180 billion.

How Did TikTok Perform In The Market In 2020?

  • ByteDance, which owns TikTok, earned a whopping $34.3 billion in revenue last year. Its earnings increased by a humongous 111% when compared to 2019.
  • Douyin, which is the Chinese version of TikTok, was the largest contributor of revenue to ByteDance. Gross profits of ByteDance rose by 93% to $19 billion in 2020.
  • TikTok accumulated a mind-boggling 1.9 billion monthly users at the end of December 2020. Hence, it has become a popular hub for short videos (15 seconds to 60 seconds) related to comedy, dance, and music.

How TikTok Is Becoming A Platform For Beauty And Fashion Content?

  • L’Oréal, a famous French cosmetics company, has teamed up with TikTok recently. It will sell high-end hair care goods, make-up products, perfumes, and skincare items, directly through the video-sharing app specifically for customers in the United Kingdom (UK).
  • Hence, TikTok has become a pioneer in social commerce by helping businesses to post creative content with the help of popular influencers. Customers will experience a frictionless buying experience as the TikTok platform also acts as an e-commerce marketplace.
  • TikTok also hosted a fashion show for the Social Tourist clothing brand recently. The two famous sisters Charli and Dixi D’Amelio, went live with their content and products and attracted more than 118 million people. Customers reviewed the fashion accessories and purchased them from the Hollister e-commerce platform.
  • Around 14% of users directly click the integrated link of a brand after seeing their video advertisement on TikTok.
  • Most of the Millenials and Gen Z get influenced through short videos posted by their favourite corporate companies. Interestingly, 45% of TikTok users are under the age of 18.
  • TikTok charges a whopping $2 million per day in top spot video advertising from brands. Companies can publish their content at the top of the video feed of their target customers with an engagement of 50 million.
  • Brands are also sponsoring hashtags on the TikTok platform by paying at least $500,000 along with extra fees for licensing music and paying content creators.
  • ByteDance, which handles TikTok, earned a humongous $20 billion by posting video advertisements in China in 2020. It is aiming to double its global ad sales to $40 billion in 2021.

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What Are The Tips For Entrepreneurs To Maximize Success After Procuring The TikTok Clone?

Comply With Government Regulations – Entrepreneurs have to follow all the guidelines and regulations issued by governments across the world. They must abide by rules related to data protection, information disclosure, privacy, and security. This will ensure the uninterrupted functioning of their business activities without any legal troubles.

Give Full Freedom For Users To Create Content – Our TikTok clone app is an ideal example of freedom of speech and non-censorship. Members can create and share short videos related to any genre like entertainment, food, health and wellness, pet care, politics, religion, sports, and technology.

They can also add attractive effects, filters, and stickers to their content to make it visually appealing. Users will know how their video is performing on the TikTok clone by accessing data about total comments, likes, and shares.

Include New Features After Analyzing Competitors – An app like TikTok will face huge competition from platforms like Chingari, Instagram Reels, Josh, Kuaishou, Likee, Lomotif, Madlipz, Moj, MX TakaTak, Roposo, ShareChat, Snapchat Spotlight, Triller, and YouTube Shorts.

Entrepreneurs Will Have To Study The Brand – new features and functionalities added by rivals in their short video sharing apps. Accordingly, they can include these aspects as per their business requirements and user tastes.

Implement Aggressive Video Marketing Campaigns – Undoubtedly, videos are more eye-catching than audios, images, and text messages. Hence, entrepreneurs have to follow smart strategies while distributing the videos posted on TikTok. They can circulate video URL links on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter to increase the overall reach.

You can also team up with the leading brands for circulating promotional content related to different products and services. Companies functioning in industries like beauty, consumer packaged goods (CPG), fashion, professional services, and sports will benefit by regularly posting crisp videos on TikTok. They can boost their customer engagement rates by integrating a link to their website and sharing automatic welcome messages.

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Provide Round-The-Clock Technical Support – Users can get extremely angry and frustrated when there are glitches with the TikTok clone. Hence, entrepreneurs will have to invest in a robust operational server to handle a large amount of traffic. They should also provide copyright protection for all the videos posted by the members.

They must provide 24×7 technical assistance to users to resolve all their grievances and issues. You will have to remember that frequent crashes and outages will lead to users shifting to other video sharing apps.

Utilize Technologies Like AI And AR – Artificial Intelligence (AI) collects all data about users whenever they utilize the TikTok clone app. It shares real-time reports about the habits, interests, likes, and preferences of people. Accordingly, entrepreneurs can make use of this insightful data and modify the video content feed.

Above all, Machine Learning (ML) algorithms help owners of the TikTok clone to capture the tastes of their target audience perfectly. It automates all digital marketing campaigns and avoids sharing repeated content.

Likewise, Augmented Reality (AR) enables the creation of digital versions of physical objects to impress users. Hence, people will use the TikTok clone app for a long time.

Brands can also offer an immersive experience while promoting the advantages of their merchandise. Computer-powered sensors will create eye-catching graphics mixed with a foot-tapping sound to entice users.

Watch Out For New Trends – Video creation and sharing continues to throw up innovative techniques every day. Hence, entrepreneurs will have to analyze the latest hashtags and keywords utilized by users. Furthermore, they can post such videos highly relevant to the interests of people. This will maximize business traction in no time and activity on the TikTok clone every day and month will keep increasing.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, TikTok has grown strongly since its launch in September 2016 in the market. Positive trends like better Internet connectivity and increasing smartphone usage will uplift its growth in the years to come. Small and Medium businesses (SMBs) are also improving their reach and visibility through the TikTok short video sharing platform. They are allocating more budget for implementing promotional campaigns via TikTok.

Hence, techpreneurs can revolutionize the video content sharing market by collaborating with Turnkey Town for terrific TikTok like app development. Our in-depth assistance will make you an overnight sensation in the competitive industry quickly.

Source: Paramount Reasons For The Growth Of TikTok Like App Development

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